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  1. I have absolutely NO idea what you are jabbering about. Jo has not be derailed. Blevins has been fed information and use by Porteous...that is all I am aware of. Doesn't hurt me at all. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  2. DUH! YOU made arrangement and talked about going TO TWISP & told the thread about her bill being paid by the attorney..Hard to believe this was 4 yrs ago. Later you refuted & said you only called yet you definitely stated you were going to TWISP. You make grand plans & canceled them. You often misled the reader - making elaborate plans & then acting like you carried it out only to refute what you said previously. I talked about the RV & the man who lived on the coastline & the guys. I talked about the man who worked for the tug boats (Duane told me the name - but I didn't remember it until I heard it again & that was when you came to the thread). THIS was when you got my attention. I talked about the guy who used to work with the Tugboats when we went to the river at the BIG GREEN TANK....that was very early on in this thread. you have stated you did not read the thread before you started posting!I posted about interviewing the man who owned it as it was not the previous owner....if not on the thread in PM's to Cook. Pretty damn sure I posted about this - long long before you ever came to the thread & something I did by PHONE before I use the computer. Mr. Himmelsbach & I discussed this in detail when I did it. It was before 2001 as I did not have the freedom of speaking privately on the phone after I most of my phone calls were prior to my moving to my current location....I did have some phone conversations - but I had to time them as not to interfer with the time I needed to spend with my husband. Most of the phone conversations were prior to June of 2001. Sometimes I could slip a call in if he went somewhere alone which was rare.
  3. DUH! I sent you things you could have handled when you were supposedly doing other research...things that would have been in public records but not things that are on the computer... Old property records! How many times did I ask for help in the location you were supposedly going to? I do not live in WA! You were going to certain locations & I asked you several times to check on things...but you are making things up & all of those trips I do not believe you made. These so called camping trips you supposedly take very often - on the surface those who know WA are doubtful you are really taking the multiple trips you have claimed in this thread. I have watched the hours & your trips & postings & cancellations. The timing never made any sense! You supposedly still have time for a girl friend, to write & edit multiple things... The story you spin is contrived & every bit of it goes right back to Porteous. You are either a liar, very gullible, in cahoots with others or Porteous is USING you & maybe you are exactly the puppet he was looking for when he and I first contacted. He denies it according to you Robt. I know were I have been & who I have talked to. If I lived in WA & someone had contacted me asking me to check on their subject & the backgrounds intermingled & the story intermingled regarding time lines & individuals...I would have been all over it. No problem with asking the right questions in the right place IF you are TRULY searching for THE TRUTH! YOU DO NOT WANT THE TRUTH - ALL YOU WANT IS ATTENTION. All U want is to sell A BOOK & TO PROFIT. YOU CONTINUALLY IGNORE ANYTHING THAT WOULD INVOLVE ANOTHER SUBJECT. HOW MANY THINGS DID I ASK YOU TO CHECK ON WHEN YOU WERE IN THE AREA CHECKING ON OTHERS? You did not one time asked any of your "witnesses" anything that might point to others - exclude or to include subjects! In fact you have not had that many conversations with any of them. You came into this with things I chased & followed & I did it with no knowledge of how to do a search. I just chased the things Duane told me about & showed me & I made phone calls I could not really afford prior to getting unlimited long distance. You pretend to help, but merrily a quise to build your story or hide your source. IF U HAD BEEN INTERESTED IN THE TRUTH - U WOULD HAVE READ BACK AND CHECKED OTHERS OUT..... U DID ALL THIS BECAUSE OF PROTEOUS? DID HE SET YOU UP OR DID HE SET ME UP OR DID HE PLAY BOTH OF US. ALL OF the things I knew about FOSS TUGS & what Duane told me - all matched up & co-mingled with KC. DID ALL OF THAT COME from Porteous. WHO REALLY IS PORTEOUS? Anyone can be anyone on the computer. So who is the ruse? Blevins, Bernie Geestman, the Detective, Foss Tuggs, Margie? Maybe MEIRE is behind all of this - is Porteous a protege of Meire & his friends. Litttle bird said Meire is writing a book - a little late considering his age. I was telling this story in 1996 to anyone who took the time to listen... Mostly I was talking to JT & Mr. Himmelsbach....yet, you come along & adapted the things Duane told me to your story. The thing I learned thru Duane's old records and tracking is remaining friends...a family tree that would prove Weber's connections to some of the very individuals you