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  1. It looks like a psycho pack without the flip/un-flip steps. Psycho packing used to be really popular, so I don't see why this wouldn't work.
  2. It's possible to put a binder on just about anything. I did binding on a Singer 20U by just taping a straight binder to the throat plate. It worked ok for basic stuff. Binding on a walking foot is a little tough. Professionally made binding setups use custom feet and feed dogs so that binder is placed very close to the needles. The movement of the walking foot limits how close you can get.
  3. indyz

    Making/ Sewing Toggles

    Edit: Disregard the dimension in the rest of this post. Even though I've made dozens of pairs of toggles I totally spaced on the webbing size. Usually 1/2" square weave, E thread, and #0 grommets. 5/8" will probably work fine if that is all you have, but if the eye on the brake line is already small you slightly increase the risk of it jamming. Check this out:
  4. indyz

    CRW & WS friendly canopy

    If you are going to go with the Hybrid Triathlon, make sure it is made with all dacron lines. The standard hybrid setup only has dacron center lines and microline everywhere else. The standard setup is more comfortable on the ankles if everything goes to plan, but is completely useless in a wrap where it matters.
  5. indyz

    Singer 20U upgrade - Consew 146RB???

    Personal opinion, but I don't like walking foot machines for canopy work. If I could only have one machine, I would keep my Bernina 217N. It's what a 20U wants to be when it grows up.
  6. indyz

    psycho pack with s-fold

    You've got it backwards. The real difference between a psycho pack and a pro pack is rolling vs s-folding. The actual technique used to narrow the canopy isn't important to the final result, as long as the lines are maintained in the center of the pack job. The narrowing technique that a lot of people use for the psycho pack is just more convenient because you put the canopy on the ground "upside down".
  7. indyz

    Vector Model Choice

    I'm 6' tall with an average torso length. I jump a V308 and wish I had gotten a V320. The bottom of my container sits pretty high. It's not difficult to reach my PC, but I would have preferred it a little lower.
  8. indyz

    Sky Containers

    It doesn't look like it. Their website only says it was tested to TSO-C23d standards and they link to a Serbian type certificate. The FAA TSO database doesn't list anything. The FAA doesn't recognize foreign TSOs on parachutes, so their Serbian certification wouldn't count for anything in the US.
  9. indyz

    Technical drawing for risers

    UPT sells complete engineering drawings / instructions for $10.
  10. Probably sequential RW. The current records are a 5-point 106-way and a 2-point 117-way. A 3-point 108-way would be a new 3-point world record, leaving the 117-way holding the 2-point record and the 106-way holding the 4- and 5-point records.
  11. indyz

    Container Material Question

    "Foam laminated parapack". Supposedly ParaGear used to sell it but I've only been able to get it from container manufacturers. There are different weights / thicknesses used by different manufacturers, so your best bet is to just call around and see what you can find.
  12. Maybe he's a bad instructor who shouldn't ever teach the first jump course. Maybe he's normally a great instructor but his wife left him the night before and he was just trying to get through the day. Either way, you handled the situation correctly. Hopefully the experience won't turn you off from making your first jump. Ask the dropzone to schedule you in a class with a different instructor or go to a different dropzone.
  13. indyz

    PD Storm Freepack experience

    We use TC 120s at about a 1.8:1 wing loading for 2-way. We found the canopy to be too snivelly for our purposes with the mesh slider so we switched to a spider slider. It speeds up the openings, helps a bit with heading, and once under canopy reduces noise and vibration while also helping with upwards visibility. Do you plan on deploying at terminal? We normally only do about a 3 second delay and have never gone past 5 seconds.
  14. indyz

    Is 'Speed' reserve TSO'ed?

    The FAA TSO database is here. It looks like Paratec holds a TSO for the Next and the Speed 2000.
  15. indyz

    crw lines

    If you call Aerodyne they will give you the lengths for the non-cascaded A and B lines. Any master rigger should be able to build and install them.