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  1. Gosh did I miss something or the Internet God playing tricks on your posts again? Is there some revelations like Blevin's a few days? What are u talking about? How do U know I have a problem with my postings right now...I was not even able to post, but today it is letting me that the DZ, my computer or someone running interference.. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  2. Yea U Make UP THINGS & you make your own qeeried thoughts & opinions about individual with NO reasoning other than to sensationalize I personally know & so does Tina & others . You Lie & Write things that are not true. Such as your supposed conversation with Tina's brother in law & her sister....I was holding on the phone with her while she was listening to the conversation you were having with him She briefly went to the door & he step inside....he told her to keep me on the line until you (BRUCE) had left the premises Then you came to this thread & told some horrible things about Tina's brother-in-law & her sister....the same way you demeaned Tina. Two inteviews - NOT likely! You denied this a few pages back! You are a discusting person. You have stated horrible things about them - exposing you in this thread is justice - but, will it be justice enought? Not until you spend some time repenting your transgression & making public & formal will be publically denouced. The weapon of choice was yours - and it was never disclosed in public records. Figure out how to get around that one! Time for you to take a serious look at your ego & the rate you are going - I expect you are going to do some time....along with what you have done in the past! You didn't know I knew about YOUR past! Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  3. Maybe I might be able to come back tomorrow...just feel very very tired. I have some important things to post I have tried to compose off line - just wanted it to be complete.- Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  4. The McNeil File is a puzzle - there were NO longer any picture available...I am the one who found them - the FBI claimed they did NOT exist & the agent changes his mind & they do exist. January of 23rd 1945 conviced & sentenced to McNeil (normally a federal prison at that time). He had been arrested in Chicago in November of 25th of 1944 & transported back to CA. I guess he went back to see the woman he married in July of 1943 - maybe she was pregnant & gave birth to a child in 1944 which would be about right for the child I have looked for all of these yrs. She would have been named Zona. Rumor had it Duane also had a son - but not something he told me. The McNeil records also an have an erroneous birth date of 6-18-20 as it was 6-18-24. Since I am way off base I will even take a stab at why he chose Nov. 24th...he was born in the yr 1924 it was Nov. 25 1944 when he was sentenced and sent to McNeil. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  5. Duanes - supposed Army Record: March 31, 1943 to July 14, 1943 - did he get kicked out of the army or did they put him in a SPECIAL program.. Was he in prison - nope not until 1945. April of 1943 a specialized Training program was made available for those who did NOT fit....seemingly else where. This was Army Mountain Training Center and the 10th Mountain Division....don't get hung up here. There was prisoners there also! I finally figure this out - but, quiet by accident. I knew Duane had talked about this place and pointed out things about it - like he had been there, but I was unaware that prisoners were also housed there and co-mingled. A man Duane highly admired was stationed there - a man he spoke of. I knew little of Weber's background. I now believe Duane knew this man thru his Great Aunt in Canada who was Swedish. I have some place a picture of her and of her grave...evidently Duane went to Canada - Montreal or where-ever. I will have to find that picture and of her and the grave stone... since it was something Duane had - I think it is the key to the past & to his connections. This part is very confusing....was Duane military, questionable or a renegade from March 31, 1943 to July 14, 1943...problem is they only mentioned 2 month at Camp Siebert - did he get sent to Colorado in May & was he in Colorado in a form of encarceration until his official release in July....or did he remain encarcerated they until the next date he show up on. Some how in all of this is the Columbia encarceration at a boys school, from which he seemingly escaped - even the governent could never prove where he was util he ended up in CA and got sent to Mc Neil...but he was on the run - they couldn't seem to tie him down.. Records seemly a shambles as he escaped - but where the hell was he. Hiding in Plain site or sitting in jail someplace else...he was young & they needed the labor - & from what I do know about Duane's past - I believe this is were he was. Can anyone find out the name of the man in the picture I will attach...I know it was made in CO and that one of the individuals was a young man who went to Operation Market Garden and was wounded - I knew this man's histor without even reading about him. Duane had told me about this man, but i would not realize that until I saw this photo...I do not know if the man on the left is Weber - but he sure looks like Weber did in photo close to that time...but he has on a uniform. I was thinking maybe it was during that time for the 2 months plus after he was sent out of Camp Siebert...if this man is him - he has on a uniform. I expect the wayward men there did more than labor...perhaps enticed to change their lives. I also believe that they man Duane went to see in Seattle may have been related to the man who became a hero and an accomplished person. Like Duane he was a swimmer - some how Duane and this man knew each other on a personal basis. Remember that the man Duane went to see in WA in 1979 was Swedish Aluana or Aluna or Alana - he worked in an office not far from the hotel we stayed in - it was supposedly in the same building that housed a News Paper or the guy worked for the New Paper in Seattle. Duane's past is convoluted & like a jigsaw puzzle. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  6. Do not know who said what - but below are quotes that will mean something very important in a few days. "Here's what I get hung up on; if a man is well-trained in the art of war/intelligence/black-ops/etc, why does he jump into the November night sky over the Pacific Northwest with the rain, cold, wind and uneven terrain in a suit and dress shoes? (I lived in Western Oregon as a kid and am familiar with the weather). This is hardly being prepared for the elements at 10,000 feet on a cold November night. Also, it seems like very poor preparation for a botched landing that could be off-course and place him in an uncompromising position." "Anyways, no one knows what he was wearing underneath. Even if it was nothing, let's not forget some people are trained in worse conditions than what DBC attempted. Soldiers / spies / counter intelligence guys etc. put up with far worse and a lot more danger, that to in hostile territories. Often at the face of certain death and no more motivation than an "Order". " Crime, on the other hand has motivation far more personal than that-PROFITS OR PERSONAL GAINS". ************************* ************************ OK you guys just set the whole thing up & you guys & I have NEVER spoke & we do not know each other & have never met. Case #1199879 Municipal Court, Akron, Ohio May 5, 1943. The Case of State of Ohio Planitiff, vs. Duane Weber Defendant, is set for trial in the municipal court - 8th floor Police Court for Thursday May 8, 1943. 1 o'clock P.M Courtney & Manes Plaintiff Underswood Defendatn. Walter Rice Clerk. Retain this for a while - because it is going to take several days for the package to open up....and to lead the blind to Cooper....but it is here & it was in the Weber files all along - (I gave copies of all of this to the FBI) someone missed it. Maybe I am not understanding it, but it will be a few days & then you will be asked to remember this posting. A letter regarding a marriage certificate is dated October 11, 1943 in the County of Monroe - Monroe, Michigan. Duane Weber to Daisy Schuller - July 23, 1943. Duane's brother made a perplexing note on the paper he sent to me. "Note the date of letter April 15, 1943 and the court appearance May 5, 1943 and the marriage July 23, 1943 in Monroe, Mich." In October his mother verified the marriage as the information was mailed to her....was this the mother of the only child Duane supposedly had? He told his friend he had both a son and a daughter....I was only aware of a daughter who was 9 yrs old the last tiime he saw her. "Note the date of letter April 15, 1943 and the court appearance May 5, 1943 and the marriage July 23, 1943 in Monroe, Mich." ;)Does that not sound ODD to some of you - Duane's brother was an engineer with Boeing & with a great deal of education. He did not understand the information he found in the files his mother kept & frankly I didn't either...thought the FBI would have some answers, but they didn't even know all of this...nor did they ever acknowledge it. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  7. !8E and Thousanthingy not going to try figure out which said what, but regarding some of the thoughts the 2 of you communicated...I would like to comment how the apply to Weber. "definitly had a hell of an IQ and some serious exposure (not just training and planning I guess).... they say a lifetime of happiness cannot teach you lessons that a few bad days can" That statement is so very true & remember having a high IQ does not mean being well educated... things get in the way - behavior problems, wars, family loosing their home to the depression...Duane's brother was a lot older than Duane. Duane was the baby. I believe his brother if my memory serves me was 13/15 yrs older...and his sister was 6 yrs older... Duane wanted to make his parents proud...he wanted to be a pilot. The first time Duane tried to enlist at the ripe old age of 15 he was rejected and his eyesite did not meet the airforce rule - so he manages to get himself in to the navy and then kicked out of the navy in a few months for striking a 90 day wonder who would not leave a young lady alone. In April of 1943 he writes a letter home from Camp Sibert... the penmanship is excellent and the subject matter Evidently he enclose a picture of himself in his army uniform - but I never saw it and it was not something that his brother had access to and his sister tried to send me things - but, her son controlled her life during the last aspect of it as she aged. A lot of the photos I never got to see. At least not the Army picture. Duane L. Weber 35608905 Co D- 2st CWS Tng. Regt Camp Siebert, Ala. I provided the FBI with that information in 1997 and yet they claimed on 2 occassions Duane was never in the late a 2000 the agent was making this claim - and he excused himself from the phone and called me back about 3 hrs later. After 3 yrs of claiming Duane was NOT in the ARMY they FBI ate their words... I guess they didn't know I had a letter mail from Camp Sibert....a flimsy claim of having one of the numbers wrong....Duh! the had the same information I did and supposedly more. Even when CARR came to the thread he tried claiming Duane was not in the ARMY didn't take a heart beat to get that straightened out. NOTE the date of the letter - April 15, 1943 this is very important to remember later