proclaim to hold the truths. You never even bothered to check out the family trees or knew your sources were misled & /or you used them! IF you really investigated or cared about the truth - WHAT was the harm of asking your "witnesses" to view photos or to ask about family member from yrs ago? U WERE following orders! I know why & I have watched all of this unfold right here in the thread. ALL of the things you used are things I repeatedly told over the yrs...but you didn't even bother to READ BACK & see what Jo was all about...You denied 101 after it was zapped...the site is gone, but HARD copies do not just go POOF. Your source was 101 & Porteous. If I had been in your shoes - because I am truely seeking the truth...I would have been all over it & investigating both suspects at the same time! You are not seeking the truth - infact I think YOU are a BLIND SET UP TO DISTRACT FROM THE TRUTHS Knowingly or unknowingly - that is the question. This is a HUNTING GAME & the PI IS PLAYING YOU TO THE LIMITS...OR PERHAPS HE NEEDS TO DISTRACT THE PUBLIC FROM THE REAL TRUTH as a matter of SURVIVAL. When GRAY got his tip I have watched you & Porteous & Lyle play a game way beyond the extent of truths. Lyle wanted to back out. Go back in time to 1996 with Himmelsbach, JT & Myself and you will find in all of my old exchanges with Mr. H....the VERY same things U & Porteous garnered your KC story on. Step back in time to the 60's and then march forward full speed...HOW & WHY did I know about KC and Margie and Foss Tugs and that little town along the coast line where Geestman lives now? I knew about the trailer & that is was top of the line for the times. Duane told me about the trailer & he used Geestman's name. I just would not know who Geestman was or make the connection until you started to play your story out. There is something about this in this thread or the old thread LONG before anyone ever heard of Blevins. I had all of that before anyone ever heard of you. You are a DECOY or is PORTEOUS USING U OR ARE U USING PORTEOUS? Porteous shaddowed me from his place yrs ago to meet his goal...He was supposedly walking away & then you got involve. Who is taking who for a ride? Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  4. Edited to keep brief. Duane L. Weber immediately left the area and moved from his current address in 1971 to a new address in 1972....the Cooper case was NOT strong in the East as some of you might think. Blevins claims his suspect was wearing a wig...but Cooper did NOT have a wig on & the witnesses described a hair line with tiny peaks. Shaffner did her best to make this known. Later in life she is so haunted by Cooper she was overly conscieous of his finding her.... Weber's hair was being dyed by his wife until the skyjacking. Photo will prove this. I will see if I have a photo dated 1974. He immediately gained a lot of weight due to eating well. I just viewed the pics I have on the computer...nothing in my online file. I did find one of him in 1974, but will have to take it somewhere & have them remove the blonde doll on his arm.. His hair is VERY gray and White in the pic. Thought there was one in my files - but they have been corrupted. I do have other files on a disk just encase. Give me a few days to find it in all of this mess...lots of pain with my arm, but need to see how other tests come out before surgery is schedule & I will need someone to take care of me for 8 wks or so...I can't afford a do not know how I will handle this. No family available and no one who lives in the area other than paid caregivers. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  5. Cooper just wanted to go South - he knew the plane would have to stay in the vector, but what if they chose to go out over sea - well he would just have threaten to blow his bomb. He didn’t know how to operate the aft way & wanted it down so he could see the lights of the Dams & other land marks he knew from the AIR. He and /or a friend had participated in an activity that gave him that knowledge of the 727 and the Aft stairs. Every airport he knew & commented about he & the boys flying in & out of. When I finally asked him on our way to Tahoe thru Oregon what they were doing....he was caught off guard & just told me he couldn't talk about it. I was the one to ask if it was during war time or the fire bombs. He had his out. Duane Weber knew very body of water, every tower, every power lines, the pipe lines, the signal towers, the air strip. He pointed out & showed me these things - how did he know all of this. NOT ONE TIME DID HE LOOK AT A MAP. I wrote about these things on the thread & communicated these things to Himmelsbach. I trusted he was sharing them with active FBI. He told me he really didn't know the area that well & to contact JT. I didn’t know what I was talking about - but, I did the best I could to describe the places to JT as he was the one Himmelsbach told me knew the area. Well, we all know how that went down. I spent 5 yrs talking to a stone wall...and then more time on this thread. It was 2001 when the crew took me to WA., but they took me in all the wrong places! Why if they were going to invest in a documentary - did the NOT have the proper guides & information. IT was all a bust...I do not know if that segment ever aired....remember I only had & still only have antennae in my attic. JT did NOT understand one damn thing I was describing - he kept saying Cooper landed further East. NO one understood the area I was describing until I went to WA in 2010 & found ALL of the places I tried to tell other about...all by myself. A couple of places I never found because of the changes from 1979 to 2010 - yrs of changes. Places he just talked about & didn't take me near - I was blank on...but if I saw it in 1979 I remembered it. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  6. "On the evening of the hijacking, it took NWA some time to locate any people at Boeing who had knowledge of lowering the stairs in flight. That program was simply not common knowledge either at Boeing or any commercial airline." Forgot who wrote the above, but Duane knew Stanley Gilliam who received a phone call from an unauthorized caller. The call was accidently put thru. The caller wanted verification of information regarding the 727 and the testing they had done previously. Stanley did not recognize the voice & afterward out the call came thru unauthorized. Gilliam contacted the FBI himself in reference to this. Stanley Gilliam was married to the GOD child of Duane Lorin Weber's mother. Lorraine Beecher Weber was the name of Duane's mother. Her best friend gave birth to a Daughter - one month before or after Duane was born. They used to visit each other - even when Duane's family lived in Ohio. That GOD DAUGHTER became the bride of Stanley Gilliam. Duane had spent some good times at "The Stuckee House" - the talked about the family on our trip in 1980 to WA., but that we were not going there. He told me the Goddaughter had worked for MA BELL, but didn't know if she still did so. Later many yrs Later in my investigation of Cooper - this story was VERIFIED and Gilliam had related the story to other family member. When Cooper called Gilliam's office he did not recognize the voice of the boy who was now a man in his 40's.
  7. Experience flying as a loadmaster would provide Cooper with most of the information he needed. The chute & how to use it - does not need multiple classes just the basics. Intermountain Communication & Duane's connections to them provide him all of the access to the specifics he needed to make the jump. Anyone remember the Southeast Asia flight with a 727 or similar plane. Why did Duane claim to know 2 of the men in the picture attached? There was an incident with one of the Southeast Asian flights Duane told me story about - the guy getting his foot stuck - I do not remember the details - but the guy survived hanging half out of the plane. The DuBop pic will not down load but most of you have seen it. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  8. Wasn't that the most ridiculous outfit you ever saw - Plaid jacket, diagonal striped tie & pink shirt. I forgot to look at the shoes... His hair is dark & I do not know the man with him...but obviously someone with the company - manager or another agent. What I was doing was trying to find what the location was.....I thought the area of the flag on the right hand side with a tower behind it might help to locate this American Income Ins. doesn't show in the posted pic as it was cropped. We know Duane probably didn't go to work for American income until 1969 or 1970. He was in prison in 1968 and then to CO where he and the wife and kids fled from the FBI to New Orleans. This was when they were befriend by David Ferrie - the guy with no hair or eyebrows. It was during a Hurricane Camille they headed to Atlanta. I believe this is when he hooked up with American Income. That outfit looked like it came out of a thrift store or good will. The tie and shirt were OK, but the JACKET! What was with that JACKET - was it Halloween? Was the Jacket a loaner - I just do not get it. What the picture does tell us is the hair was dark...with just a hint of grey which he wife would later keep dyed for him...she was the one who told me this. When I met Duane he had white hair and gun metal gray - I had never met the man in that picture - if I had - I would never have married him. Someone sure did a good job of polishing him off in the next 2 or 3 yrs. The wife told me he would disappear for a wk or a wk end & said he was going with another guy to AL to clean out basements and attics. They left in a van (one time she said red & in another coversation she said white). It was during this time Duane asked his wife to buy him some dickies (work jumpsuits). This was in 1970/1971 in the Atlanta area. All the more puzzling was how Duane had the money to loan his BOSS $1800 in Oct of 1975. He must have been busting his ass selling insurance and cleaning attics? Well, he was definitely doing something....he and his wife bought a home and 2 new cars in January and then got divorced that summer?????? He was making enough to have a girl friend on the side...whose brother was a dentist and Duane did jobs for him in the lab...Duane was very good with his hands and could make a room shine. Duane told me