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  1. dreaming13000


    I got a pretty good deal on a new Volt 150, so even though there was very limited information/reviews out there on the performance of this canopy. This review comes after only 20 ish jumps on the canopy and after roughly 300 jumps on a triathlon loaded the same. The flare on this canopy is AMAZING!!! I made my last 10 jumps on no wind conditions and the flare was beautiful, a lovely little ground surf and then max, 2 step run out! The toggle response is light and very reactive. My volt has been really fun to fly! After 20 jumps, the openings are definitely interesting. If you have a 360 off heading opening, was it actually "off heading" lol? I've had 1 out of 20 on heading openings, now granted this could be body issue, so I am experimenting with this, but I also think it could have something to do with the closed end cells, every opening. Regardless, right now, I track hard, work on body position and get those rears as soon as possible, it's worth the fun of flying this really decently priced canopy!
  2. dreaming13000

    A New Chapter

  3. dreaming13000

    Air Capital Drop Zone

    This is the closest dropzone to where I am living at this time. I have jumped in 4 different states at 4 entirely different drop zones. Everything from a huge (rich) tandem factory dz to the small parachuting club. This is by far the friendliest dropzone I have jumped at. The jumpers here are not cliquey and I was invited to jump with other more experienced jumpers repeatedly. They treated their beginning students as equals and everyone made it a point to introduce themselves. This summer there will be two c-182's in operation during their weekends and both aircraft were the nicest 182's (and even nicer then the otters and caravans ) i have ridden in, clean and by all appearances very well maintained. The packing is indoors and there are "packers" if you are looking for that sort of thing. The landing area is great for all experience levels and there are lots of great outs. The rental/student gear was well maintained and in good condition. The amount of energy and training given to the tandems while I was there was superb! The video about the waiver was very informational and captivating (unlike the reallllllly boring ones I've seen) The tandems all left with huge smiles on their faces. I would recommend this dz to anyone who wants to extend their skyiving family!
  4. dreaming13000

    Never Really Seems to Quit....

    hmmmm, sounds a lot like my story, only I refuse to give up on skydiving, I've now moved away from SD to a more affordable place and have cut alllll the corners I can, and I am still staying current even though I have to drive 4 hours to the nearest dz!!!! good luck with everything!!
  5. dreaming13000

    Skydive New Mexico

    I found all the jumpers/staff at this dz to be very friendly and the atmosphere was great. Everyone had a smile. I saw that the tandem instructors spent an amazing amount of time with their students as well as the AFF and coached students. The instruction was very personable and one on one. This is a smaller dz but they did have 2 operating c-182's that looked like they were in great shape (i did not fear the take off :) The rental gear is well maintained and they have a little bit of everything. the landing area, well the elevation is 5,193ft so get ready for a FAST landing. The areas are away from the hangers but the van is there waiting when you land and their student landing is optimal as there are NO OBSTACLES anywhere (as you are in the middle of the high desert)and there are many many outs! I will definitely be visiting this dz again and I recommend it for fun jumpers and students alike.
  6. dreaming13000

    "Ask Brian" on Skydive Radio!

    I didn't even know there was a skydive radio, awesome news, I'll shoot an email over.
  7. dreaming13000

    Skydive Opelika (Opelika Skydiving Association)

    This was my first jump away from my home dz (i know BEER!) I was able to do 2 jumps with some awesome friendly jumpers. These people love skydiving and it shows. Safety was number one and fun was number 2,3 and 4! I will be skydiving here anytime I visit my Alma mater auburn! war eagle!
  8. dreaming13000

    My future husband and me

  9. dreaming13000

    Working towards my A license

    wow, you are quite fortunate! Good luck on your A! blueones jess
  10. dreaming13000

    Another Newbie

    "lurk mode" You found the right place to lurk! Have fun on your tandem, pay attention to everything, and tell us how your static line progression goes! j
  11. dreaming13000

    AFF level two

  12. dreaming13000

    LEVEL 1

  13. dreaming13000

    New to this

    Congrats on finishing your AFF! I start my AFF on Sunday! I was initially waiting on others to do this too, but in the end doing it by yourself is just as rewarding, if not more! peace & blue skies
  14. dreaming13000


  15. dreaming13000

    first tandem jump