on...because of a very long post I will be putting up in a few days... I just found something else in the file I had forgotten about. I HAVE TOLD IN THE PAST THAT DUANE WENT TO KS & NEBRASKA IN 1990 BEFORE HE WENT ON THE MACHINE OR RIGHT AFTER HE WENT ON THE MACHINE. I DID NOT KNOW I HAD PROOF UNTIL THIS MOMENT OR I HAVE STATED IT & FORGOT IT. HE WAS IN HUTCHINSON KS. ON MARCH 14 1990....THERE WAS A $2,438. CHARGE TO MY CREDIT CARD. FROM OLD MILL ANTIQUES. WHERE IS HUTCHINSON, KS. HIS EX WIFE HAD A SISTER WHO HAD AN ANTIQUE SHOP IN KS...I WONDER IF SHE OWNED THAT SHOP IN 1990...WONDER IF THE FBI EVER CHECKED THIS OUT? AT ANY RATE DUANE DISAPPEARED FOR 3 DAYS AROUND THAT TIME AND THERE WAS A ONE WAY FLIGHT TICKET CHARGED TO MY OTHER ACCOUNT FROM TALLAHASSEE TO NEBRASKA. Sorry guys I got off track....but the date of that letter is very important for you to remember and then remember this DUANE flies off of the map for 18 months or more only to surface again in CA. where his parent lived in 1943. The entire time he is in the Army his parents are fighting the system to get his bad conduct discharged from his Navy the hell - I just realized that the Army & the Navy seem at time stacked! Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  8. I do not read garbage & when I see how you twist things on the thread it makes me sick to my stomach... Where is Cossey's phone? When the person is not here to defend themselves you take vulgar & garish liberties....I expect you did that in your book! Anyone who knows the crime & how you treated everyone you interviewed...would not want to read your book. You think that all of that garbage will be history one day. Betcha didn't dare mention the DZ! What your readers need to know is how GROSS & VULGAR & demeaning you are on this thread. You would never repeat a review that would put you in your place. You have NEVER apologized for the crude things you said about Tina and her family in this thread, You are a CHILDISH BULLY who does not care who he hurts to get his way! Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  9. 2 front chutes and 2 chest packs that is not 4 chutes . The chest pack is just a back up in the event the main chute does not open. Asking for 2 sets would alert the athorities - he might be taking someone with him - this was to make sure the packs had NOT been tampered with. These jumpers can expain that better than I can - Bruce is not a jumper and there are only 4 or 5 real jumpers who actually post now and then to the thread. I get PM's from some of them - those who rarely post and some who never posted. Always wondered about the old gentleman who contacted when I first came to the DZ. He was not a well person & probably died all I had was is first name and his handle - would love to have met that man. There are several I really would like to meet before I go - but, that will just not happen unless they come to a jump in my area. Most no longer jump - because they are getting up in Richard Peterson who knew when it was time to stop doing PULLS. It must be a fascinating feeling to fly thru the air with NO WINGs (some jumpers do have wings now & they zoom around fast) but also knowing that before you get too close you can pull that cord. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  10. Bruce you spent 15 minutes with Himmelsbach & he ASKED you to leave. Doyou think for ONE moment I believe he said what you stated above. Mr. H and I had many many converations. There was a few confessions - but they were just guys boasting....and easy to rule out. Anyone who seemingly had information - was contacted. Specifically the only REAL Confession Mr. H knew of that could NOT immediately be disspelled was Weber's. Yes, there was always a few nuts out there, but Weber was the first person to say "I'm Dan Cooper". Most of the individuals were quickly ruled out - due to appearance and opportunity and having been know to lie to get attention. The one man who tried to reach me in 2001 was not confessing to the crime, but he knew who was...and he would not go to the FBI unless he could be granted immunity.... Yes, there was 1000's of individuals contacting the FBI claiming they knew who Cooper was...or that they themselve were Cooper - ONE specific on was in jail on West coast line when he claimed to be Cooper....You see I have all of these little stories I never told you guys. Your 15 minutes with Mr. H seems to grow and grow and grow with everything you post and now who is a liar. He told you there was 1000's of contact, but not that these indiviual were confessing to the crime. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  11. I am going to clarify one last time something for you fact chasers... Cossey told me he packed the chutes but they had not yet been returned to Hayden. So he arranged for the chutes to be taken to the airport...there was a slight mix up & the chute went to another location, but only briefly.... then picked up by a courier & taken to Sea Tac. Cossey NEVER in all of my conversations with him said he owned the chutes - just that he had the chutes & they had not been returned to the owner - Hayden. Cossey was who was contacted when the FBI needed the chutes....