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  1. finally after 10 months of Gary's 182 sitting in the hangar, it's been sold or bought. saw someone checking it over last week, and today it's is gone.. going to Miss seeing Gary's 182 next to mine...
  2. I was just thinking about Gary other day... my Cessna and his are in hangar side by side.... strange not seeing Gary around anymore.
  3. my hangar is next to Gary's at KSET. I was flying last night out of Creve Coeur, 1H0 it too is now flooding. 6-10 inches of Water between all the hangars now. some running off was covering a bit of taxiway. finally good news is it's supposed to be dry rain free few days coming..
  4. WOW... Thanks for the reply's everyone.. I learned lot from your posts... Mike
  5. Billy, that's what I have now and lerry of the Russian connection..
  6. My internet security license is up next month... wondering what people feel is best internet / anti virus package now? there seems to be so many internet security / anti virus software now with google search. not looking for free versions.. thanks
  7. yea, lot of the Pieces of Eight guys are retired now, I stopped jumping after 29 years....
  8. Toyota : = The One You Ought To Avoid.
  9. it happen right at exit to illinois Rt. 132 East....which takes you to 6 flags., the traffic always backed up there in the afternoon / evenings... They just finished changing exit from single lane to dual lane exit at that interchange. really nice & much improved.
  10. wish I could hear it,... but like Billy Vance.. I'm deaf.. maybe there is a transcript somewhere?
  11. John Woo, who both deaf & blind in one eye, has been jumping for years and has been in several Big ways.
  12. no, but I work at Chicago O'hare airport... just about every morning in I-94 going home (towards Wisconsin) I see their Cancer treatment centers of America limo heading down highway...
  13. Billy Vance, you should send some to skymoma and Amazon and few others...