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  1. Last time I checked this was "Safety and Training" part of the bigger message board for skydivers. So why wouldn't one want to ask the question I asked here? And more importantly what makes my question eligible for your poor executed "humorous" rhetoric? If I loose my altimeter,as you suggest, it will do nothing but flap around. What someone needs to learn as some proper English grammar and spelling and lose the attitude. But don't mind me, English is not my first language nor will it be my second. And I am only saying this because your style of answer lies in the border line of cynical and caustic. But if you chose to be that way, at least make no loop wholes in your defense. Don't matter how many jumps you have you can still aspire to some better decency.
  2. No I was not alluding to that. And just so that we are on the same page - I have been chasing the opportunity to do that for god knows how long now but it just does not seem to be in the cards due to different scheduling conflicts. However, referring me to the school is not answering my original question. I do understand that learning from the messageboards is not the best way to do it. But we still try and collect all the information possible to be better at the sport. And since you have done the school, maybe you could enlighten me in the meantime of what you have learnt in the context of this particular issue :)
  3. This is some awesome stuff! I totally get the message that doing anything drastic is very stupid if done on the final leg. But I am glad you have inferred from my incorrectly asked question the info I was looking for!
  4. So how about unbuckling your chest strap and reaching with your hands to front risers and pushing them to sides? Wouldn't that extend your glide distance a bit, given your are flying up wind?
  5. Okay, dully noted. How about some info just in a form of general education for now on the asked question?
  6. I am yet to take any formal canopy course yet I am very interested in knowing how to perform different ways of shortening or prolonging your glide on the final leg while maximizing safety?
  7. I never consider doing tandem. It seems kinda "touristy" to me. And I wanted the real deal. Plus I am a control freak, so I went straight into aff.
  8. That ~5x increase in fatality rate probably also contributes to a little bit more sober perspective ;)
  9. For those of you who's done both Sky and BASE jumps, which one was more intense, scary, fulfilling experience when you did it for the very first time? Thanks
  10. Hey, I just got my A-License and had similar issues - being afraid of screwing up. And so I did. I think I had to re-jump at least 3 times on different levels. Anyways, what really helped me was to "Relax-Jumps" with the instructor. They did not count towards my proficiency card, and helped me to get into mindset of "Ok, I am just gonna do my best and whatever is going to happen is going to happen". It helped me relax and I started doing much better. So the biggest enemy for me was to overcome the fear of screwing up while constantly overthinking. So while flying your body is not something people know how to do naturally, once you relax and just let it be, you become more tuned into the moment. Do a couple of practice relaxed jumps with your instructor, practicing something from your next test jump.