& they contacted other places also...Cossey's packed chute were the first one to get there & the ones used by the Skyjacker. Cossey as he aged may have felt he was entitled to claim the chutes since he packed them. There was a formal complaint filed & Hayden was paid for his chutes....this took several yrs because others had claimed they were Cossey's. Of course Cossey may have attempted to claim they were is chutes & this was only in time...perhaps just due to all of the notoriety of the was good for his business. Remember Cossey was a gambler & he took chances....and I am sure he bragged at one time the Chute were his - only meaning that he packed them. He was a gambler & he wasn't going to rock the boat...he was enjoying the RIDE! Hayden proved ownership & he was the one paid...but it took a long time. I had to go back to my notes of my conversations with both of them - but I had them....scribbles....taken over the phone. Hayden was very nice when I spoke to him & it took forever for him to get paid for the chutes. I suggest BRUCIE contact Hayden again and verify this...Bruce has been know to get his wires crossed on information. Different writers took what was said - completely out of context....Cossey was specific with me - he packed them and the owner was Hayden. He had just finished packing them & they were still in his possession...Cossey was a gambler & he figured he would get in on the action regarding the Chutes...I do NOT doubt for one moment that he probably was just bullshiting around when he claimed ownership of the chutes but....his only investment was the packing fee and the arrangements for the delivery to Sea Tac.... Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  12. Yes, I have both books - the AWARE book and the Tina book; (thought I made that very clear with the post I am repeating below). Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  13. What all have we resorted to LMAO! IF D.B.COOPER DIED BEFORE CONFESSING HIS CRIME...I WILL SERIOUSLY KILL HIM!! LOL! We have needed a little sense of humor on this thread for some time now. Colored contacts were in their infancy at that time and we discussed this for many months & debated it. 1971 - colored contact may have been used in the movies and by very very wealthy people but the ordinary citizen could not afford contacts - I tried my first ones in the early 80's and not a good least for me....forgot if they were hard or soft. I fell asleep with them in and woke up not being able to see - we had take me to the ER to get them out. First and last experience with contacts. Now my hand is not steady enough to use contacts - so wear a pair eye glasses that are out dated and falling apart...just not in the budget - but, it is on my have to do list. Infact looked at frames today...they make them so little no way will they get tri-focals in them and none of the frames were comfortable....what is an old lady to do? Found one pair that are a maybe at Eye Glass World, but later this week going elsewhere - there is no shopping close to me besides a Walmart & they had nothing to fit my old face and big ole nose....I wear tri-focals. Can't keep up with one pair much less a pair for driving and a pair for in the house....guess the answer to that is to keep the driving glasses on the dash. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  14. I typed a long post and it went POOF! Everytime I do this I have put a lot of effort into the post and it has real meaning so I do NOT know why such post conveniently go POOF. It is all in this thread about the Book, Tina the little girl in the book and the picture of the little girl. Too much pain to try to restructure the post I just did that went POOF! Seems like GOD just doesn't want the story told - especially when the story goes to Tina & that cook book & how it appeared in my home. I actually got to speak with the author of the book a yr before she died...she was living in FL & still had 2 copies of the book - only 3000 were published and distributed thru a church where Tina lived at the time of the crime. She was a remarkable woman & very very alert & well spoken for her age which I believe to be in her 90's. She was thrilled to talk about her book. The little girl's picture I scanned & it stuck to the scanner - I proceeded to attempt to put it back together the best I could. I did ask the author why she named the little Dutch girl Tina - & she said because she like the name. Someone once claimed that when the RIVER RATS did their thing a few yrs ago, a couple approached the FBI agent wanting to know what happened to their relative's books that were left on the plane as they were never returned...NOW that could simply have been something that Grey made up..I do not remember where the statement came from. I read that statement someplace in all of the accountings given of the river search by the group who went there a few yrs ago trying to reconstruct the money find. Grey saw the BOOKS as there was 2 of them - both from the same era. One connected to AWARE and OR & WA and the other one from a church in the area the crew came out of. ODD! I still have the books & will cherish them till the end of my life. Another occupant on the plane asked me if I thought maybe Tina used the books to entertain & interact with Cooper. I had no answer for that as that is what I have thought for yrs. One of the quotes in the book I believe guided Duane to become all he could be...and that book was his conscience & his guide thru out the rest of his life. That is what I believe & I have no proof these books were on that plane - other than the damage to one of the books. That book had water damage & there was markings on the back to indicate that end had been exposed to water damage. The markings (impression on the lower back side) appeared to be the same size as legal currency. This all fit the story Duane told me about a shed in WA or OR. Duane left me in THE DALLES for 5 & 1/2 hours one morning & when he got back he was soiled. He told me a woman he went to see ( a woman whose husband had died) asked him to move somethings in a shed where water had been leaking. This fits the money & it fits the damaged book....the other book was undamaged....but created & published by the wives of men of who worked with AWARE. AWARE built airstrips, communications system for private & military facilities...they built the VOR's. They constructed the