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  1. Oddly enough, the thing that got my attention to ths thread was that Jay lives in SC... Jay, what part of SC are you in? Ganja "Lexingtonian" Rodriguez
  2. Spend several hours vomitting, then I'd spend the rest of my life gouging out my eyeballs! Ganja
  3. pullhigh


    Anyone seen it? How is it?
  4. It's easy to do, just use a prepaid Visa or Mastercard... The kind you pick up at a grocery store or drug store.... There is also an online company called Paytru, but I think they got overwhelmed and stopped issuing... Bottom line, it's as easy as it always was, just a different step... Ganja
  5. Jordan, where did you move to? I'm sure there are plenty of local games. I live in a relatively small city and there are games everywhere around here. Ganja
  6. I was informed earlier today that Papa Chulo Rodriguez, aka Jason Judice, was killed in a motorcycle accident last night here in Columbia, SC. Anything posted in his memory will be gladly passed along to his family. Ganja
  7. Personally, I think going to monthly would be a huge mistake. I'va been in several associations that seemed to be suffering low participation and many of them went from monthly to quarterly meetings. After about 2 quarterly meetings, they fall apart. I was a huge advocate for making it quarterly vs. monthly because I was getting burnt out on the meetings. In hindsight it was the death of the associations. I say that because it taught me that frequency is everything... I think the main reason for the low turn out is that people either fell off of the poker bandwagon, or people think that you can't put money into online poker anymore which is very untrue. If anyone needs advice on how to put money onto pokerstars.com, just let me know. It is very simple and can be done in a matter of minutes, not weeks. Ganja
  8. Choosing CRW over TEQUILA? What on Earth has happened to your priorities... You should be ashamed! Ganja
  9. Perra, that Birthday Jello rocks! You kick ass, what a great idea.... Antigua, Just an idea, but maybe it would be a good time for another skydiving "flea market"... Ganja
  10. This thread reminds me of going and making my first jump... One of my friends that went with me landed all excited, jumping up and down screaming that it was better than sex. A day or two later he decided to add that "It was better than sex alone"... Ganja
  11. I think the issue would be fitting him back into the closet....
  12. pullhigh


    I have normal shows that I typically watch every week, but in no way do I plan my nights around it. I had no desire for a DVR, but when we switched to Time Warner, they mentioned it and I tried it, I am totally hooked. I watch my shows when I want to watch them. Shows I like: CSI's NCIS Criminal Minds The Unit
  13. Drinking heavily, just like any other day of the month... Ganja
  14. pullhigh

    Bad Habits

    With a flashlight, a sharp metal edge... Ganja