about the dentist and the equipment he learned to use to make the bridges....I assume to pay for the beautiful bridge he had placed in 1972 - perhaps he help make it... The thing that man could do - with very little to work with was amazing. NOW that jacket - is just way out there. Yet, when I look back and see how he had to live his life & the steps he made forward in his life - yes I am proud of what he became in the 18 yrs we spent together. I had NO idea what his life was like before I met him. He had some rough edges, but he polished up just FINE! How or why we made if for 18 yrs I will never know - but, I wonder if I had seen that picture & have known about his criminal record - what would I have done? You guys know what I would have done - I would have run in the opposite direction! He came from good stock and his family was well known and admired - he was considered the bad apple. His brother became an engineer with Boeing and was a personal friend of Stanley Gilliam. Duane's and his brother knew Gilliam because of the connection their mother had to the woman that Gilliam married. They all lived in relatively condense location in CA for a period of time. Duane's brother & Gilliam where both living in WA in 1971 & they both worked for Boeing. Oh well, just as well try to tell a judge that black is white and red all over. No one gets it. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  9. I haven't been able to download the pics from a disk where they put old negatives on the CD... I can make them show on my computer, but can't save them or print them. I am a complete idiot when it come to things like this - at least a few yrs ago I could mess with it & manage to do a pretty decent job...not anymore! I have a pic I took of Duane, but it was disposed of many yrs ago. I kept the negatives - the man scanned the negatives & put the pics on a CD. I only want 2 of those on the thread...The 1990 approximate side view. He would not let me do a profile, but he was distracted & didn't realize I was taking the picture... he did not want it in the the print was destroyed...I knew there was this old profile & different than the prison files...The tilt of the head & the angle of the person viewing Cooper is very important. If someone should walk by Cooper sitting in the seat - the slant of the forehead would appear to someone unfamiliar with this to be a balding pattern. I have tried to explain this before but NO ONE HEARD ME UNTIL NOW! This pic was taken in Early Spring or early fall because he has on a jacket - light weight. He has a full mustach & his hair was all messed up & white headed...we were at a flea market. This was really good of his complexion as it would have been some what lighter in Nov. He was in end stage kidney failure for 5 yrs... Age has something to do with our skin tanning differently & the tones & colors... I have tried and tried to get the pic off of the disk and onto the site, but NO CAN DO! I attempted to send them to 377 to see if he could isolate the photo from the disc & load it for me. We will see! I give up trying to do it myself. There is another photo of Duane standing with another man..seem to remember posting it before. No longer have the print - 17 yrs with junk hanging around & getting old - things just disappear! The picture we discussed before what was to the right & in the back ground or even where it was taken...I believe and where it might have been taken. I never knew if that company had offices in the MidWest or in the West...I believe they were strickly out of the Al, Fl, Lousiana, Ga, S.Carolina, N. Carolina, Texas, Ak, Miss., Ks and Ms. I am not going to look it up - they could have been every where...but, I am curious where that picture was made & what was in the background. There is an AMERICAN flag so I thought post office...but that is just a little to OPEN for a post office. There is a tower in the background, but I do NOT know one tower from the other. Took a lot of time & eye strain to find pics from negatives - 50 yrs of negatives to find 2 specific photos not in the album & long forgotten with the printed photo long disposed of. Some were not what I thought they were but the two in question I wanted to be posted to the thread. The men outside of an American Income Ins office & what is behind it. The other was a photo that shows even at 75 he had a head full of hair - white but,with texture having changed. I am experiencing that myself - it just flys away - there is NO controlling old white hair in humid Fl. I also noted from viewing ALL of the photo that Duane did NOT grow his mustach until late 1981 - WONDER WHY? The money was found in 1980 & that opened the case up wide with lots of pictures & articles all over the next few yrs. I hated mustaches, but he did NOT shave it off until about 2 or 3 yrs before he died...I had forgot what he looked like without the mustach. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  10. Check out the pics and remember what I said. Two pic I could not down load from the source - so someone in this thread has been asked to help me. I do not know if he was able to download them from me to him in an email. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  11. I could not make out the pics from the negatives...the ones of the woods we could not make out. This one pictures shows Duane and another person outside of the insurance company he was working for. I do not know who the other man was. This is the best that can be pulled from the old negatives... What the hell is that in the back ground. Supposedly Cooper had on his raincoat - a black one. The raincoat - it was never mentioned if he removed it. With a raincoat on Duane's legs would have been concealed... If the suit was black why has there never been a mention of what Cooper did with his raincoat...did he leave it on and/or did he put it on before jumping...Tina - looked back. What did she see - the raincoat has been conveniently erased from the stories told. Anyone know the details. Blevins, if you add ONE more detail that was not disclosed by JO to the FBI yrs ago and in this thread - YOU will hear me SCREAM all the way to WA. Everytime I mentioned anything - you conveniently have incorporated it in to your story.....IF YOU TOUCH THE RAIN COAT - YOU WILL REGRET IT. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  12. Grey's book made lots of things up. My daughter believed what I told & I had an active life even upon finding out 1 yr and 3 months after Duane's confession who Dan Cooper was. Remember I ACED the Fl realestate exam before I found out who Dan Cooper was! I did relative well in the business until I retired in 2004 when my new husband became very ill and I needed to devote more time to his needs. He died in 2007. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  13. ALL bunk1 Such as the story on page 105. Duane was not ashen and his face was NOt swollen when he was in the hospital. 5 days - not true. In a wheel chair - not until the last 2 days. Smoking Salem - again bunk and not true. I never considered an obit or his story, because I did not grasp what he told me until 1 yr and 3 months after his death. Duane's abdomen had been swollen for yrs because of the over sized one kidney that had been doing all of the work. The story Duane told me was 9 days before he died and he was complete co-herent and had been refusing to take the morphine for 2 days. When I found morphine tablet under his pillow wrapped in tissue was 3 days before he died - and stupid me told the nurse and then for the final 3 days of his life they made him stick his tongue out to be sure he swallowed the pills. The confession was only after he refused diaylysis after not taking the med. That was nine days before he died. Gray made up a lot of his story & got an awful lot of the information I shared with him screwed up. Duane's last words on the bottom of page 106 are the only things he did not change. Duane's last words are the only thing he got right. I Love You was his final words. Gray did not tell the truth!....He wrote a book and that is all he did - and most of it was fiction and some of the truths are so screwed up it is dreadful. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  14. FBI IS POSTIVE KC WAS NOT COOPER. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  15. If Gray didn't state that someone else did. Maybe it was in a private communication, but the story I was told about what Alice said is ALL BUNK! I know that for a FACT! She didn't see a sweater that supposedly Cooper put on in the lavatory. She disclaimed the story that was either in Grey's book or in an email sent to me. I did not fabricate that story. Perhaps it was mentioned by someone in this thread...if it is not in the book - WHO made that claim? Definite not Jo Weber. Now that I am home perhaps I can locate the source, but not for a few days. I have been keeping up with the thread thru a computer in the hotels. Now you guys know I have NOT been home......! Now I am! Time for some truths to be told by a lot of individuals who had done nothing but create myths. KC was NOT Cooper! Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  16. Your remark about Alice! (JO INSERTS ) SHE DID THE BEST SHE COULD - WHEN SHE GOT A CHANCE. She was working the forward cabin.. " Nevertheless, the FBI wrote down in their files that Gregory was sitting initially in Row 18 with Cooper, according to Geoffrey Gray." (JO- INSERTS) - JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING GREY WROTE ABOUT GREGORY WAS FOR A STORY & LITTLE OF IT WAS FACTUAL. GREY EVEN CLAIMED ALICE SAW COOPER IN A RUSSET SWEATER AFTER EMERGING FROM WASHROOM - THAT IS A LIE....IT DID NOT HAPPEN & ALICE SAW NO SUCH THING! Jack Almstad, came to the rear lavatory and joked with the skyjacker and Tina as he waited to use the rest room. Almstad says the skyjacker looked like the sketches he later saw "in the newspapers. (JO INSERTS) -IS ALMSTAD STILL ALIVE? Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  18. Blevins will not even ask the family about Margie Geestman. I want a pic made around 1988 to 1992 - if he knows the family he should be able to produce a picture.... Blevins is so closed mind to anyone else being Cooper that he is so full of it - he is AFRAID to show Duane pic to Margie and when she went POOF - I know WHY. Blevins will not acknowledge Margie and without her actually coming forward with what she told him - Blevins story is crap - produce a sound of mind Margie - he can't. If I could down load her pic without changing her facial features I could have some on show exactly what Margie looked like earlier....why Blevins just made the pic of her in here earlier yrs go POOF.. Margie is the woman who came to see Duane and Blevins can give every excuse in the book....but if the FBI ACTUALLY investigated Margie and Geestman -they would find the things I told for yrs was correct... I know in my heart what is true - so the likes of Blevins can just go POOF. If I live thru this stuff and someone actually steps up to the plate before everyone dead - the FBI could prove who Cooper is and was and it was not KC. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  19. one made before she cut her hair and stopped dyeing it. Try for a 1990 pic....Bluish Dark teal blue suit. The face fits but not the hair. I just know if that is a 1994 pic that is not what I am looking for. Duane was at a new location in 1994. 1989 to 1993. In 1993 Duane moved the shop to Davis Hwy - so we are talking around 1989 to 1993 - not before or after. I was still selling insurance & it was before he moved the shop to Davis in 1993. The Davis location was a looser. Smile & face is similar but younger or at least trying to look younger... 1994 the shop was closed and in 1993 it was on the target is 1989 to 1992 are the best shots I have. BYE! Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  20. WHAT is YOUR JOB here. ONLY to antagonize and to redirect and cause corruption. Jo is your only target. Everyone here can readily see that. I am TOO tired to argue with you and hope someone treats you the way u have treated me.... I struggle to get thru each day and the last thing I need is to read your obtuse and bias postings. There is nothing else I can say. I have told the truths so help me God and now God it is all up to you. It is in your hands - I can do not more.....I am so very tired! Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  21. Robert I will just repeat your own words back to you. 1. It is obvious you don't give a hoot about being factual. (plus you let yourself be a puppet for Jerry W). 2. You apparently can see things that I can't see because they don't exist. (well, you see thru a narrow window because of your narrrow mind...if you are even what you represent yourself to be. 3. It is obvious that you haven't researched the facts of the crime. (Even MORE obvious is that you create things and you have a defined focal point - guess you are part of the past.). YOU know little about this case other than what others feed you and those who incorporate you - yet, even Himmesback say Robt99 - go to hell.... You tell Himmelsbach there was no house at Tina's bar & that we did NOT stand on the beach in 2001 where the money find was...... then he will make one BIG fool out of you. Mr Fazio is not doing well & the other one is you crazy guys just wait for the key individuals to die off so you can tell your made up stories & attempt to make the world believe you. Those of us who have participated in this first hand are up in age....& all of us are tired....Perhaps I should have taken Tina & Florences keys - and just have let it be. He terrorized their lives & yet they have been able to step aside & let go - just that I was married to man for 18 yrs . I really despise individuals like you Robt99 - you do not want the truth & if you have any personal interest in this - it means you are a part of the past the USA wants to stay hidden. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  22. Victor or Vector I do not give a hoot. As for knowing the bomb was on the left side of the briefcase - I didn't know that. Remember I can't see the things you can. I have an old computer & I cannot down load or see the things others can see. Supposedly Sluggo mailed me the FBI notes but I do not remember anything about what was in them all those yrs ago. I never re-read them... Sluggo came to see me HOW many yrs ago... 2008 I think. I do not even know if that was in the old stuff he sent me so many yrs ago. I don't research the facts of the crime...I just tell what I know from Duane....not one time can you find things where I mentioned the technical stuff. Hell, I don't know Vector from Victor - NOT my job. Whatever - 2 days ago I did not know about the bomb being on the left side of the brief case...I expect I heard it but it did NOT register - you guys call that DUMB Blonde SYNDROME! YOU use your logic - being left hand does come into play when you are building things...I would pack the Right side of a suit case before I packed the left side. My brother and my sister are left handed and how we contruct things is different. For example when I put icing on a cake I do the swirls and peaks from the left to the right and sister is the opposite... I wall paper from left to right and she does it right to left....the dominate hand is the one that smooths out the edges when you put it up - how we construct things. I use a needle from right to left and my sister is the opposite. So she hems from left to right and I hem from right to left When one writes they are force to use the left to write as that how sentences are formed....and how the word is written...why their letters always slant to the left.. The construction of things is were one starts on the dominate side. How a woman organizes her kitchen depends on her dominate side. I wash dishes from left to right and she does the opposite. Evidently you have no left handed siblings you grew up with. I really do not know if this would apply to building a bomb in a briefcase....perhaps the confirmed lefties can give more info on that. