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  1. The article you posted on this thread after Blevins gave you a little coaching....didn't you make a comment or did someone else about getting an interview with Cossey. The post on Norm Hayden - when was that done? I wanted to read it again...but also want the day & yr you posted it.... You made comment after that about getting an interview with Cossey. I didn't realize you had actually interviewed Cossey (by phone) prior to your post regarding your inteview with Hayden. If you talked to him on the phone why were you pushing for a face to face? Maybe I got all the dates messed up. Time is irrelevant at 75....and with one surgery after another. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  2. I have some information that was mailed to me by Cossey & we I had several conversations. I needed to know what the chute looked like & most importantly the hardware on the chute. Cossey sent me some pages of pictures with a short NOTE - which I still have somewhere in all of this crap... The pictures are of the same type of chute that Cooper wore & with the same connectors - forgive me, but I have forgotten the name of them. I was supposed to have mailed a copy of the pictures to 377, but still have not done so...Cossey said the chute was exactly like the one he repack for the other guy...who owned the chutes. He was a very matter of fact man & not one time did he tell me he owned the chutes - just that he packed them. Maybe someday if I am able I can dig into the old files & make a copy & mail it to 377 as I promised so long ago... Cossey did NOT deliver the chutes - to the airport. From what I remember of what he told me he took them someplace & someone else delivered them to the airport...but Cossey never claimed to have delivered the chutes to the airport. Something about their going to the wrong place. I had several phone calls with Cossey. Why I call him a Spitfire. He could be short with words, but he was also kind at the same time. I always wanted to meet him. I never understood why it always sounded like he was in the wind when we spoke. Now I know it was because he was in an open car - probably a convertible. He was always on his cell....he was always on the road and in a hurry...always going some place. He & his wife were no longer living together...the last time we spoke. I do not remember how many conversations we had over the yrs & he was only home a couple of the times. One not long before I learned he was killed. I always apologized for intruding into his life. He was very nice he realized I could not understand what he was telling me & sent me those pictures with a note...I thanked him for those pictures. A picture is worth a 1000 words - and I was very grateful for his taking the time to do this for me.... He finally got it - I was an old woman who had never seen a chute up close or opened or on a human being. I remember he even chuckled at that. He was at home the last time we spoke...I had called him about something I thought he should know about. That last time I spoke to him it was only briefly - he had his phone, but had left his keys on the counter...I had called him to tell him something important. He thought he heard something. That was the last time I spoke to him. I will alway remember him with fondness. It was not too long after that call I learned he had been killed. Like the authorities I do not believe Cossey's death was intentional. I do NOT think that Cossey was a careless person - who would have left his house unlocked. My last call to him was to warn him about Bruce.... I wish I had records of my phone calls but with the unlimited I do not...then I would know the last time he & I spoke. It was after Bruce interviewed the other guy. He had left his keys on the counter but had his cell with him and he heard something...told me to call him back...but I didn't. Next thing I know he is dead..... Maybe I was the last person to talk to Cossey before he died....I don't know but it was not long before I found he had been murdered. FACT or FICTION! Someone knows! Remember I was spooked because about a wk or so later a car unknown to me was coming down my street in the early morning hours...about 1 or 2 am. Large older white car...either a Caddy or Lincoln. I contacted the Sheriff's office ...and the car never showed up again. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  3. Interesting! So what does the Name Cooper have to do with this pic. The woman looked like a woman I met by the name of Jeanne - not sure of the spelling. The woman I met was in the early 1980's and she was connected to a very high profile person. Where was that photo taken? The woman I met still had that same hairdo, but she was older & heavier. I was 5'7" at the time & she was at least 3 inches taller than I was....she was what I considered stout, but not fat. She was very statuest...and very elegant at the same time. The woman I am referring to I met in the Ft.Lauderdale area and she was on a very very expensive yacht designed for entertaining. There was 2 master quarters down stair - I didn't see them. A large cooking galley & entertainment area on the main deck - but also cooking facilities on the lower level...I was only on the main deck designed for entertainment...tables, chairs, bar. I assume there was a crew area on the main deck I was on & perhaps also down below....this was a VERY large yacht. Seeing that photo made me think about this all again. I am sure there is NO connection - but, since you said the picture was from 1960 - what was the reasoning for Cooper being on the straps. Was their last name Cooper or was their plane named Cooper or was Cooper a manufacturing company of chute accessories. If it was a personalization - why the name Cooper. Just lots of STUPID OLE WOMAN questions! Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  4. Who is THAT woman...just curious? The equipment looks very new, but the car behind her is old...What is with that picture. They really have chutes with Cooper on the strapping? Just curious question from an old woman who has never been near a chute other than an old military chute in a museum. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  5. Robt99 can you learn how to be civil and discuss this without trashing anyone? If not then please excuse yourself. You are entitle to your opinion but you can't seem to do that in an objective way. I have tried to deal with you as others have....if you haven't something positive to state - just stay over in that other place. You ONLY come here to trash me and have NOT contributed anything on a positive note regarding the crime.....period. My memory is intact and I tell what I remember - not from one trip but from a total of 3 trips to the area. The Fazios disupute your claims - and yet, you can go there yrs later and say what existed on the river in 1979 did not that is somewhat absurd. I have WA locals that dispute your claims. You are looking at ariels obviously not correctly logged. In 1971 to 1979 you have NOT presented pictures or proof of your claims... Ariels can be tampered with and you need to go to the source in Vancouver to the actual court house records and pull the old pictures if they have not been destroyed. Pictures used for property appraisal and county might find a BIG ole surprise....then you can EAT your dismissive and rude posting. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  6. The post you just made Robt99 is trash that has no place in the DZ. Evidently everyone else is on board with having decent discussions - don't you think it is time you grew up & let go of the name calling. You are upset because you know that you do not have all the knowledge you claim & that you have knowingly made false statement. Wonder why it is so important you discredit JO? Curious! Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  7. What I quoted above should give you your answers. Remember - this & it is the truth. Tosaw and Duane's brother & wife knew each other and attended the same Bible classes & belonged to the same boat club. Do you really believe everything Galen claimed? If so you are in deep doo doo. With what you now know about Tina - do you not realize she is much more than you thought. YOUR lust for her was deplorable and sick. Note that some of the flight tests for the 727's was done with the co-operation of individuals who would later be questioned about the skyjacking...At this time I can only tell you the one I have openly made public - one who had a family connection to Weber...Gilliam. There were others also involved who were question & the all had connections to N.W as some time in their lives. Specifically more than one had Intermountain Communications contacts. It took a ranger or the equivalent of to pull of the skyjacking....he had to know every element. He had to be someone NO ONE would miss. You do know that from the very beginning the FBI suspected this was an inside job, but they were quickly put aside! Two individual know to Weber were questioned - but how did Weber know those individuals. You already know Gilliam was one of them - but I am not at liberty to disclose the others. ALL of them had the same connections Weber did - but Weber was the unknown....there were 3 unknown individuals - but which one actually commited the crime? Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  8. I didn't say "made you take them down". He is a personal friend who counciled me...he was able to see your site even when I could not. Yes, you took them down voluntarily & I appreciated that - the things GALEN stated were slanderous & entirely untrue. We had actually completed the complaint to the State of WA against Cook when you took them down. I kept them just encase.....Galen sure did straighten up REAL fast. Galen's magic is his sneaky snake way of using of others...he attempted to manipulated me & did manipulate others. He spoke untruths which I could prove to be false....some with his own private communications to me. Remember I knew he was Glacier Boy and then he couldn't figure out HOW I knew that. Galen could never figure out where I got all of my information on him. It pays to have "connections". What his motive is or was - no one knows, but I think I do & I have stated it before, but I will leave that in the past since he is no longer involved in the Cooper story. What I have stated above was in this thread - so it is NOT like I am revealing anything new. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  9. How many times do you have to repeat you posting about the AMBOY find...I know approx where it was found & so do many others. Don't you? Near a drive way & it was under a tree. I was told where it was found and NO it was not Duane. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  10. Excuse me - but GALEN C made some very slanderous remarks - as you know I had to involve an attorney & you took down his horrid posts....but, I made hard copies of them How short our memory is! Galen created on your thread something that caused me a great deal of stress & expense in my home state. Galen does lie! This is when you learned I had a huge file on Cook & his stories going back before this thread ever existed...I have 2 volumes each 4 inches thick of communication Galen made with me. That man went to extremes to extricate Tina's location from me - but I never relented. Cook used puppets in the DZ even after he was banned. I have emails that PROVE this. All of this rehash & accusation is ridiculous. Shutter you & the guys from your thread that come here do so only to cause friction & to disrupt with negative postings.. Do you REALLY think anyone who has been here for great deal of time cannot see thru the want this thread to BE GONE! Why? So no one would have any sources other than your PLACE. Yet, you take every opportunity you can to kidnap or deter newbies to the DZ...That needs to STOP! I have never spoke to you like this & considered you a friend because of the assistance you have given to me...but, think back on the cause.....