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  1. How can I contact this Mr Eco - regarding Claudia Webber. Urgent. This was an AKA used by my deceased spouse - can anyone provide a picture of this Claudia Webber? Does anyone or did anyone know this man?
  2. Folks, I need your help. I need to find out about skyjumpers in Georgia and S.C. and AL in 1968-1971. My handle tells the story - I am a 66 yrr old widow of a man who claimed he was D.B.Cooper or as he put it Dan Cooper. I have no knowledge of skyjumping, but when we were in Colorado we went into the mountains and there were jumpers jumping off of the cliffs - I don't remember what it was called, but that is not important. What is important is that he told me everything that they were doing and why they were doing it - this was in 1978 or 1979 and he was over a 50 yrs of age at that time. It was not until his deathbed confession that I understood why he knew all of this. Now after 12 yrs of research I hope I have found the place that can help me. I am not sure where he learned to skydive, but he did - he kept something called a D-ring which was bought off of me at a garage sale after he died and the man paid me a quarter for it and told me what it was...I didn't know the significance of the item because I did not understand what he was trying to tell me in 1996 when he die nor did I know who Dan Cooper was. The purpose of this post is HOW DO I FIND RECORDS OF JUMPERS FROM THAT TIME FRAME IN THOSE AREAS AND/OR PHOTOS OF JUMPERS FROM 1968 TO 1971? Can anyone help me? The FBI has not been of any help at all although they did take his DNA almost 4 yrs (MARCH OF 2003) ago after I had gone public, just to keep me quiet. My old puter crashed and I am having the photos pulled off next wk. I would like to circulate the photos of him from various times in his life to skyjumpers to see if anyone can recognize this man. My research of 10 feet deep is detailed and does everything except put him in a parachute. This is the one thing that will end this. This man I was married to for 17 yrs had been in 6 federal prisons in 7 states for a total of almost 17 yrs before I met and married him. I did not know of his criminal past and we had a good marriage. ANYONE WHO CAN HELP PLEASE CONTACT ME.