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  1. The altimeter is removeable and could be calibrated by anybody that can calibrate aircraft altimeters. Contact Alti-2 to see what they recommend, but when I had a TC-10 and TC-21 calibrated our calibration office contacted Alti-2 and on their recommendation at the time sent it somewhere local. Hope this helps. -Adam
  2. Yeah, they also seem to change them every year or two as well. -Adam
  3. Terry, Try Here for the main canopy: You can also search all Army Tech Manuals that are available for public release here: There are all the latest up to date manuals. -Adam Young
  4. I agree with the OP. The site I had was and that doesn't appear to work anymore. Also. friendly recommendation to anyone at Precision, get some whiz bang high school kid to do a little Search Engine Optimization. Your site doesn't even come up if I google "precision aerodynamics parachutes" Cheers, Adam
  5. Contact SSK Military I believe they are the exclusive US dealer. They are a real nice altimeter, but not cheap.
  6. Blue Skies Ted. You will be missed and remembered.
  7. Every once in a while? Whenever I see that one Pat Wilson brought to the meeting. I had seen it a couple times before when he was researching it a bit a shopping around to find a home for it. Apparently his Uncle recovered it during the Battle of Leyte after the Japanese jumped in. Interesting because the page you referenced said it was a Japanese Army assault but that looks like a Navy container. There is some info on Wikipedia on the Battle of Leyte Another interesting point is that the Date (17.8.1) is Year Month Day and is based off the start of Emperor Hirohito's reign as Year 1. Anybody get any photos of the Log record book. If I remember correctly, we were able to figure out the chute was packed a couple months before the jump into Leyte. -Adam
  8. I think $279 is the Hellfire LTD lens. The Polarized LTD lens is $239 and the standard LTD is $179 which is probably what they are selling on that other site. If you order the Hellfire, make sure they are what you want. When driving a car with most of the UV blocked by the windows they will be almost clear. Info on the Hellfire Lens from "This lens is best used for motorcycle riding, tactical and combat. This lens does not darken when inside an automobile, must have UV light to change."
  9. Forgot to mention: Someone asked in another thread a while ago about how the polarized lenses work with the neptune. I only have a Ruggedized N2 here but if the altimeter is on your left hand you should be fine. The screen blacks out if you tilt the Neptune about 30 deg to the right(CW). Straight on it is slightly darkened and tilted 30 to 90 degrees to the left (CCW) the display seems normal or clearer through the glasses than normal. I think it is just a glare reduction off the glass face. If the altimeter is mounted on your right hand it may be tougher and I wouldn't necessarially recommend it without trying it on the ground first.
  10. I realize this thread has been dead for two months but I wanted to add my two cents. My wife got me a pair of Liquid Gaskets for Christmas with the smoke polarized lenses and gunmetal frames. We thought they would be a dull finish light gray frame. They ended up being a mirrored finish with a gunmetal tint. Awesome look, but not my look. I gave a call to Liquid and they gave me a quick RMA # and turned them around within a week to the black frames. I was hesitant at first about the non folding sunglasses, but the fit and feel are second to none. I never put other sunglasses on my head because they would fall off, but that is where I keep these half the time. I have the case which is great if a little more cumbersome than normal cases. There was an article posted in the Yuma Sun today about the company.
  11. No luck finding the NSN for that model. If it helps Kestrel lists their NSN's on this website. Several of those are on the Army Authorized for use list.
  12. Ronny2, What sort of damage are you seeing to the Static Line from the pin? Is the pin fully inserted pointing towards the rear of the aircraft, then bent down? This should keep it mostly out of the way even with the bags in the turbulence of Over the Ramp operations. I'll send you a PM as well. We have moved over to the new style snaphook and Universal Static Line (USL) for just about everything we do. The new snaphook is Natick P/N 11-1-6991-1 and the NSN is 1670-01-476-3142. It does require a different end on the Static line than MS70120. -Adam
  13. Just controlling rumors here... AFAIK the FAA doesn't have a problem with the Total Velocity in TSO-C23d which is 36 fps. The have concerns for higher total velocities. C23e will not be "more" restrictive on total velocity.
  14. The one on that link doesn't include the latest revisions in the 15 Jan 2009 version of the manual from what I can tell. the version on that site still includes the 3-ring release of the old harness. You can try the LOGSA website here:
  15. adamadam


    Mark, This is a good point. What I meant in the first part of my answer was that the Military would not consider this "airworthy" as that is how I read the intent of the question. My "letter of the law" was applicable to Military use only. I agree that there is nothing stopping the OP from jumping this in any legal or even functional sense. As long as the risks are known, it's his main. I think we both agree that it is fine to jump the canopy, but recommend the MWO be applied as an added safety. Now that I look up ripcord4's profile and see what his usual rig is, I'm not too concerned. -Adam