towers....all of the things Duane was so knowledgable of. They cleared the land & built private strip for jumpers - such as 2 locations for one of the more prominent jumpers in WA. Duane knew all of these strips & all of these towers & the VOR & he pointed them out to me on our trip in 1979....I had little knowledge of Cooper at that time & Cooper was only mentioned jokingly one (1) time on that trip - our first day in WA & after that NOTHING else was said about Cooper. Yet, each & every place he took me seems to be significant regarding Cooper's/Weber's knowledge of the area. NOW do u understand why I will not give up until God calls me quality of life has become such that I live each day hoping beyond all hope that the truth will be known before I am called home. Recent conversations with a person of interest gave me a gift - not a tangible gift, but one that I needed to go forward I was assured that I was not alone in my beliefs regarding the bible. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  15. That was FUNNY! At least I can sign off with a laugh! Got a busy day tomorrow. By the way - "Cooper Jones" - I like that one! For personal reasons it was good chuckle for me. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  16. Why I believe GEORGER knows things & hides things. He very briefly put up an obit on this man - & took it down. He didn't know I knew this was the man Duane had spoke of - his name was an Indian name - the first name being Joaquim....not sure I spelled it right. ODD do you not think that Georger (JW) of all people knew who I was looking for & the man who attempted to contact me in 2001 thru Margie.... Later a wonderful man htis person contacted tried to help him get his story told & went to Himmelsbach on his behalf & attempted to get something done where he could not be prosecuted for coming forward with what he knew....the legal papers they filed actually exist. Himmelsbach would not talk about this but verified the story was true. Well, this story some of you know. The State of WA said they could not grant the man immunity & he would have to file with the USA government in WA. He just let it go - he knew he had cancer when he attempted to contact me in 2001.... A well, know sky jumper from the N.E. also knows this story as he was the one contacted by this man & the man did what he he had done for me. Writers like Bruce, Gray, Blevins & all of the othersnever made the grade regarding the depth of this story....I did because it was personal & not just a story to be told. I was married for 17 yrs to a man who confessed to the crime and had the knowledge and reasons - the things he tried so desperately to relate to me. Damn Dumb Bunny! Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  17. Gray KNEW better than to speak badly of me - he like another person who spent some time in my home - knows I have a lot of things never discussed....and I do not mean Sluggo. I have NOT contrived the story I have told & anyone who meets me or knows me knows I can tease (only in the written word), but actually cannot tell a lie....face to face. I read like an open book! Gray was at least courteous regarding my character...he made me sound like a prude - but, I know why he did that. I did not agree with some of the things he said about me - but, I read the book one time & that was it. I marked things as I read it in the event I had to discuss these things in the future. I LIKED the way he ended his book - he had NO choice, but to crawl into the hole with me. It was not his intended ending. He actually thought he could solve the case & earnestly put money & time into it...but all he did was run into rabbit holes that went NO WHERE. He just ended up running down one rabbit holes to so he ended the story in the hole with the Tomatoe cans....That ending was very appropriate. As for the man who supposedly contacted Grey on the end - I think that was PURE fiction, but I didn't care...if there was a thread of truth in his ending about the contact - then that just buys into a conspiracy story and leaves it open for ANOTHER book someday in the future when there is NO one to counter what he writes. There was NO russett sweater - but I do not know who first introduced a russett sweater other than a witness who claims he saw Cooper walking near the logging roads & contacted the FBI in 1971. That is a proven contact on my part and he claims the FBI never acknowledged it. His wife and other family members said it was true and that they all contacted the FBI about this...but outside of their accounting and what I told about their accounting I have no knowledge if the FBI really did contact them....I believe them because we have had a continued relationship since 2001. They both lived under the original proposed flight path as did others I interviewed...but, I do not sell my story - it is here only so that I have a voice & hopefully someday someone will realized what I have spent my life trying to tell. The story Duane told me is the only story that has ever made sense of the ground sitings and reports - but, I didn't know that for a long long time...I just repeated the stories I had been told. Most were perfect stranger when Margie Boule did her story.....the one contact I should have followed but neighter if NOR Margie thought it was solid....It was actually the most solid lead I had - but now he is deceased - died in 2004. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  18. 