& why you even come to this thread at this time. All of you left because you didn't like in part JO defending herself...yet, others ome here to BASH the posters who remain in this site. DO YOU REALLY CONSIDER THAT FAIR? The only reason you are making some of these statements is to hi-jack new posters from this thread....this is SO childish & Ridiculous! It is called prostelization. Sometimes I think you guys are tilting one too many when you are posting about Cooper....DO you remember the horrible things Cook claimed about me & all of the problems he created for me in my area....?????? I have told you & others to COME and see and read for yourselves...I have it all in hard copies... Cook was a snake & a puppet master!Remember it was JO (myself who gave him that name). Frankly I am tired of the misrepresentations & the duelling between the two sites. If I am not allowed to defend myself here - just where am I supposed to defend myself from the likes of Galen Cook & others like him? Your guys say some pretty nasty things about JO Weber....but, you did put a stop to that. They come here to attack me and make derogator statements. At the DZ when it is said it here until the DZ decides to delete the entire thread. Some of your posters come to the DZ to INSITE and to AGITATE....and with NO other PURPOSE. Yes, Blevins goes over board, but if YOUR site didn't talk about him & Robt 99 & Bruce didn't come here to BASH - him things would be better....well, maybe just easier! I am as tired of his "story" as you guys are! The only reason Robt 99 comes to the DZ is to make negative remarks - you do not allow those in your site - so why should they be tolerated here? You come here to gripe - WHY? If you can created discord in this site you can prostelize new posters from the DZ. If you are earnest - do NOT come here to bash anyone on this thread. When you come in & make a good post - we enjoy that - but your CAUSE as of the LAST few months has NOT been for a good CAUSE. Everytime there is a new poster here on the DZ you make a visit to the DZ inviting him to your site...that is called Prostelization. I find your thread extremely difficult to navigate - rarely bring things from there to this site & I do NOT quote your site. I have quoted a line of two to prove a point, but to quote entire postings - I do not. If ROBT 99 & BRUCE where not acting as agitators in this thread - the repetitions would be eliminated. ROBT 99 only comes here to say BAD things about JO - not to have an intelligent conversation about anything. I can't remember the last informative posting Robt99 made in this thread. If I prove him wrong on a point he becomes beligerent. I have often considered asking the DZ to remove those with DUAL memberships between the 2 site - I think it would make things much more enjoyable. Problem is I enjoy reading postings by some of the individuals because their interest is genuine & objective & informative - such as Bennett, Homid and many others. The thorns in your site and in this one are Robt99 and Georger and Bruce......and yes Blevins repeated posting and self serving postings. NO one is this site like Blevins continued promotions and repetitions! Remember Bruce was the originator of that other place (his idea)...but you didn't like his manners....yet we have to tolerate them on the DZ. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  11. *** Mr. Blevins went on to claim the same as you are by stating it's not fair to discuss him while he is banned, but it appears to be ok for him to speak of others like Galen Cook who is banned from here, or Meyer Louie? I put a stop to Galen's attacks on Mr. Blevins, and Jo Weber. he decided to be removed from the forum. the request was approved. Mr. Blevins went on for months speaking of these chosen few that were banned from here, including taking screenshots of what was said on my forum. this seems to be acceptable on this side? [/guote] JO States: Geoger & Blevins..... Those two are like mixing Water & OIL . Both of them act like 7 yr olds... Georger seems to be falling right back into his old habits...he just changed domains. I like the old cougar but he sure did acted like a donkey most of the time. I do not know which is more stubborn the Mule or the Ass! Not the SAME because you hold the reines over there - here is was hee haw hee haw all over. NO one controls Blevins - I try but if is useless...I am so sick of him I actually SCREAM & call him names out loud, but of course NO one hears me. Now you know I am crazy - I talk to a man who is not there - just words on a stupid computer screen. Georger will never be an angel! Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  13. Blevins: Why do you makes so many repetitive posts...seems like we all know this stuff by heart. Well, I have a lot of room to talk! Here I go AGAIN! Those guys in the other thread have rehashed the money find to pieces & totally ignore the plant. Tina's Bar: One of them keeps insisting there was no house or building there to my right facing the river...and no fence and I explained the tree line - I was there in 1979 with Duane and in 2001 with Himmelsbach & Fazio. Their description of the money find ignores all logic. There was more than on money plant - they only found one of them. Certain individuals have twisted the truths to the point they no longer resemble anything reported in 1980....after the money find. They reconstructioned the truths as reported by the witnesses and the authorities in that other place. These facts were NOT question in 1980 and now after all of these yrs others think they can just erased statements made to the FBI and to other in 1980. The theories they throw out defy the evidence & the statements made by the subjects involved in 1980. Why is there a reason to divide into "camp's". Ignoring the evidence presented in 1980 seems to be the way others survive - their conjectures have tainted the truths as stated in 1980. Others have dreged the river to death! Duane made more than one deposit in 1979....I have explained that several times - but some just do not believe me.....I was there with him & I do not know what he did at each site. At one of these roads Topper Dr, Lieser Point or Image Lane - there was no house in 1979, but at one time there had been a house & Duane knew the man who owned it. NOTE: Not one of the supposed researchers would even check the property records for those 3 streets to find out the prior owner... not one - they do not want the truth to be know...who ever owned the properties you can bet will be someone I have ALREADY tied to Cooper (Weber). It does require going to the court house - and there are those who live right on top of this. I did not have time to do this in 2010 as I was there for 15 day & only enough money for 7 days. I didn't have the time to seach thru files. They could not provide me this information from long distance - because it required digging thru old manual records & the newer stuff was on the computer...the old stuff just like Washougal was filed away & dated for destruction at another date. Duane instructed me to stay in the car & he opened the trunk & went down to the river...I could see his head coming up the bank & opened my door & asked if I could get out. He popped the trunk & I saw a bag and a shovel in his hand...but only briefly. At the next stop - that was the Green Tank along the river...the same tank that was used for refueling the tug boats & Duane told me about knowing a man who used to work for them... The next site he stopped at was Tina's Bar...again I was instructed to stay in the car....we parked infront of some huge trees and just to my right facing the river was a house, but Robt99 tells me there WAS NO HOUSE there, but a phone call to the one living FAZIO verified the house was STILL there. That house was there in 1979 when I was with Duane and it was there in 2001 when the documentary was made. Behind the house on the river was a wire fence & just outside of that was a row of trees. No need to write all of that again. The final stop was at the Red Lion (the old Red Lion) at the foot of the old iron Vancouver bridge across the river to Portland. He was standing on the piling when I got there after running the errand he required of me & the little girls room. I asked what he was doing - "Watching that paper bag float down the river". I am near sited & I could not see it, but I jumped all over him about throwing trash in the river. The way he was grinning I thought he might be kidding but the trash barrels were empty...that was entirely against the trash and no smokes tossed anywhere. There was another stop, but that was when he made a quick jaunt over to the Oregon side before getting to Vancouver...he threw a candy wrapper - ( it didn't fly like a candy wrapper) off of the bridge connecting OR with WA he had detoured off of I-10 to make a jaunt over to St. Helens, OR - the woman he was looking for was Helen Garrity. Her name is in a Cook Book put together by women from AWARE. AWARE built towers, airports, landing strips and anything connected to airports. What did Duane have to do with AWARE? Oh they also built VORs. For some reason the individuals in the other thread think the only throwing of money into the river was in Vancouver - one was way before that....but he did throw the bag off the pilings at the foot of the River in Vancouver at the Red Lion. Of course there was NO planting...he was a stupid con who always got caught because he did stupid things...when the money was found in 1980 - he scooted out of site & I didn't know where he was for 2 months. he opened a safe Deposit box in Omaha,NB but the FBI didn't check it out. They would have found he opened in in 1980 and closed it in 1990 with his John Collins ID and drivers license....some how Duane Weber managed to have 2 drivers licenses at on time and they were both LEGAL! CIA or someone like that might be able to do that - but how did a stupid EXCON pull that one off in 1980 and renew in in 1990. I still have that Drivers License - the FBI refused to even check to see if it was REAL - IT was that is so old I was able to get it authenticated without it be shredded. The FBI had a COPY of it - what happend DID THEY MISS THE BALL? It was real - did they not think it STRANGE Weber had 2 drivers licenses under 2 names.... THEY saw this in 1996 when they collected evidence - but ignored it. WHY? HOW could they ignore that WEBER had two licenses. but under 2 names.... The FBI ignore a lot of thing about WEBER...why? The Missouri file I didn't see until Shutter found it and even yrs ago when Carr supposedly showed it - it had NO PICTURE with it. I contacted the STATE and other in Missouri - and no one understood why there was not pic with the file....well then 3 yrs ago the picture appears attached to Weber/John Collins Jefferson file????? ODD? Am I the only one who thinks that is ODD. I am the one who begged for it for 14yrs & the FBI denied it to me....they didn't read my emails & they have not seen my postings - that one agent was ACTING on his own...& he succeeded in hiding Weber's picture...but that agent was out of the picture for a while & a sharp Shutter found the pic. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  14. March 27, 1978 - I married Duane L. Weber and he died March 28, 1995. 37 yrs since our wedding and 20 yrs since his death. I have done the BEST I could with limited resources to tell his story, but in a few months it will all be will note in a few wks my distinct absense from the DZ. Will I be coming back? Only God knows the answer to that one. Will it be the end of my quest to prove what I KNOW about Duane Weber? NO! Is there something happening that NONE of you are aware of? YES! Is it of any interest to certain self proclaimed Cooper KNOW it ALLS? NO Is it the end of any claims the KNOW it ALLS make? You can be the judge on that in about 6 months. At the rate of deterioration in the thread - I expect this thread will not be available in 3 months. Only the DZ knows the answer to that one. I can hear 377's reply now...not again! NEW information...I am NOT allowed to discuss.... Can JO put Duane Weber on that PLANE? I assure you if Duane was NOT the man on the Plane - he knew who was....Evidence will put Duane Weber or someone he knew on that PLANE! Yea, just another one of my predictions, but this time I hold the ACE the FBI ignored and ONLY I and one other person in this world knows what I am talking about - that person does NOT read or post to this forum. Will it be another dry run? Wait and See. Another Tease? My mental status is just find. I have willing done a mental evaluation, because of all of the flack made about this starting with Cook & his allegations. Cooper created a lot of stress in my life & still does - but I am finally at Peace regarding the outcome. Even when it is made public there will be the naysayers. NO one will believe the truth. Cooper was Duane L. Weber or he knew who Cooper was. Evidence or hearsay? Well, the naysayers might be in for a BIG surprise...even the FBI couldn't solve he crime. Wonder what they will do when the evidence is laid out before them? I did say EVIDENCE? Again this is Just Jo ranting on and on and the voice only the DZ heard. Without the DZ - I would NOT know what I know today! Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  15. Blevins walk away NOW! Do NOT reply to inflammatory remarks & do not talk about the boy. Do that in PRIVATE pms or by emails - NOT in the thread. THE continued postings are destructive and affect the lives of innocent individuals. NOT for discussion on this thread. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  16. Mark can you possible get thru to Bruce and Blevins that this thread WILL be shut down because of their continued bickering. The DZ members are already upset - because this has become blog & is NO long an exploratory about Cooper. IT is the general feeling this has become on of the social sites...and belongs in the Chat Rooms - not in history and trivia. This site is in History and Trivia because I requested it....and the entire thread is now in jepardy of being completely remove from the DZ. BLEVINS - NO MORE promotions of your book. . You NEVER READ BACK TO THE BEINGING OF THE THREAD - I SUGGEST YOU DO SO BEFORE YOU MAKE ONE MORE POST. The DZ did not intend for this to be a social site. It was put in History and Trivea to explore Cooper, BUT - the trivial things Bruce & Blevins continue to bicker about have ZERO to do with Cooper. Also NO posting should be to promote a book....this is an exploration into the case. Blevins, Bruce and others have made this a BASHING, PROMOTIONAL & CHAT site....NOT WHY this thread is in the category it is in. I have received several communication - asking that it stop or the thread is GONE! They realize I am not the one probagating the problem. Blevins and Bruce...this is NOT a place for bickering. Perhaps over in one of the CHATTY rooms is where you should take your chats. A WARNING has been given - and I ASK you nicely to STOP it... DO NOT reply either one of you to this post...IT is a WARNING. Stay on topic & keep the postings about explorations into the subject. P.S. to Blevins: your postings are so repetitive one knows what you are going to say before it is can't seem to stop advertising & promoting. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  17. I belive "Cooper Royalty" was coined by Bruce Smith. Check it out! Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  18. Excuse me I started the first thread & then Quade established this one with specific rules. (All of which have been abandoned since he left)...out of frustration. Blevins came to this thread several yrs after I was here & there were lots of discussion about the crime prior to his entry to the DZ. I was here to learn, but certain individuals only wanted to tear anything I said apart...I have defended myself & have repeated the same story 1000's of times. I also explored other subjects & was objective in those explorations... When Jerry W came I had a suspicion about him from get go. Then all hell let loose...he became a disruptive factor with his bickering with Blevins. Blevins did NOT go back to square one with the thread to learn about the crime. He came here to promote a book with so many unfactual facts - we had no recoarse other than to inform him regarding all of the things he had incorrect. Everyone including myself took him under our wings to at least get the facts of the case correct... His story was molded by the thread & I listened to all of the things said on both side and interjected my thoughts & we all contributed to Blevins getting his facts correct on the basics. JO WEBER is definitely not in a class with Blevins...What I have told was first hand information - but, no one wanted to believe this. I have been accused of contriving the story, but it is the same story I was telling the FBI & others before I ever came to the DZ. I explored just like anyone should bad! There were posters who would twist what I said & I spent a lot of time trying to correct their conception of what I said & what someone else said & made me a part of their story. I followed every lead I could & was in 101 for a brief time where I encounter the man who Blevins used to contrive his story. That thread is gone now, but somewhere I have the originals I printed at the time & you will find that Blevins incorportated these thing into his story. Someone who worked the Tug Boats, horses, Paradise Park & multiple other things I now have forgotten ...I was at that time actively interacting with Himmelsbach & not the FBI. I was letting Himmelsbach inform the FBI of the things he & I discuss. My mistake! He would ask me to contact Jerry Thomas as he knew the area...that was a waste of time - for 5 yrs....he had lots of his own suspects and claimed the things I talked about did NOT EXIST....but they did & the first thing I did after I made my 2010 trip was to confront Jerry T. We have now made peace, but we do NOT discuss the case. He is no longer focused on Cooper. Robt99 - did you read the entire thread? Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  19. Duh! If that was what he was trying to do - he told the WRONG person....I had NO idea who DAN Cooper was! Duane was Cooper and IF he was NOT then he DAMN SURE knew who was. Maybe the first to die was supposed to confess - just to set the other free. That is a thought that has entered my mind from time to time. The items appeared just after he started dialysis....but he I had no idea what they meant. If I had know - do you not believe that I would have kept the items & have contacted the FBI right away. Anyone who knows me knows exactly what I would have done. I do believe they actually lost the cigarettes - otherwise why conceal them & not be able to provide viable DNA from them....the FBI would have been able to have easily have dismissed any & all suspect with that DNA rather than do expensive it stands if the smokes where probably deteriorated or disposed of during the initial process. If the incident was indeed an action on the part of someone working in coverts or in secret activities....or in someone connected to such a group....maybe then there would be a purpose to loose the most valuable piece of evidence they had. In 1971 - DNA was in its infancy. Remember my communication with a man in WA whose mission was to expose the truths - I have not given his name, but his brother told me after this person died that he was still trying to get the truths told & to acknowledge individuals who should have been acknowledge before.... Well, to this day it has not happened & the case goes unsolved. It was after I revealed my conversation with this person - ALL efforts to expose Cooper ceased. Like I said if all Duane was trying to do was just trying to make a false confession he chose the WRONG person to make his confessions to. His Clueless wife. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  20. Medically necessary is a phrase you need to learn. An illness or injury leaving me home bound without supportive devices or use of special transportation or the assistance of another person. They will help me with transportation to the Dr. & to bathe, but not to go to the grocery store nor will they provide for my meals to be prepared for me...supposedly I am supposed to stock up on TV dinners & prepared refrigerator will not hold 6 wks of dinners & milk does not keep for 6wks unless it is frozen. Before you shoot your mouth off again know the rules. The surgery will not require the 2 days in a qualify me for additional services. The cast will mean I will be unable to bathe myself. I will not be able to dress myself without assistance - but, I figured I would buy a lot of large men's T shirts & as for the pants I have been doing that with one hand for sometime. Hand foods are out of the question since I am Celiacs... have been for 10 yrs. Regardless NON of this is an issue if the biopsys comes back bad. I won't try to explain that one to you. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  21. Nope - they will send someone to help me with dressing & medication - but no cooking. Also I won't be able to drive - and I live a long way (30 miles) from the Dr.s office...I will have to pay for all of that like I did before. Now my funds have taken some drastic blows in the last 4 yrs with medical problems. This will require a cast for 6 wks - my arm is already very thin....4 months since the "injury". I guess I just thought it would go away... Had to get the other health issues out of the way - if the colon is OK - & the hemotologist thinks it is safe - my arm and hand is getting fixed....but the biggest problem is the issue may not be handled locally which means trips I cannot afford nor can do on my own. Family all live a long WAYS away - 8 & 9 hrs....and both of them work....taking days & wks off is not a option. I will ask for help if given the Green light for the surgery. Medicare offers no solutions at all...a cast on an arm & hand do not count...for home care unless a dressing needs to be change or mediations needs to be given. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  22. The FBI couldn't solve the case, but it looks like the a PUBLIC forum the DZ has been instrumental in aiding those sincere in their search to do just that. A lot has been happening & an exhausting 4 months since Nov 5th. 3 more months to go, but I won't be around much of the time to keep things on track...unless I can figure out how to post with only my left hand - Waiting for the results of another procedure before any decisions are made regarding my hand & forearm. Need to know if any of you have ever had a problem with a severe injury to the hand and arm. The thumb was forced back several times in a brutal attack with a thingy around my thumb & it tore out whatever attaches my thumb to my wrist. It also tore something that come from my thumb all the way from the wrist up the top of forearm & under the forearm just below the elbow... A violent attack in Nov & I kept thinking it would get better, but it got worse. A surgery was scheduled & canceled because of another health problem. Now the damage seems to be more than was originally thought. I have never had anything like this...but, I have to wait to see what the biopsies show from another procedure. If one has cancer doesn't make sense to under go surgery for another problem. I am falling a monster tried to TEAR me apart...the most horrible experience of my life...I had never ever been hurt by another human repeatedly. He just kept on hurting me over & over & I still wake up screaming. Not as bad when it first happened, but the pain & inability to do the things I love to do - like eat something beside finger food or to fix my hair and keep my house clean. I do not know how I will handle a cast from mid upper arm to the tips of my fingers for 6 wks - I have no one to help me. I can't afford to hire some one & then HOW long before you can do normal things. Because of the other problem we did not discuss this after the MRI's were done....he just told me to expect to be in a cast for 6 wks...didn't tell me how big & I didn't feel like asking. Distal radioulnar joint w/minimal fluid in the radiocaparal joint . The Ulnar attachment of TFC is not intact. WHY is there also terrible upper forearm pain and pain under the forearm at the futherest extension - it BURNS. Arm and hand are getting very weak. Really painful to post, but I feel like if I do not use it I will loose. March will be 4 months since the dangerous is it to wait on this type of injury & I was not the reason for the cancellation of the surgery that was supposed to be done in early Feb. THAT was completely out of my control. Now I may have to travel to B'ham or someplace else for the surgery & I cannot afford to do car wouldn't make it & I would need a driver and motel rooms - no can do. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  23. Robt99 & Bruce take the truths & posting & twist them into dirty insults with their only motive being to SHUT this thread down. Have any of you actually talked to any of the witnesses lately - and I do not mean the vulgar & distasteful posting Bruce makes about them. HE IS NOT ALLOW TO POST LIKE THAT IN YOUR SITE! The FBI has their hands full with more important things - it is not like Cooper is going to murder someone or carry another bomb onto a plane. Mr H is a very kind man & your guys twisting of my postings to make it sound other wise needs to STOP. You two (Bruce & Robt99) are doing the very things that got Georger kicked out....and what caused the the other thread to crash....which is precisely what you are trying to do! Insults & nasty & inflammatory remarks...are not history & trivia. Take those kind or remarks to the other site. SHUTTER does NOT allow such behavior on his site & I hope it will not be tolerated here on the DZ. Shutter: After your guys have bent their elbows one too many time - they come over here to make insults. IT is OBVIOUS THEIR MOTIVE IS to shut this thread down. No one agrees with Blevins, but he is never rude or nasty. He never appears on the DZ 3 sheets in the wind or other wise impaired. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  24. DUH you are a creep. #1. I talked about missing communications from get go...did you talk to me in 1979? Did you sit down with me in 1979 and explain how the plane talked and how the system worked in 1971. #2. Portland not involved. You are right they were NOT supposed to be involved but they got involved because they were monitoring the plane as other did also. It did not seem like Seattle was talking receiving the transmission. Portland was monitoring the conversation. Check it out - Seattle and the plane lost connections about that time. Portland realized there was a problem & started to record communications. SOMEONE did retrive those commuication after they found out they existed....only 3 individual knew about this besides me...and it was not too long after Sluggo came here for his interview with me. I don't know who it was but the communication were taken from Portland. Sluggo knew about the communication and Mr. Himmelsbach knew about them & they where not retrived until I made an issue of it...I am the one who told them Portland had part of the missing communications. Robt99 you can't stand it that a dumb ass woman solves this case in 1996 but NO one heard her. If it was an airline or goverment action it was poor judgement - because the skyjackings only esculated with the copy cats and individuals got killed. JT, Himmelsbach and Sluggo. I did not have enough knowledge relay this to the FBI & I handled everything thru Mr. H. Now I know some of that was never projected to the active FBI. Portland was NOT supposed to be involved - but they realized they needed to do so...and their recording or written info was retrive in the last 12 yrs after I made my knowledge of the Portland actions known. I didn't know it was a SECRET! I assumed it was Sluggo, because he was the only one besides Mr. H would known about this. I had stopped talking to JT so I do not feel I shared this with him....that leaved Sluggo and Mr. had to be one or the other. What yr did Mr. H retire & how did the person pull rank to get access to the information and remove it. Maybe Sluggo was CIA or something like that. He was supposedly an engineer & his employment was verifiable. Someone involved in Covert Operations or CIA can be a Dr. and still be on the inside. These guys live dual lives. Some do not retire until they have been doing it for 50 yrs...their dual roles become very important & makes them too far valuable to retire. I thought those things only happened in movies or books. