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  1. diveout


    I've seen this jump many times on my superterminal DVD...what you are seeing is a guy trailing smoke go unstable and then recover. The clip is just cut off at the wrong moment, this exit is the beginning of a long flight and there was certainly no wall strike of any sort. He acutally ends up passing up the other flier who did the gainer exit 10-15 seconds later, if memory serves.
  2. Thanks for th info everyone...BTW EG suits is building me a custom demo Rigor Mortis. They say if I don't agree that it's the best suit available today I don't have to pay for it, just send it back and only pay the $25 demo fee. That's some serious confidence from the manufacturer. I'd love to get to fly a blade; but I doubt there is a demo to fit someone 6'6" and 210lbs? There never is a demo for that size no matter what you're looking to put some jumps on (not that I can complain to loudly there aren't many of us this size walking around who want high perf wingsuits)
  3. Very cool; nice pic! I'm surprised that the pull is no problem, do you have to go for the handle slowly? What would you have done differenly with the location of the BASE pc pouch?
  4. I have a Fury 220 that I'm loaning to a friend. I saw it flown today and noticed that the stabilizers flap and dance ALOT. IT looks like they need more tension on them. I was looking at them and thinking there are several um..."options" for dealing with this problem. Anybody fix the stabilizer flap on a Fury before? I can't imagine it is designed to fly like with them flapping like they do.
  5. I'd love to demo one if there is no cost involved. The last crossbraced offering, from atair -that I got to fly- with the double diamonds was an abomination unto the lord. However, I love my Troll MDV
  6. Who's got a video link to post or 1st hand info on taing BM's new hotness off of fixed objects...It looks like a great design for skydiving use and I'm just wondering.
  7. Yea, Thanks dude you are one dedicated hi-speed organizer. Even after swimming around in the green SDO pond you were RUNNING in the near-dark setting the course up for the follwing morning. Kudos. Thanks judges and other pilots as well.
  8. That was a hell of a good time that day. We had great conditions and Steve and I each got several good lauches. I'm a little disappointed that they didn't publish the photos of some sweet 2-ways that we did. Cool to see it was noticed. Some of the quotes seem a little different from what I remember, but overall I think they did a good job with it. Also, the caption is wrong, that is me -but not in California, that photo was taken in the Oregon.
  9. I second that: Try to get some software so your pc will play it. My disk doesn't work in any conventional player I've tried. HOwever, my Dell desktop and my friends Sony VAIO laptop both played it fine. It will leave you speechless... If airfare were cheaper right now I'd be planning to see some of these locations first-hand. Thanks to the VKB guys and keep it up!
  10. Here in the NW CPC we had a guy who attended most of the comps under a Katana 97. He was having FUN...everyone knew it was unlikely that he would win, however he make some nice turns and beat out more that one competitor during more that one event. He didn't make 20 hop-n-pop's a week, wear weights or go 350+ feet, but he surprised a few people and had a good time doing it. Swooping is FUN, one need not fly a cross-braced canopy to have fun, even at the competition level.
  11. I vote 89 stiletto also, they're proven and there's a few of them out the for demo and/ or purchase
  12. That right everyone, the local kid who is the NW district organizer took second, I think, and won $1,500- in the advanced category at Denver. Stu, I just want you to know I'm going to train next year... Then I'll beat you at every regional event instead of just two, you little bastard. Nice flying at the national level. You kicked some ass: You deserve it. edited for spelling
  13. I was wondering what I was going to start, sheesh! I base my original post on the reputation, research and people involved with performance designs as well. No one can honestly say that any other company has the resources or facilities at their disposal that PD does. I love my Xaos 21, I've got about 1000 jumps and 10 ground-launches on it. It has a more efficient stabilizer design than my velo, a better lineset design, along with cooler colors, but guess what. If I'm gonna enter a swoop contest I'll have a Velo over my head until something better comes along. The JVX may be close, only time will tell. For now I'm sure that it's not worth $2500...not to me. It does fly awful nice.
  14. answer to question #1, yes your question makes total sense...I've flown a few VX's answer to question #2. Yes.... get a Velo- You'll never be disappointed. The JVX flies nice, I haven't seen a factory VX with a JVX linese, but I've seen a x-mod (xaos VX) fly. Still not as good as a velo. -Dan #2 overall PST advanced cometitor, 2003
  15. Just to clarify from a previous post: Oregon and Washington are WEST of all the other locations listed except for Hawaii. We who come from the "Northeast" will coming from Oregon and Washington...