1943 and 1964 that was 71 and 51 it time for the GOVERNMENT to release the truths? If the do not there are those who will do their best to make AMERICA look bad. Fess up to the secrets NOW & spare yourself the disgrace. The secrets no longer need to be kept. We were promised several yrs ago the truths would be told - but the government only presented the things we already knew. All who had any sense at all knew Area 51, was not about aliens just government secrets....things that are common today - advancement of the electronics world & the fact the government actual stole the info off of one brilliant veteran...who was never given recognition. AWARE was very involved in the construction of the air strips and the towers. But that was only part of the secret. Secret CIA operations to train and arm Tibetan freedom fighter against the Chinese was called Intermountain Communications. The very place they trained at was the same place that was used for another special group in 1943. Individuals who did NOT fit the molded requirements such as vision and other health conditions - the US thought did NOT make a good Soldier. In 1964 approx another group trained there & they recuited some who had trained there in 1940's...but the mission was different this time...they needed individuals who would never be missed & who needed the money - one word for it was Fortune Hunters...they also knew they might not survive - they would just come up missing, like the father of the man whose daughter I befriended only to have a cheap shot taken for the information I had coveted for yrs. Ex-con were perfect for this mission. I was taught a vauable lesson - do not befriend ANYONE regardless of how sad their story is...protect yourself & have no heart ...I know where her father is buried, but she doesn't want to know...and I wasnt supposed to make the connections. Old women and technology and a telephone and persistence and lots of REAL friends over the yrs... Now the secrets are being revealed. It is no secret NOW. Duane Weber was part of the 1943/44 group in Colo and then again in 1964 with Air America. Why the hell do some of you think the files are still closed. WELL, due to technology and so many individuals willing to keep on searching for the truths - the secrets are No longer a secret and the longer the government keeps secrets the worse they look to others. The FBI and the CIA and or Government knows Duane Weber (or whatever name he was using) was there in 1943/44 and he was there in 1963/64. Families of ligitimate soldiers & warriors tell the stories about their family members & they post pictures they had NO idea after 71 yrs would open up a can of worms. A picture that put Weber someplace he was NOT supposed to be in 1943/44. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  19. During the war - silk was almost impossible to find...old wedding dresses were remade just so the bride could wear silk. My mother and father married in 1938. Too own a silk fan to use at church was a luxury during the war....I was only a baby, but I heard the stories told by my Aunts and my grandmother and great grandmother. In 1960 when I got married silk was an easy find - I should know - I got married in 1960 and so did some of my friends. I still have a silk war time fan my Great Aunt willed to me - I was named after their daughter who died at the age of 19....during the Flapper days. Her daughters room was the same as it was the day she died...I was not allowed to go there, but did slip in one day & got caught. I told my aunt I just wanted to know about she was like....she just didn't want me in that room. Their home was very luxurious for the day. When I spent the nights with them I had to sleep in the same bed with the two of them - they were very large individuals & was always afraid they would roll over on me. It was the only heated room in the winter besides the kitchen. As I got older I refused do go there...but still wanted to know about my name sake...My aunt and uncle were very closed mouth about her...but, I NEVER knew why. She was 19 when she died & I do not know what her ailment was. Her pictures looked very healty & very was always a secret and now there is no one to ask now that I would like to pass the story on down the road... So many of us have heard the stories of the past & we didn't write them down & now the history is lost. I think that is why this thread has been so valuable to me. I is my exploration of Cooper....and the man who told me he was Dan Cooper 9 days before he died. I do believe and know with all of my heart and soul that IF Duane Weber was NOT Cooper - he knew who was. I believe Duane Weber was actually Cooper or I would not have pursued this for 18 yrs. A picture recently found shows Weber at the age of 19/20 yrs. He is wearing a uniform and he is with 2 other individuals...and it was NOT Navy. If it was not Weber it was his twin. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  20. With what the FBI has on their emails IF they even read them - is a finding NO ONE ever expected. The information has been forwarded to all who matter & NO one in this thread. I will provide you guys a hint if U really want to know the answers as to who Cooper REALLY was. Hale, Colorado..... Pictures are very very important. I had researched this before yrs ago, but now there is something there I had never seen & only told about by Weber. U guys will recall that Weber was in Colorado & encarcerated....supposedly! 1960 to 1962 & formed a union with a woman in 1962 who he would divorce in 1972. Immediately after release he spends a few wks with his sister & introduced to another world by his brother-in-law. Do any of you have any idea where Weber was right after he was discharged from the Navy? Do any of you have any idea where Weber was from 1962 to 1964. Why did the FBI conceal this or where they ordered to ignore it? A man Duane knew was wounded & discharged New Yrs. 1945! A man Duane told me about - but, just figured it was just a story. Remember all of those PATCHES Duane had when he died - the ones I sold to a collector at a garage sale after Weber died? I am sure 377 remembers. 