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  1. mx757

    Guess this now closed DZ

    Spaceland in League City texas? opps looked again.. mountains in background... it's not spaceland that's for sure..
  2. mx757

    One Arm

    Tommy.. hope my Racer with SOS set up is working well for you.. I still feel bad that I sold that rig.. Mike
  3. mx757

    I miss Quincy

    I wish the WFFC would start again.. but not at Quincy... Rantol or somewhere would be fine...
  4. mx757

    tandem with a heart transplant

    my sisters daughter had a heart transplant 19 years ago.. she does everything..but skydiver my own sister thinks I'm nuts too.. but I don't see any reason why she couldn't safely do it...
  5. mx757

    Cancopy size........

    don't give in.. jump what you feel safe on. just because everyone else jumping smaller canopy doesn't mean you have friend Steve always said of the swoopers they are going to get hurt.. they just don't know it yet....
  6. Mads at L&B is great I bought a Optima but none dealers had the LED light cables I ordered one from (I forget who) but it was the Long LED light cable and I need short one I wrote email to Mads at L&B asking to order one from them he asked for my address and next thing I knew in mail from L&B was short LED cable from L&B
  7. mx757

    DWR 2009 or 2010??

    I've heard 2009 in US is just a mini camp for the 2010 record attemps in Europe. (Spain) I don't think they've set a date yet either heard they were looking at June or September 2010 not sure who organizer is, but they better get busy, Airfares are going up, people will need time to save $$ and vacation time set aside to travel to Europe in 2010 plus add in Jumps, hotel fees etc it's not going to be cheap....
  8. Bob Clark has one and so does keith Ragusa, and I'm sure Dana Bowman has one.
  9. mx757

    Deaf Skydive Meet in 2008?

    2008? it is almost 2008 now less than 20 days away. People need more lead time for trip to Europe, to get vacation time, Airline tickets, passports etc you might be better off to set a date in 2009? that would give everyone time to plan for, save funds $$ and schedule vacation time. for example my work we schedule our vacation for 2008 in Oct of 2007 and then your "locked in" to those dates..I already picked my vacation weeks for 2008 so unless I get lucky and its the same week as I picked I can't go.. I suggest you pick a date and set up a location for 2009 yes couple of deaf jumpers will be in Eloy AZ end of february / Early March 2008
  10. mx757

    Lower Left Leg Amputation

    I think your talking of "Worm" the other amputee tandem master / skydiver. it's up to you to have the amputation. sounds like leg isn't healing... no reason why you can't skydive after a leg amuptation... lot of the Pieces of Eight amputee skydivers are leg amputees.
  11. mx757

    Looking for a deaf Texas skydiver.....

    I know who your talking about.. i'm sure Fred Gobbles or John Woo would know his email address I'll email them and ask. I was at safety day too at skydive Houston that day.
  12. mx757

    Skydiving near St. Louis

    don't know if Quatum leap is open due to otter crash / lawsuit . you can call them Archway in vandalia il about 45 minutes away maybe hour is open..
  13. mx757


    get a small tie wrap / tye-wrap and tie it on trim off the excess.. you can cut the tye wrap off later after finish jumping for day...
  14. try Brad Outlaw at the FAA he's a rigger. lives in Norman OK.