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  1. Since that jump were I lost a contact my spare glasses are always in the inside pocket of my jumpsuit.
  2. I just looked up the C6, it looks freakin nice! Too bad I'd get it only towards end of the season if it was available sooner I would definitely buy that.
  3. Hi, I am looking for a fullface helmet since I need a helmet and I hate messing with goggles in the plane. I was mainly looking at the G3 and Phantom X. Now my concern is with the phantom, the huge vent seems like a lot of air might be able to get in there and I definitely don't want that because I wear contacts and they are pretty likely to fall off with the wind. It happened once (luckily I lost only one) and I definitely do not want it to happen again since the power in my glasses/contacts is +16. For those who know how much that is you understand landing with only one eye wasn't super fun, so if I were to lose both I would be in for quite a rough landing. So anyway my question is which of the helmets (or any other you would like to suggest) that would better suit my need for not letting air in but still not fog up. Thanks for your help.
  4. Going through how the gear is made with them might help (it did for me even though they would not have stopped me from doing it, it still reassured them). Explaining things like what are RSLs and AADs usually makes it easier to accept as they understand skydiving is not just throwing yourself recklessly out of an airplane.
  5. Just like many others mentionned, bringing your dad to the DZ would probably help. My grand-father never wanted my dad to skydive when he was younger. He had to wait until he was 30 and even then, his dad wasn't happy about it. My father didn't continue jumping, but when I told him I would do my AFF he was excited about it. My grand-father, of course, didn't like that so I brought him to the DZ with me a few times and as soon as he saw the huge smile in my face that wouldn't go away after I landed he kinda let go and started encouraging me. He even wants to help me out with buying my first rig! The thing is, as family they will probably always worry, but if they never see what it looks like, they might just imagine a bunch of crazy rednecks jumping out of an airplane without even thinking about it. They need to see what it's like so they stop just trying to picture a false image of the sport in their heads. That's how I got support from most of my family. (sorry if my english is not perfect, it's not my first language)
  6. Wow... now that is pretty cool and like you said not so pricey. You might even have enough range to broadcast the whole climb to altitude with the higher range ones! I would love to see that in action!
  7. Yea but I guess broadcasting live on a TV network requires more gear that only on a TV on the ground right? As for the contour+ that is a pretty cool! I wonder what's the range thought?
  8. Yes of course if there is no gain I understand it won't be a good thing for the DZ. In fact I was more throwing out this idea to see if it already existed and/or discuss how it could be done, I was not looking at the real practical way of doing but more of it as how it could be done at all. What about facetime on iPhones? Maybe there could be some sort of way to use that with an external camera ?(again only ideas here I don,t know a thing about that). Or do cell phones even get signal at 13K?
  9. Yes I was thinking of it more like a fun feature for the families on the ground rather than the real video tandem passengers bring back home. If the system cuold be small enough, the camera jumper could wear both cameras (live and the DVD higher quality one)
  10. Hi everyone! It is really only out of curiousity but I was just wondering, would it be possible to get the video of jumper live on a screen on the ground? Maybe it already exists I have no idea but I was just thinking this would be a very cool feature for tandems for example as their families would get to live the experience with them on the ground, and maybe convince a few that they should try it!
  11. Thanks everyone that was exactly what I was looking for! Just to add on the spatial awareness thing, it just made me think of a women at my dropzone that had to stop jumping because she was absolutely unable to judge height under canopy. Not that she didn't try.. she was at more than 30 jumps I believe, Even at 30 she had to jump with a radio so instructors could help her know when to flare. Without help, she hits full brakes at like 30 feet... Let's just say it made the instructors nervous. Edit to add: It's not the DZ that made her stop she decided but herself, they were still willing to let her jump with radio assistance.
  12. I understand what you mean... in fact that's what they told us in ground training class, that it was possible that this sport was not made for us. I am just trying to make it more precise as to what it is that makes skydiving not for someone.
  13. Haha, yeah I meant what kind of personality trait can prevent you from being a good skydiver. For example someone that can't remain calm under stress might not react correctly in the event of a mal.
  14. Hi, I'm preparing a school presentation about skydiving and I want to talk about the fact that even though it is getting easier to get into the sport, it is not made for just anyone. I've got a pretty good idea already but I'm interessted to know what you think about it. So tell me, what qualities should a skydiver have and what makes someone "not suitable" for skydiving. thanks in advance!
  15. Maybe I sounded like a dick which is defenatly not what I wanted. I wasn't talking about only this article precisely but more as why when ever I hear about skydiving (They spoke alot about it lately after an incident) in the media it always seems to be erroneous. I understand it is a technical sport but I don't seem to notice that much of an ignorance with other extreme and technical sports. It was not criticism but more of a remark. Maybe I didn't express myself correctly. Sorry for that