1943 there was some strange training going on in Colorado....guys who could not pass mustard because of their eye site or other problems - men who made good soldiers, because an organization came to their aid. A special camp for special people. Is there a picture of Weber in this camp? How could that be? In 1943 there were many misfits placed in to specialized traing - some not considered physically capable due to such minor things as vision. Is there a picture of Weber at this facility? He definitely knew one of the other men in the picture....because he told me about him, but I didn't know who he was referring to until recently. Was this the beginning of Weber's on again off again connections to another world? The authorities will be given a dead line to identify the man in the picture - then I go public trying to find out the name that man used...somewhere there must be a record. I already knew the story yrs & yrs ago and one I tried to tell, but with NO proof. The connections Weber made at this facility would involve him in other things in the 60's... I wondered why Duane spoke of these things but I was trying to connect so many dots - and a lot of what is now public was not public 10 yrs ago. Most of the men are deceased and family members are telling their story...this story I already knew because it was a story Weber told me. At one time I touched on this, but I did not have any physical proof or anything that could make a connection.... Afraid to say anymore in the event it will all go POOF! as so much had done that over the yrs... Bad timing for me - but, perhaps that is why it is only now being made available... I want to know MORE & I want to know why I was ignored regarding this - 18 yrs ago. Old pictures have a way being made public that should never have been, because family members didn't themselves know the significance of the old photos...they were just photos shared by the family as they tell the story about their deceased and picture not intended to be made public. Just a guy sending pictures home to his family.... Of course he had no way to know that one young man would use what he learned to commit a skyjacking in 1971. They after all had been accepted in to a program that allowed them to serve the country they loved. If there is one pic out there then there must be others & there must be records of some kind....there had to be names. We have no idea what name Weber may have been using. Surely the CIA or FBI can pull the names of all individuals involved - surely they did not destroy all of the old files. Now we have approx dates and NO reason for the Government to continue to deny deny deny. Perhaps because Weber was involved in other things after this approx 1943 thing. Remember he supposedly was not in McNeil & yet they used the McNeil prints per Ckret (Carr) & they still use the prints from 1945. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  21. I can never figure out who says what in that other place. Jerry Thomas and I have our differences but there was conversation with him and Mr. H back in the day. Jerry did find caves along the Washougal and I was also told about the cave by Duane. Maybe why Jerry went there. I do not remember if it was a satchel he found but yes he did find something...but, I just do not remember what it was. There were lots of article following JT's search and some of them I believe were posted on this thread...a 2 page spread about some suspects JT had also. Mr. H was the one who put me intouch with JT - but JT was every which way but right regarding the description I gave him and went on to say they did not exist...but when I was talking to JT on the phone - I did not know that JT was misleading me. I have often wondered why he said they did not exist...when I was out there in 2010 I found most of the places and they did exist...remember in 2010 I was behind the wheel of the car and following my memory of the trip I took with Duane. I made that trip to convince myself that I was WRONG, but I came home more convinced than ever... There was a bridge JT told me didn't exist and it was there - but, Duane did not mention Cooper except at one point. It was old memories with the GUYS.....places and things they did and people he knew. The Dalles will always stand out and somewhere in all of the old archives is a picture of Duane Weber or what ever name he was using...Duane told me with was with a man in the Fire Dept....that man was a family friend and Duane supposedly worked sweeping out a shoe story and washing dishes at the old Tavern. He talked about a woman who live there and that would be the woman he went to see leaving me along in The Dalles a motel for over 5 hr. I drove almost to the state line and then started the trip as I remembered it but spending lots of time in the areas...often back tracking. I found the grave yds and the area he took me to the Rocks and the bridge that NO one would ever forget. Now I forget the names but I remember what they looked like in 1979 and in 2010. I will never regret the money I spent for that - money I could use now that I need lost of assistance at time and could help to off set things....but I did it and I would do it again if I could.. I found were the store was and the motel where a woman who was related to the airport in the target zone the FBI investigated in 1971. He son was a jumper and he had or managed a motel...not too far from where she had a shop...and the gas pump across the street - the Biggs area. So many memories and they are fading, but I wrote about them in this thread.. Thing JT told me did not exist but they did exist. One would have to go back and find those posting - as memories of names and place are fading rapidly. Yes, there was talk the Plane flew over the Cames area and the airport on the OR side...but the FBI