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  1. How much did you pay for that canopy? If you dont mind telling? "Nothing in this world worth having, comes easy"
  2. So now I wonder! Was it worth spending time writing a thoughtful review of PG(one that wouldn't be dismissed in one post, rather 2 or 3)? People make mistakes, and they fix them! PG fixed it didn't they? Instead of you arguing with all of these people, you should just accept the fact that you had written the review while you were still mad(meaning that you jumped to the conclusion by using emotions rather than objective rationale) about the "issue" and just let it go, ! Rather than letting all of this go any further, just accept it! If this was something that was happening repeatedly with PG, than I could see your point, but in this case, I feel you went a bit far out! There is no winner or looser! We all make mistakes, PG did, you did it, hell, I will probably make one here in a min, or an hour! Its not worth it! Cheers, Gory "Nothing in this world worth having, comes easy"
  3. Gory

    Few questions

    Thanks bro, The problem is that I have an M3, and Tri and I had R-max 168, but it did not pack as it was stated on their website! It packs pretty tight! So now I am thinking about getting R-max 148, and I am trying to visualize how will it fit, it should be perfect! I needed more info than that, from people who have same or similar set up! Thanks for the help! Cheers, Goran "Nothing in this world worth having, comes easy"
  4. Gory

    Few questions

    Thanks mate, I found some info, but not specifically what I have looked for! Instead of R-max, it has Dash-M, and no Triathlon 150! But thanks, at least I got some general guidelines! Still, I would appreciate other info! Gory "Nothing in this world worth having, comes easy"
  5. Gory

    Few questions

    Hi, I have few questions for you: Do you know packing volume for both main and reserve for Mirage G4 M3? Packing volume for R-max 148 and 168? Packing volume for Triathlon 150, DOM 99? I contacted each manufacturer (I know some people like to leave those comments, dontbother), just that I did not get any info yet, and I am in sort of a rush Cheers, Goran "Nothing in this world worth having, comes easy"
  6. some of the landings, ouch...especially on the accuracy jumps... very glad for the improved gear... "Nothing in this world worth having, comes easy"
  7. Gory

    Icarus reserve

    Hi, I was looking for some info on Icarus reserve, but could not find any on the forums. I am wondering if anyone had some experience with them? Also, what is their packing volume compared to other reserves? ie:PD generally packs a bit bigger, is it the same with Icarus reserve? Any other info is welcomed Cheers, Goran "Nothing in this world worth having, comes easy"
  8. Gory

    Reserve fit

    Ok, I should have not been so definite with my statesmen, I just got the info from Miragesys.com: "Hybrid canopies or 7 cell canopies can usually fit one size larger than what the scale says" All good points, but still, keeping in mind Dragon2's statement about 9 cell packing bigger than 7 cell same size, I dont know, so I will just trust you. However, my point is that my Sabre was 170, and my Tri is 150! But lets say that my 150 packs as 170 9cell, for the sake of argument! Now here is what I do not understand, and that is that I had Raven 1 188, which was over 20 years old, which I would guess has bigger packing volume than R-max 188, but the whole system with Sabre and Tri was not as stiff, or brick like! So still, theoretically having 20 square feet of fabric more in the first set up but still it seemed that the whole rig was "feeling" better and less overstuffed than the set up I have today! I am not trying to p..ss anybody off, just trying to understand it and figure out where the problem is! COmments? "Nothing in this world worth having, comes easy"
  9. Gory

    Reserve fit

    Hi, I do agree, that although older Tri is easier to pack, it packs proabably bigger than the new! However, 7 cell packs smaller than nine cell! Sabre is 9 cell, and Tri 7 cell! This whole problem is very problematic It does not make much sense when it comes to numbers! So, not sure what to think! Help!!! "Nothing in this world worth having, comes easy"
  10. Gory

