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  1. Can you shortly elaborate that? I'm just thinking what can happen multiple times and people are considering that it is not dangerous ("geez, no one got hurt") and then it kills two people?! Normally after something went wrong the majority of people recognizes that this was a bit dangerous and will speak to the other people and maybe they will react in that way. But if it will happen multiple times, there will be some kind of a consequence (especially if it really have the potential to kill 2 people).
  2. This also worked for me. I used to look down to estimate when to flare and an Instructor gave me the advice to look 30 feet or so straight ahead. This really helped me to know when to start to flare. If she will be able to have good stand-up landings, there is no reason for having any fear. I f it is more about what happends if something will go wrong, practise PLF and do it. She will notice with bigger canopies and low WL you jump at the beginning, there is not so much that can go wrong, if you can do a proper PLF.
  3. I have a Spectre 190er mit Vectran Lines and put 200 jumps on it. Almost always very soft and plenty (maybe a bit too much) snivel, soft and steady openings, except for one time. Therefore also a Spectre can have hard openings.
  4. Can you explain what Brian Germain said and why he is against double-stowing?
  5. Only new lines makes a difference of ~400€. Enjoy your new gear!
  6. I don't hink you made a really bad deal as some people are saying. Depends where you live and surely details of the system (options of the rig, line conditions of the pilot, ZPX or ZP fabric, overall jump numbers, etc.). In Germany gear is really expensive (mostly due to the bad ex-rate) and ok systems are very rar. Therefore I guess around 3500€ for the system would be a very fair price. A new system with the components you mentioned can be easily around 8.000€. Have fun with it!
  7. I think regardless of a check-in system the DZ should identify jumpers who land off and do something about it?! It just makes it safer and easier to recognize it. The only cost I can think of is an system such as a touch screen and software to display all the names on a load. The system should actually even could safe time for the person who otherwise needs to spot all and then maybe ask some people for missing jumpers. In my opinion it is a difference if the potential failure is something you can directly do about it (such as packing or gear failure) or something that just will happen to you at some point (as landing out). Sure, there is always something you can do to not land out, but I think you can what I mean. But I also (probably) understand that you mean that either the DZ can be "made" responsible for something as taking care that all jumpers are coming back safely or the jumpers by themselfes should be responsible (as e.g. doing gear checks to each other) and there is a point where the DZ should not be "made responsible for".
  8. I don't really get where the problem of checking-in after a jump is and why people are arguing against it. E.g. tapping on a screen during walking back to the packing area, should be no biggie at all for everybody. Or what do I miss? I can say that we had some off landings and nobody really recognized sometimes.
  9. Should that mean you would also recommend not cutting away a PCIT? It's against what I've learned and training videos...
  10. Maddingo posted in another thread the roll packing technique: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdXHiLWI1AM I would like to know if there are any problems, concerns using this method? Do you use the roll pack method or has anyone experience with it? THX and BR, Tim.
  11. Sorry for Hijacking this thread staginthesky. I will open an own thread to discuss this method.
  12. I have the same container and I asked my rigger even to put a 168er Pilot ZPX in and he replied that I can do it, but it is a little bit too loose and it is better to choose a ZP 168er. A 149er would be even more loose and Aerodyne clearly recommends a I4. I personally would not do it.
  13. Are there any problems with that technique? Can very experienced jumpers or riggers confirm to pack this way is fine?
  14. Just to try to pump it up again. Nobody has a Skyhelmet fullface with a camera mounted on the chin? Thanks in advance and best regards, Tim.
  15. In the thread it is clearly posted, that a tandem RIG with a baglock is a very unique situation, where it is maybe necessary to clear the risers, before pulling the reserve, because of the collapsed drogue. I do not think, that if your (not collapsed) PC is not clearing the risers, that you are manually able to do so (as bill said). Or what do you think? In the case you are not able to clear them, the only think what will happen is you are losing time...