denies this - the same airport near an industrial area Duane took me to in 1979 and told me about some guys that used to jump in an airstrip and field. In fact I was so enticed by the area i stayed at a motel that was NOT there in 1979, but there in had all changed but I could still remember the things he pointed out to me and the road he pulled into and told me he used to know 3 guys who had a cabin on a river or creek down that way...I thought we were heading home...but he said to me "You want to go to Tahoe" and I asked if we could afford it and the told me "the company gave me a nice bonus". We went to Tahoe and I have told that story and the casinos but I won't repeat all of that...the names of place I am forgetting, but the memories of the places he showed me and where we stayed I can see those in my mind just no longer names of hotels & other details. Time and my health is taking its toll on the things I have told over the yrs in this thread...but I regret none of it and I want so badly to go back, but realize that will never happen..... JT is supposedly a college graduate, but with his spelling - I never got it....I do know there are those who cannot spell or use proper grammar and yet made Straight A's is how their mind works - taking the time to get things straight when you are writing them doesn't seem important - just the story itself. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  22. I wasn't going to post until I read your post - I just had to response to that one Not much here in the way of solid information anymore. Getting rather boring and repetitive. I have been having some very interesting conversations with others who do not post on this thread. ODD that one individual who has never read this thread made the same assumption I did about a couple of books Duane place in my cupboard in 1990...and then seemed upset I was using the books. Wondered if that was HOW Tina entertained or distracted Cooper....I was shocked this person made that statement & yet this was only the second time I ever had a conversation with this person & maybe only 3 minutes of the conversation was about Cooper. Was a little difficult to contain myself, considering the person never reads any article or book on Cooper. A casual mention of the content in one of the books led this person to make this comment OUT of the Blue. Was difficult to contain myself and not talk about Cooper. Perhaps GOD had a hand in this! Perhaps GOD has a plan for my life! Perhaps GOD is leading me now! I REALLY do believe this. Those who perpetuate fiction perhaps need to go back in time & find the real hero of 1971. Hopefully God will let the world know before my time comes that what I have said is true. I was with Weber for 18 yrs & the FBI spent about 2 month investigating his old files & talking to a couple of friends Weber had while we were married. They didn't inteview individuals he spent time with in Jefferson & Canon. BIG OLE mistake. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  23. MY LAST CONVERSATION WITH COSSEY. He & his wife were no longer living together...the last time we spoke. I do not remember how many conversations we had over the yrs & he was only home a couple of the times. One not long before I learned he was killed. He was at home the last time we spoke...I had called him about something I thought he should know about. That last time I spoke to him it was only briefly - he had his phone, but had left his keys on the counter...I had called him to tell him something important. He thought he heard something. That was the last time I spoke to him. I will alway remember him with fondness. It was not too long after that call I learned he had been killed. Like the authorities I do not believe Cossey's death was intentional. I do NOT think that Cossey was a careless person - who would have left his house unlocked. I wish I had records of my phone calls but with the unlimited I do not...then I would know the last time he & I spoke. It was after Bruce interviewed the other guy. Maybe I was the last person to talk to Cossey before he died....I don't know but it was not long before I found he had been murdered. FACT or FICTION! Someone knows! Remember I was spooked because about a wk or so later a car unknown to me was coming down my street in the early morning hours...about 1 or 2 am. Large older white car...either a Caddy or Lincoln. I contacted the Sheriff's office ...and the car never showed up again. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber
  25. Some where in history is a picture of James Earl Ray in New Orleans, Ala or Florida with a rifle in his hand. No one had to aid him in purchasing a hunting rifle...not in the 60's. You are aware that James Earl Ray was connected to the Man in New Orleans who had no hair (a ridiculous wig) no eyebrows ( he used homemade ones) & he experimented with MICE in his home....forgot his name & would not know where to look for it. That man & James Earl Ray & Duane Weber all knew each other before James Earl Ray went to prison & escaped. John Collins was in the same prison when Ray escaped..... Duane's lady friend talked about knowing Ray. The man who called a place Ray was working after he escape was named Collins. I do not know what name Ray was using after he escaped. Duane and his lady friend & a couple of kids spent 2 wks with with the no hair man until Duane & his wife could find a job after they fled Colorado in 1968 after the FBI or came looking for him.... Duane (John Collins) had been released from Jefferson and was working in Co when they came looking for him. Hell, All it took was the mention of James Earl Ray to get me off in to the deep again. Forget somethings - but haven't forgot that YET! Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 2013, 2014, 2015 by Jo Weber