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  1. Turboprop

    4 Smart Questions That Shut Down The Spin Cycle

    Both cutaways I had were as a result of this. Came back to packing: not enough unstowed line: so the bag lifted off, did not hit the burble properly, spun and that was the result.
  2. Turboprop

    Australia is getting a Wind Tunnel

  3. Turboprop

    A Guide to Buying Your First Skydiving Gear

    Both good points there, and I for one know first hand what a drama packing a new canopy is. I bought my first set of gear and kept crashing:At a training camp my landings were recorded: First thing noticed was I was coming down almost vertically in low wind and others were gliding far flatter: I was flaring, but the old F111 was barely responding. Too porous and had had the arse jumped out of it was the assesment. So a new one: wahoo, happy days. Yet the DZ I bought it from still insists to this day I wasn't flaring....must be their ego when a CI and a rigger said otherwise and it has been proven. I like my femurs the way they are!
  4. Turboprop

    Skydive Byron Bay

    Had a jump for a change of scenery there recently, great people. They ensured I got out right over the top and buddy checked my gear before exit. I will be back for sure.
  5. Turboprop

    Z1 Evo

    Essentially my review is the same as Spartacus: Flimsy plastic shell which offers three fifths of very little protection against an impact. However it is good for reducing wind noise and carrying an audible altimeter.