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  1. Hmm... you may have a point. I was being stubborn and thinking I would not give up on it, however I have heard that they are difficult canopies from a number of people now. Anyone interested in a triathlon hybrid 175 for sale???
  2. Thank you everyone. Canopy 'regression' is exactly right. Just when I start to think I've cracked it, i'll make a misjudgement and frighten myself that I can get it so wrong. Accuracy isn't the problem, its just what happens in those last few seconds! I've done the flight 101 course, however may benefit from re sitting it. And the stuff about eye tests is also interesting - I have never had one and probably should, however even on windier days sometimes I will flare too early, others too late, which makes me think the problem is in my brain, not my eyes! I am currently jumping a triathlon 175 hybrid with a wing loading of 1:1. I have done about 100 jumps on this canopy. I have tried others (sabre 2 - didn't get on with, silhouette - really liked but not tried in windy conditions) but I am not sure if any canopy would make a difference it its me that it getting it wrong. Thank you again all - good to get some other opinions.
  3. I have around 200 jumps and still really struggle with landings. I am a conservative canopy pilot jumping a 170 and all I want to do is get down safely, however seem to struggle with consistency in my landings, particularly judging flare height in windy conditions. Sometimes I seem to fare too high, others too low and I just don't seem to know why. Does anyone have any advice on this? Are some people just less good at judging flare heights? What can you do to try to improve? Thank you