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  1. I have all 7 of their songs on a cassette here somewhere..Quote
  2. Um no.... I really have show chickens. Silkies. Have little powder puffs on their butts and looks like they have top hats on. They cost money. So if the varmits try to eat them they have to be eliminated. The 3 S law applies when you live in the country. Shoot Shovel and Shut up
  3. I like guns........period........and I can have as many as I can afford.......My guns shoot paper.....and what ever varmit tries to kill my show chickens.
  4. I work for the Postal Service....I fix stuff that people tear up! I'm thankful for people that tear shit up!
  5. I did the static line course. All day in the class i kept thinking "i don't have to jump" When it came time to jump i was put in the back (a place i am now fammiliar with) because of weight so i was last to go out.I was so scared that everything i was taught in the class went out of the plane with me. I let go of the plane and heard the air go out of me. Then i looked up and saw an open canopy and thought HHHHHMMMMMMM I'm supposed to do something. Then i heard Kahn say in the radio "do a controlability check" then i was ok. I had a tough student progression in my opinion but i graduated in 14 jumps. there were days i went to the dz hoping that i wouldnt get to jump. I was so terrified,but i kept going back because i didnt want to not do something because i was scared. I'm glad i stuck with it
  6. i thought i heard on ET tuesday night that one of the cast of ncis had died.they showed a scene where denozo was playing a guitar from tuesdays show. anybody hear anything about this?
  7. check the website.i ordered a curious george ether is passed out laying beside a bottle of ether that has the cork out of it.
  8. or have frog legs for supper
  9. yeah we got ours built. been in about 7 months now.well we closed on it the 20th of soon as they got the wood floors down tammy (my wife) put up a christmas tree. so we did make it for or used means a lot in the price is nice however not to have to worry about anything though.although i have probably spent too much on a big michael parkes fan
  10. i thought he was a colored bull terrier.
  11. ghost rider by niel peart.(the drummer of the band rush).teenage daughter got killed in a auto accident on the way to college and a year and 10 days later his wife died of cancer.he took a bmw motorcycle on the road for 15 months and put 15 k on it on what he called the healing road.pretty heavy stuff.and i have a iris johansen book i'm reading too.
  12. Layton


    ok i'm gonna have to get in on this one.first off val has good wing.nuff said.i having ridden harleys for years switched to bmws.not to bash harley but the ones i had were junk.i have a little 1978 flat twin bmw that has 215,000 yes thats right 215,000 miles on it and it starts every time i put the key in taking it to lima ohio next month to the bmw international rally.that is 900 miles from my house and ya know what?i aint gonna do nothing to it before i leave except fill the tank with gas.a bunch of my buddies ride new harleys and i tell em.just as soon as this thing wears out i'm gonna buy a new harley.course i said that 12 years ago when i bought this thing.anymore though.if its got wheels on it.i like it.
  13. when ya throw em againgst the wall and they stick.seriously mom would tell me before i left the house to make sure i had on clean underwear in case i had a car wreck.i used to say well mom what if they was clean until i had the wreck?ive been in a hospital and have never been turned away because of not having on clean underwear.course i heard this all my life so when i went to the hospital i had on clean underwear.
  14. Layton

    who's the best?

    yes i plan on running pvc.that way if i have to change a wire i can just tie on to the old one.
  15. Layton

    who's the best?

    we are fixing to start building a new house.we want to wire in a home theatre system while the house is being framed.we have looked a bose systems a lot and were wondering who really makes the best system.