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  25. Well, I tried to tell some of you a long time ago - there is missing time & communications. I explained the missing time & that it was not recorded by the military or by Seattle but on the flight recorder (no one knows what happened to the flight recorder disks) I do and I held those suckers in my hands but had no idea they were a part of history...I just gave them away. I tried to find the man I gave them to, but I guess he has also deceased. Yrs ago I tried to find him - but all of those records are gone - it has been 18yrs. A record did exist for those brief moments on the plane & recorded - by hand or some kind of receiving device in Portland. The main person on duty that night told me about all of this. It was just moments, but very important moments. 2 or 3 minutes is all it took - the base lost the plane , Seattle lost them & PDX could only hear & took notes by hand recorded it some way. Others knew were the plane was but not the conversation that transpired. That JERK Robt99 will say this didn't happen & that it couldn't happen - but, it did. Those notes were removed from Portand & no copies exist. This was done after Sluggo learned I was aware of those moments - only ONE way I could have been aware of this...only one reason they were taken from Portland...then think about WHY those notes went POOF. Only after Sluggo found out about the conversation & that Duane had retrived some flight cylinders in Atlanta - did anyone even know the notes existed. I was the one who told Sluggo the man in Portland said they made notes...the notes are then removed from Portland - the man was a little more than pissed about his as he thought they should have stayed with Portland. He did NOT know what authority the individual had to retrive the file & transcript he was not there when it was done. Someone (the man did NOT know what authority the person had) took those notes after my first conversation with him when he verified communications were briefly lost by Seattle & the military facility. Portland was able to hear the conversation & recorded it ....I really did not understand what he meant. I got the impression they took the notes by dictation but, it was not an actual recording. I never did understand the specifics & only 3 people ever acknowledge this actually happened Sluggo was surprised to find out I knew about this - why I think he was the one who bluffed his way into Portland and retrived those note, but for what reason? He did at one time in my communications claim to have them and then he gets sick and everything goes silent...maybe he is dead. There was those brief moments when NO communications were heard by Seattle or the military....but Portland was getting them. THEY considered it a glitch in the new system and/or the guys from Atl who were sent into handle a change over in the system...BUT the flight recorder did exsist...but has long been gone for now. SOMETHING NO ONE WANTS TO TALK ABOUT...but what Jo said did get someone's attention. JO is no sleuth slayer or magician - and she didn't create this - she doesn't know enough about such things to create it. Portland was only able to hear one side of what was being said for those brief moments....those moments were only recorded by Portland & not on the system as I understood it - but by other means. It was just moments - but important moments... Check out the minutes you guys have used - you have a small time loop you keep trying to fill in with the plane was here or it was there and this is when they felt the jump and maybe the plane just turned briefly to facilate Cooper's exit... Remember that the co-pilot was a jumper and so was his wife......he was very aware of the conditions it took to get Cooper OFF of that plane. Go back to the 2 sided conversation up until when Seattle was assumingly silent & so was the plane... look for a conversation give the indication of a pause. It is actually lost moments in the communications - because that is when only Portland could hear them... When I tried to explain this before ROBT99 busted in with his crap. Something about the persueing plane being able to track the plane...but could they hear what was being said on the plane - NO there was nothing...infact this is during the brief time the plane just got silent...they couldn't even get a visual on it. I never knew where on the flight all of this transpired. Seemingly the plane was just hanging in space with nothing being said on either side. Seemingly a brief silence...but there was conversation going on & not recorded by the military or by Seattle, but only one side of it being heard by Portland...Portland scrambled to get the information down. They were very busy & Portland was assumingly unprepared for a skyjacked plane to be coming their way. All of that crappy talk was a diversion by who ever. Portland WAS monitoring that plane. ANYone with an ounce of brains knows that if there is a plane in the air coming your way with a bomb on it - you are keeping your eyes & ears open. When the plane was assumingly talking to itself - Portland was monitoring...but unable to communicate. I assumed due to work being done on the communications system in Seattle & this is what the man in Portland thought also. Evidently the old system in Portland was not compatible with the new installation in Seattle...I am sure it was explained as a glich. One of the Communication guys who came out of Atlanta to Seattle presumably explained this to the satisfaction of the authorities. Duane told me things & someone on the inside told me the same thing involving a brief few moments NO one ever wants to discuss. I wish I could unwind time. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber