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  1. I recently bought a canopy second-hand from a lady in holland. It got shipped over but the courrier couldn't find my house and instead of trying again they sent it back to sender. That was two weeks ago. Somewhere along the way it has dropped off their tracking system and now they don't know where it is. I'm very happy that it is insured. I'll be even happier if the insurance actually pays out
  2. or tell them they don't have the skill to be on the jump. break it down into smaller groups if you feel that they must be included somehow
  3. i just googled the afterlife In Freeflying, the Z-Airtime squad lead from the start. Brian Germain, Robert Mahaffey and Adrian Nicholas took home the top prize while competing under the new psuedonym of * "Adrian, Brian & Muffy the Monkey." "I will always remember the song he played on the piano at our wedding"
  4. Skydive Algarve occasionally has national flights coming in and out
  5. I'm reading your interpretation of stable as if the entire air mass is moving as one, in which case i agree 100%. I'm trying to explain what might happen if the air mass is gradually slowing down as you approach the ground. I drew some pictures to demonstrate *ETA - I've got the bernoulli principle the wrong way round in my speculative explanation, meaning I would expect a canopy diving 'upwind' to recover faster, if at all
  6. I heard from a very experienced swooper that a headwind will tend to keep a canopy diving for longer and must admit at first i did dismiss this due to the basic physics of a canopy having no idea of wind speed relative to the ground. But I took the time to think about it and obviously we don't skydive in a vacuum - if we did we'd go very fast and only in one direction - and was trying to think of whether there is a genuine reason why this might be. I don't think ground effect could be relevant except at very low altitudes but one thing that could be is wind friction. If the wind is slower nearer to the ground then as a canopy dives it moves into air travelling at a slightly different speed to what it was previously experiencing. It is not impossible to imagine that there should be some effect on its behaviour. However it is telling that he spoke of a canopy diving longer and the OP speaks of a canopy recovering sooner so the likelihood is that it's all in the mind of the beholder and I just spent 2 minutes brainfarting. Oh well I've written it now so gonna click 'Post'
  7. I've actually featured in Penthouse. In an article, I might add, regarding my unicycle hockey team
  8. B.A.S.E jumps from 70,000 feet anyone? Please let this be realised within my lifetime...
  9. or just attach to the front ... damn looks like i'll have to upgrade my gopro 3 too
  10. At the risk of remaining on topic.. One trick that is pretty safe to use to adjust your glide is to make yourself small (tuck in arms and legs, arch) to extend your glide or large (spread your arms and legs, dearch) for the opposite effect. Just make sure you get your feet and knees back together ready for a normal landing before flare height
  11. There's room on the front of the chin to stick on a false grill, just to feed the bungee through
  12. Grellfab are working on it
  13. Chris Southworth at arranged my life and permanent health insurance with PruProtect.
  14. Before getting started I was advised to read this which pretty much spells out how 98% of the profit from all funds ever has ended up in the fund managers' pocket I started out with low cost index funds with mixed success 0-20% As stated already, if you like the look of a managed fund it's not hard to find out what it holds and self invest. Just try to be patient and avoid frequent trading.