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  1. Hey guys! Hey J. what's up? Yep I'm still in TX. My cell # is still the same as it has been for years,kris. 903-819-6649. I don't mind putting it here in the thread because its on my website anyway... Honestly, Wingi I didn't know I was the only one to hold that honor. Excellent!! I'm in Greenville, guys. I am only 30 min. from Skydive Dallas and ten min. from Caddo Mills, but I have a lot of summer school and things going on that keep me away from the dz's. I am going to photograph whitewater rafting in Colorado this month. Yahoo! Glad to hear from all you guys! Oh the url is Ciao!
  2. What has been happening in my life? School. Photography. Getting degree in Photography. Eat, sleep, dream photography. (I love it.) No men (worth mentioning, hehe) so that's about it! I miss you guys so much, though! Thanks for your reply, girlie!! :)
  3. me? hehe I haven't posted in so long my fingers are coated in rust. I was just wondering if there were any long lost friends still around here (besides Wingnut!! I love ya!) BTW, the freakthreads store is open for business again. It never really closed, but it took the back seat to college. We will be updating the website over the next couple of months and hope to see ya there. Blue Skies... April
  4. This IS NOT a democracy!! Jeez...he's been drilling this into us for YEARS!! hehe Sis
  5. HAHA!! ZIPTIES! I can't believe no one else caught that one!! In other matters... I told Moody everything to take and she has it all. She says she doesn't burn so she doesn't need I would have burnt to a CRISP last year without it, but she won't be out in the sun as much as I was. All of you freakbrothers and sisters have fun, I will miss you this year! Wingi...BEHAVE!!! (Or not...) The Sis
  6. Hey dude! I haven't forgetten you all, I've just been busy remodeling. Nothing major, you know...painting, light fixtures, dishwashers, houseful of new carpet, drilling, sub-floor repair...the usual!! hehe I only live about five miles from Caddo Mills dz, and 30 minutes from Skydive Dallas (my homies!) but I have to get current first. I am waiting until the heat index is NOT 105. I did that during our training - no wait the ACTUAL temp was 109 in Granbury (at least it was dry). Do you remember that?? Holy crap. Never doing that again. Hope you are well. Love ya!! Ape
  7. There still ARE other Aprils!! hehe Love, the Freaksis
  8. Sunny love, every day I watch my IM list to see what your name is for the day! You're my darlin'. Miss you, XOXOXO Sis
  9. Wow, you guys remember me! :) hehe It is true that I am going to get current again! I sold my sweet main to Katie, but I'll survive. :) Betsy invited me to be a vendor for the Christmas boogie in Eloy, and I am trying to decide. Wingnut and Phreezone are my wonderful brothers and always check up on me! Sunshine is my girl and so is Moody. I love all of you and miss you a lot. I work about 50 hours a week at my regular job and then I do freelance photography (my life's passion for about two years now) and so I don't have time to log onto much. That doesn't mean I don't still miss ya'll! I will see you all soon!! Love and hugs, April
  10. I am so sorry to hear this. To all of you out there from Elsinore, you have my hugs and my condolences. Lew, you and Cajones are in my thoughts and prayers! I will keep my fingers crossed that the dz's insurance will help cover your gear. I love you guys! Peace, April
  11. Every skydiver I've ever met. Even Perry - YIKES! Freaksister
  12. Hey, I graduated student status with him...and I must say, he is prolific in his posting! But I can't help but feel sisterly towards him, especially since we were both pied together! If that kind of hazing doesn't make you closer, what does? I guess let him be. He has his own forum, THIS one! haha Peace, Freaksis
  13. Thanks, Gimp! I would hate to have upset anyone. I was just doing my job! And what a kick ass job it is. Hugs, Sis