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  1. I am an AFFI which due to my military obligation am moving to Wichita Falls, TX. My question is i am looking to keep my rating current but not sure which DZ i should enquire to do this. Any Suggestions?
  2. i am one of the instructors down there. Cool to see some new faces and jumpers coming down. Check out our page. http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=153654301897
  3. When i was just about to get off student status, there was a gear store close by(san diego) so i tried on a couple of helmets and ended up with the Mindwarp. I now have a side mounted camera setup on the helmet and love it. See if you can try on anybody elses gear before you just jump(pun intended) into a new helmet.
  4. I can tell you about my reserve ride on an R-max 188. It worked just fine and sat me down with a nice flare. It was a good price, but to each its own. I think i paid about 775 + s/h brand new two years ago. It was a subterminal deployment, RSL fired before my ripcord. Hope that helps.
  5. I tried to read it all but didnt see anyone say they got wrapped up in the skydive and failed to hear their 3k audible go off. Waiting for a dock then noticing mother earth, canopy @ 1700 feet. 2nd jump, didnt do that again, now have over 100/150 video jumps. Love the list, man i can relate completely. I still havent purchased a digital camera yet. And my camcorder of choice was the Canon ZR40 i bought 7 years ago and barely used it until i decided to shoot video 1 yr ago. Hanging on the door of a C182 in full arm extension and the pilot says "no,no,no" other vidiot grabs chest strap and pulls in, passes to TM and grabs harness leg strap finishing off. Pilot makes quick turn and says 1/2 mile. Needless to say i chose to dive out this time.
  6. You have to pace yourself. I bought my gear all new, but i bought the AAD, reserve, and Dolphin first. I liked that because it was sized to me exactly, plus it took 2/3 weeks to my door. I am a rigger and packed a bunch of these and thought if i am going to be packing these i want the dolphin, its simple in design and FF friendly. Plus i was on the budget so i bought the Vigil II also. I have put 2 years on the rig and 300 + jumps and it looks pretty new still. You just have to treat your gear nice and there will be no issue. I then demoed the heck out of some canopies before i bought my current main, Pilot 168. I bought it @ jump number 88. I think i bought the gear around 45 ish, because i was still demoing / downsizing.
  7. exactly, inquire about your military discounts. Aerodyne offers, i believe is 35%. But chutingstar will throw together a package with your discount pretty close to you going thru all the mfg's and piecing together a rig. Good luck and Blue Skies.
  8. you have the right idea with the slider. Have you tried to pull it all the way down, then open your chest strap all the way. You will notice quite a bit difference in the flight characteristics. Maybe start for accuracy vs swooping. But i love my pilot so i think you will have some fun with these mods.
  9. is there any chance you were inducing a harness turn on your main canopy. Just something to think about, as you reach to collapse your slider you can introduce a turn. Nice job choppin, my first reserve ride was by my rsl.
  10. I am AD AF coach rated but pursuing the glorious AFFI rating. I am also a Senior Rigger. I've been in the sport for a little over two years (apr 07). Stationed in the land of enchantment at Kirtland AFB New Mexico.
  11. are any of the trade ins for sale?
  12. Has anyone traded in their Tonysuit INTRO?
  13. Or you could just buy a VIGIL 2.
  14. If you are looking to order brand new container and am wondering what size to make it, then a 190 is a good figure. You could go one size up and down in it probably with no issues. I recommend you look for a used canopy or see if anyone at your DZ will let you jump their canopy ( if a spare). Then look at the demo program that exists. This could help you know if the 190/210 is where you should be for a while or not.