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  1. I was just thinking about Gary other day... my Cessna and his are in hangar side by side.... strange not seeing Gary around anymore.
  2. yea, lot of the Pieces of Eight guys are retired now, I stopped jumping after 29 years....
  3. John Woo, who both deaf & blind in one eye, has been jumping for years and has been in several Big ways.
  4. well I meant the 1st POE 8 way...
  5. I am one of the original members of POE Mike
  6. PORSCHE = Proof Of Rich Spoiled Children Having Everything!
  7. Spaceland in League City texas? opps looked again.. mountains in background... it's not spaceland that's for sure..
  8. yep, you got that right Wendy... I sold my Racer SOS rig to Tommy computerdoc on here. he is jumping it one arm. after 29 years I'm taking a break from the sport. flying my Cessna more now...
  9. I belive it is spelled Storie not Story... sounds the same.. but how do I know.. I'm deaf....
  10. Edit: Forgot to add that I know Mike B personally (he's deaf as well). Nothing wrong doing on his part but I know that on one occasion the grappling hook on his prosthesis got tangled with a fellow bellyflyer's suit sleeve as they docked together. Couldn't shake apart so the bellyflyer opted to deploy with the suit sleeve still twisted in the hook. Thankfully the sleeve gave away and they all had uneventful deployment and landing. There's a photo but you'll have to ask Mike. yes that happened at Cuba Mo Dec 1984 me & Steve Eggers... had a two way.. Larry Thorne landed on my back causing us to Z every time I was stable steve would upset it and every time steve was stable I'd upset it keeping it Z-ing.. Steve knew I could lip read... I was hooked on sleeve of his throw out arm.... he shook me said " relax" when I get stable I'm going to pull my reserve... soon as he reached for the handle it tore and was free... Gary Peek took the photo... I have it still will have to look for it..
  11. You're also right about losing a prosthesis. I lost my arm on a jump in 2008. I get my prosthetic work from the VA, so it was free, but I think insurance might have a problem with replacing one. I think Mike B. (mx757 here) used to jump with a prosthesis, but didn't use one in his regular life, so it can be done, but if you're not used to using one, you can probably get along without it. yes I have a SOS system I sold my Racer to Tommy (compuerdoc) but still have my other two rigs... I'm out of the sport for awhile now... need lose some weight, and been flying my irplane a lot now too... yes as Dan G said for a new jumper one arm SOS is the way to go! I know Wendy at skydive Temple... maybe I'll fly my Cessna down some weekend... I'm in Ft. Worth.. mike
  12. Tommy.. hope my Racer with SOS set up is working well for you.. I still feel bad that I sold that rig.. Mike
  13. Mike, Sorry, but that's fucked up. There is absolutely no way the DZOs I know would turn this guy away because he's black. I already said I doubted they would turn him away because he's deaf. In fact, Jim Crouch, in the other thread about this in the Instructors forum, asked for Billy to put the guy in touch with him. Seems to me like he wasn't actually turned away from all the Virginia DZs in the first place, since Jim is one of the DZOs. hope is is just a bad case of miscommunication. I think this whole situation sounds (no pun intended) like a lot of miscommunication. Yep, there you go again: "He has contacted every DZ in Virginia, and every one of them turned him down!" Billy, Have him call us again at Virginia Skydiving Center and we will take care of him. 804-466-0215. Jim"
  14. No, he hasn't. The OP refered to him as a "sort of" pilot. You're assuming a lot. Again, assuming. We don't know if they excluded him because of his hearing or not. I'd be surprised, knowing most of the people involved, if that were the case. Gosh, you're right! The glasses analogy really made it click for me. The almost 500 jumps I made with a prosthetic limb didn't help me understand disabilities at all. Like I said, skydiving is not for everyone. If a severely retarded man showed up at the DZ and wanted to do a static line, would you protest if the DZ turned him away? How about someone with uncontrolled epilepsy? Maybe there's something else going on with the guy mentioned in the OP, all we have to go on is the fact that at least 3 DZs turned him away. Do you think maybe they know something we don't? Dan G. .. I know the guy Billy Vance is talking about, yes he IS a DEAF Private pilot like me. I've flew with him an other deaf pilots on cross country flights in St. Louis back in 2005...we (group of deaf pilots) flew several aircraft to several city's in Missouri / Illinois. you want MY opinion why the dropzone won't train him? he is deaf & black.
  15. I have a 5 year old Racer set up as a SOS i'm left arm amputee. now retired from the sport for awhile.. the sky will always be there. sent you a PM.