    Reserve fit

    Thank you all for the Info, I appreciate it! I am waiting here for few pieces of information that I should get this upcoming week, and then I will get back to you! To answer few of your questions: My Tri's DOM is 99, and I thought that the older ones pack smaller than the new ones?? I will talk to my rigger again in couple days, to see what he thinks, I am sure he will manage to help me! My other option would be to exchange this reserve for 150, either Smart, or R-max! Also, does any of you have any experience with Icarus reserve? Here is another thing that I have not mentioned before! Prior to this set up, I had Raven 1, which is 188 s/f, and Sabre 1 170. These two would normally be pushing the container limit, but for some reason, I do not remember them making the container as stiff, or brick-feeling, as the set up I have right now! My logic would be that, having @40 s/f more with the first set up, the container would be much more brick-like, but exactly opposite happened! So, I am not sure how to explain that? My Mirage is custom made for me, and they are known for being great comfortable rig, but this set up is not following that general rule, I feel like rig is not adopting to my back, if you know what I mean, since it is very brick-like! I hope that I am not overreacting with this, which I don't think I am... Please comment! I need to figure this out here quickly because I will be moving back to Europe within 2 weeks, because I am graduating, so I would like to figure this out while I am here! Thanks for help! Cheers, Gory "Nothing in this world worth having, comes easy"
  11. Gory

    Reserve fit

    Hello everyone, I have a few questions about my reserve! I purchased new R-max 168 and I just got it packed by my rigger! I own a Mirage G4-size M3, and according to the Mirage, R-max 168 should be a optimal fit, but now when its packed it seems that the reserve is pushing quite a bit into the main tray area, sort of bubling in because it packs quite big, and also to the sides! I also have a Triathlon 150, which, according to Mirage should fit soft! When having those two canopies together, container seems to be getting a lot of pressure, and it does not look or feel right! It is super stiff, and not very comfortable on my back! I am guessing that the reserve is too big? But how can that be? I can post some pictures if you want! Any ideas are appreciated! Gory "Nothing in this world worth having, comes easy"
  12. Hi everyone, I know a lot of people have issues with having to carry many different gear bags for different equipment when going to the DZ for the weekend.Well my question is: how much would you be willing to pay for a gear bag that would fit everything you need for a weekend, for instance: rig or two, camera equipment, clothing, helmets, sleeping bags, tent, and just about anything people usually carry in few different gear bags? I know that this might sound like a strange question, but just hang in there with me. So how much would you pay for a dependable, high quality gear bag, built specifically to meet skydiver's needs? Please disregard the number of jumps I have, expertise, etc (if possible; I know a lot of people BS just because they have more jumps than others, but lets set that aside, ok?) I wanted to make a poll, but wasn't sure how to do that Please keep matter serious and realistic as much as possible, keeping few important variables in mind (how much on average a skydiver spends on gear bags, the quality and how long do they last, etc) Thanks, Gory "Nothing in this world worth having, comes easy"
  13. Hi, I am wondering what do you guys think how much is Triathlon 150 worth with 600 jumps, new lines 100 jumps ago, and DOM 1999? It has small patch 0.5"x0.5". I appreciate your help. Gory Blueskies "Nothing in this world worth having, comes easy"
  14. Thank you all! Just to clear things up, I am well aware that Europe is not a country, since I am from Europe, the beautiful country of Croatia The reason why I have not stated that is because I am planing to jump around the countries in Europe, and was interested in general restrictions; if I stated only Croatia I would get info on only Croatia. Like this, I got info on plenty of other places, ex: In all Spain you need AAD, or in France you can't use Vigil unless the cutter is metal, etc... Anyway, thank you all for the help. All of the info you gave me it's going to help me in my future endeavors. Thanks, Blueskies, Gory "Nothing in this world worth having, comes easy"
  15. Hi everyone, I am graduating in December and will be moving back home to Europe, so I will be continuing to skydive there. Now, I purchased some, and will purchase the rest of my gear within the next few weeks. My question is, are there any gear restrictions in Europe? Ie: Someone told me that one country does not allow Vigil as an AAD? The person was not more specific than that. I am wondering, in genera, are there any restrictions that anyone is familiar with as far as jumping in Europe? Thanks, Gory "Nothing in this world worth having, comes easy"