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  23. I have told the story about the Denver flight before - but no one heard me. NOT then & NOT now. There are those who want me silenced, but only death will do that. I swear I have not lied about this to the world & God... Why would Duane Weber spend so many yrs of our marriage seemingly telling me all of these things which meant NOTHING singularly but collectively spell out the confession he made before he died? The USA government does not want the truth known! WHY? NO REASON unless this was a covert operation of some sort - but, for what get new rules and regulation for the airline? Seeming there would be other ways to do that - why stage a skyjacking? What was seemingly the purpose of the skyjacking? We will forever wonder about that! It has taken 18 yrs of my life away from me - but, was the FBI that sloppy in their investigation...probably not - therefore one might deduce this had government involvement. Since my quality time on this earth is now limited - I just do NOT give a damn about whatever or whoever is behind this case not being solved. It is TIME for the TRUTH to be known and the REASONS this old crime was not solve! I do not authorize Bruce Smith to tell my story or Duane's story...but it will be told - some day.... Was Duane a lone ranger or part of a bigger picture....Well, as long as this has gone on - the answer could be either one... Cooper out smarted the FBI or The FBI or CIA were involved. Their only defense had been to write me off as someone looking for a story or that I have a problem. I assure anyone who ever reads this that I did not make it up and that I am sound of mind....but, the FBI and /or the Federal Gov would have the World believe I am. Duane Lorin Weber was D.B. Cooper or he has probagated the biggest hoax in the USA using his widow as the instrument to obtaining justice. Just who this justice is supposed to benefit - eludes me! I won't be around to see it happen....but, then being the dumb broad I am - I didn't keep the evidence because I didn't understand what it meant. Therefore the GOVERNMENT wins. But in reality Duane won because at least the truth has been told regardless of the judgement or if it is ever revealed outside of this thread. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  24. Florence was the only one to get a good look at Cooper without his glasses - right? I don't know, but she thought she saw Cooper in 1978 or 1979.. she probably did? She was out of Denver & so was Duane and I. We flew on a flight where he kept a magazine infront of his face - and where he put his briefcase up to his shoulder while we exited & we got lost real fast. He told me she was an old girlfriend he did NOT want to encounter - I thought she look awfully young for him. Was Florence doing the Denver to Atlanta Georgia flights in 1978 or 1979? No one has ever answered this question. I do not know what Florence looked like in those yr. The girl I saw had hair almost to her shoulders and it was auburn color - not brown and not red. I did NOT see her as we disembarked...did Weber spook her? I kept looking for her as I wanted to get a better look at the YOUNG woman Duane did not want to see him. She obviously got off at the stop the plane made! Forgot what that was. We were going from Denver to Atlanta and there was a stop on the way. I didn't see the stewardess when we got to Atlanta so Duane told me she probably got off at the stop. He sure as hell did not want that girl to see him....she was working first class and we were in second class. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  25. That was the night I called them to warn them about you....she & I did little talking - you were outside talking to Lee. She wanted me to hold on until you were gone. When Lee walked in his statement was "She was right"...She thanked me and that was the end of it. I have only spoke to the DormouthS maybe 3 times in all of the yrs I have had their phone number & that was early on around 2000 - long before I came to the thread & long before Cook entered the pic. He had been bugging me for yrs for Tina's contact information which I refused to give him and I have his letter dated 2003 to attest to that....he was hostle because I refused to share confidential information. Cook kept offer me stuff I already had in exchange for her location and phone number which I NEVER GAVE TO HIM! duh! I was unaware of the statement he supposedly made. Perhaps in jest to you so you would bug off! Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber