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  1. The fury reserve doesn't have stabilizers do they? How do ya like it Johnny?
  2. I'll talk to Dale and see, maybe he could get some more made. I hate to be the one to tell you guys, but I'm not sure that Blair and TJ are coming this year. (give em hell psycho) Something about the french fried tater bridge maybe??? You know TJ he'd like some of those big-un's! Maybe when he see's the body shot babes he'll forget all about those idaho spuds. It sure won't be the same..... You will see a lot of new faces this year. Lots of people are gonna owe beer, there are three condo's of Chester people at the Phoenix X How do ya like it Johnny?
  3. Dale Bragg, from Chester! How do ya like it Johnny?
  4. Where is Danielle? How do ya like it Johnny?
  5. I thought that the Oriskany is much deeper than that. How do ya like it Johnny?
  6. Looks like there will be lots of new Chester people coming down for their "first" ECSC beach boogie. Hey Hushpuppy, I'm thinking about bringing my scuba gear with me for maybe a day of diving. (Monday maybe???) Who can you recommend me to? How do ya like it Johnny?
  7. I haven't had a bushwacker in almost 10 months now! "If you ganna beachboogie, you gotta be tough" I think that we should turn it up a notch this year... How do ya like it Johnny?
  8. John4455


    Scott, I highly recommend it. As long as you are sure that you don't won't any more kids. The only side effect is that you will probably grow some nice man-boobies. It doesn't really hurt either, you will be sore in a way that resembles the blue balls for a couple of days. Then after you deliver your samples and are clear, you can "Let her rip"!!! How do ya like it Johnny?
  9. As you are getting ready for work you realize that you are putting on the thong How do ya like it Johnny?
  10. Was it an issue at your dropzone over the weekend? Did it cause you or anybody not to get to jump? How do ya like it Johnny?
  11. John4455

    Guitar envy?

    I've owned many Fenders, Gibsons, Ibanez, Paul Reed Smith, ESP and more. They dont cut the mustard. I was kidding I looked at his web site, they look awesome. Have you played one before? How do ya like it Johnny?
  12. John4455

    Guitar envy?

    Awe, just get a Fender. How do ya like it Johnny?
  13. I like #11. I'm not sure why. Nice picture leapdog How do ya like it Johnny?
  14. Do you think that Nowak and Oefelein "did it" in outer space??? How do ya like it Johnny?