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  1. Turboprop

    4 Smart Questions That Shut Down The Spin Cycle

    Both cutaways I had were as a result of this. Came back to packing: not enough unstowed line: so the bag lifted off, did not hit the burble properly, spun and that was the result.
  2. Turboprop

    How many tandems

    5 years later, still telling lies.
  3. Same place as you ie same number of jumps and years in sport. The enjoyment has gone....however I feel it may return
  4. Turboprop


    And on this clowns numerous claims `I promoted them heavily on Aussie forums' There was one topic where he asked about them and as usual gave the answer he wanted before anyone replied: and the rest was just a string of smart ass remarks over the next few years regarding that.
  5. Turboprop


    And in a few years Greg, no doubt you will be still slinging fairy tales on the net like the whuffo you are and never jump again.
  6. Turboprop

    always finish on a postive

    what would the point of that be? You would just create another.Like Rod Potter and kerrie58 etc on Skysurfer. In the meantime everyone keeps logging more jumps while you do nil....YOUR CHOICE ALONE. You could have finished your AFF at Bridgewater: gotten licenced: and gone to Nagambie and go: `see?' Instead you have proved them right for whatever reason they did not want to take you on for AFF: An educated guess is you were an accident waiting to happen, and skydiving being a mental sport and you stressing over every little thing to do with equipment...well what can I say. Leave like a man leaves on old mistress: just close the door and walk away. I know you won't though: you made this topic just to see how many replies it would get as usual. At least check the dates of when this perceived `injustice' occurred. Happened a lifetime ago!
  7. Turboprop

    Student mistakes

    Just remembered a classic. Female student, was going ok, on her 8th jump. On this occasion due to our regular student landing area unable to be used, she was told to land in the local airport as we had an agreement there: we were issued security day passes as required. The procedure was the plane landed: stopped near her, she jumped in and back to the hangar. Now the instructor didn't land in there with her, he landed in the main DZ area which was basically over the fence: don't know why, she had been landing fine etc I guess, and she did the same on this occasion too. The plane ended up in a holding pattern so she was left waiting and waiting: and then contrary to instructions: walked across the runway to the hangar: the tower raised holy hell. Her justification was a bit amusing: `I walked to the end of the runway and walked across the pedestrian crossing' Pilots, know what markers she meant? heheh
  8. Turboprop

    dumb things I heard at the DZ

    And three AFF stages: repeated stage 2 by his choice (?) then came the neverending excuses as to why he didn't continue: One was to do another tandem as there was a deal on (wtf??) and disappear for a year and return to AFF (three tandems first). The DZ in question decided they didn't want to go there: a potential bounce most likely. For the benefit of the forum, a nearby DZ offered to take him on for AFF and did three stages....for free to him (!) as so many people just wanted him to get it over and done with. He thanked them by never going back once it came time for the next step i.e. being released in freefall and has been slinging fairy tales on various forums ever since. A very unwell person who at the least needs counselling: Joellercoaster summed it up perfectly. I rest my case.
  9. Turboprop

    2nd jump

    Brz, if you like it that much to come back for seconds: consider doing AFF?Quote
  10. Turboprop

    Student mistakes

    Then there are instances: where a CI has to make a hard decision and stop a student jumping with the notion of prevention is better than cure. Usually goes down like a lead balloon with the student: I know of cases where the student has gone to another DZ, gotten through the course and become licensed: even gone on to win medals in comps: and of course one well publicised on here where a student was stopped from AFF at one DZ, went to another where the first two stages were complimentary cost wise: didn't progress past that, instead took to social media criticising the previous DZ and later a string of apologies that had a lot of people shaking their head: in essence proving the first DZ CI right.
  11. Turboprop

    Last stage AFF the hop and pop

    For me it was my fondest AFF moment i.e. a short climb to height: did a nice poised exit off the Cessna, counted, pulled, nice soft opening: flew the pattern and landed. `Did I pass?' I asked the instructor to which came the reply `you are alive aren't you?'.
  12. Turboprop


    Bwhahahahahhaah loser
  13. Turboprop

    Crown Prince Cheats Death over Dubai!!!

    I know your joking, but some of us don't even have time to take a shot from 3k when we open in (spinning) line twists. +1 Shaik Hamdan was quoted as saying: "In such situations taking a decision can save the jumper, whereas delaying for seconds can lead to ominous results. I could have simply taken the easy solution by using the alternative parachute. I looked at the problem from the perspective of a challenge that earns skills and additional experience, so I decided to confront the problem and deal with the challenge. I began immediately handling the problem manually and was able to solve the interwoven ropes and landed safely." Since when has using a reserve been the easy way out?
  14. Turboprop

    Preparing for my first hop n' pop

    +1 In time you will no doubt do a canopy course which is mostly hop and pops from 5000-6000, for me anyway. 8 jumps in a day, and I had my first chop on one! Builds confidence. Enjoy
  15. Turboprop

    My Cutaway: Should I have?

    I realise this thread is getting a bit old: hell yes you did the right thing. I have had two chops similar to this in the space of 25 jumps: the questions `can I fly it, can I steer it, can I land it: all have to be met with YES. As far as landing on rear risers, unless you have actually trained in that any canopy coach will not advise you to do it. As it is your arms would have been very tired by the time you got close to the ground and you could have injured yourself. My last chop line twists `why did you chop, just kick out' I was asked. Well open at 2800, line twists in a spinning main, couldnt make any headway: 2000 feet and recall of a recent fatal where a fellow fought line twists all the way to 800 feet before chopping: reserve didnt inflate in time. So I did. You were in the best position to decide, no one else. I lost a freebag and a handle on this occasion, but still have my life and body intact and live to jump again, and revisit packing :)