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  1. Ok, I hadn't checked the forum for a while. I had quite a few recommendations and the EvaZote foam is what I would need. Now the problem is that I should have to go to a supplier to actually see and hold a sheet of Evazote so I can decide what thickness to go with. At over 50$ a piece it's a bit to expensive to just buy 4 different sizes just to see if one is suitable for making my own container :o) extremtextil.de really seems to be the place to buy this stuff.(for me)
  2. 100% true. I just assembled a complete summer bundle by Parachute Systems and the quality/price ratio is unbelievable. Very descent harness/container, the reserve is extremely easy to pack (in my honest opinion) and the VOLT main canopy is very high quality as well. And, in my opinion this can not be mentioned enough, the way the company handled the Vortex recall program has never been seen before. Much respect for that one.
  3. Had a Sabre 1 150: flew awesome, hard openings Have a Sabre 2 150 loaded at 1.61 (yep,that exceeds the warning label, I know) The Sabre 2: has good,predictable openings (Never on heading but on the other hand I've only had line twists on it 2 times, both on wingsuit jumps) It has fun flying characteristics and a very good flare. A 90° front riser turn initiated somewhere between 300 and 400 feet results in a nice (not canopypiloting-like) swoop that gets the adrenaline going up a bit on the average weekend jumper. When I try to make a front riser turn more than 90° the riser pressure gets to high and I can't hold it. This year I also tried a Parachute Systems Volt 150. It flies as fun as a Sabre, did have on-heading openings (even when packed like shit because I'm not used to packing brand new gear) and it had a very good flare (also loaded at 1.61 obviously) The main difference is that the Volt does not swoop when using front riser input. But if your bones are getting older, and you don't need that little swoop for the added excitement at the end of your jump....I would definitly go with the Volt. I have some buddies using them for wingsuiting all the time.In my opinion that is a good reference for opening consistency :o)
  4. Ok, so we now agree that age and age alone has NO-effect concerning the deterioration of the fabric? (just asking because I have quite a few vintage things I would love to jump at least once) Don't worry, I'm saving up to buy a big accuracy rig to fit all of that vintage fun in so at least I have an up-to-date cutaway system and reserve. But that doesn't mean I want my vintage gems to rip apart when I try them :o)
  5. In addition to the original question. I'm wondering how regulations around the world deal with foreign jumpers coming to jump with different packcycles. As in: a jumper with an annual packcycle in his own country goes to another country with a 6 months packcycle, should he have it repacked to comply with the regulations of the country his visiting ???
  6. Thanks Jerry, this will also help a lot.
  7. Posted thisvon facebook as well and got the recommendation for Evazote there too. Thanks
  8. Hi everyone, does anybody have a good source where to buy the foams used in container manufacturing? Looking for spacer foam, the stuff used in legstraps, cordura laminated foam,... Preferably in europe but anything will do 😊 Thanks in advance.