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  1. Guru312

    Cross-Keys files Chapter 11

    This is very sad to read. I've known John and a few of the instructors for many years. Good people and a wonderful old-time vibe to the place. I would really hate to see Crosskeys show up in Pat Moore's Lost Drop Zones Project any time soon. If anyone can get out the hole he's in, John can.
  2. Guru312

    Responces to a troll.

    Well, dang, Sparky, those posts are nothing compared to the nonsense happening in the DB Cooper thread!
  3. Guru312

    Mummied hand with ripcord

    From what I read in another thread in this SH&T forum I think the mummified hand belonged to DB Cooper.
  4. Guru312

    "Colorful Parachutes"

    Yes, but the jumper has an obvious belly wart and the main container is open. Is this some sort of test jump? What was the purpose of the pictures for PI?
  5. Jeesh, folks, if one of your pilots DRIVE a CAR to the reunion certainly you can. Unless I forget...I'll be there.
  6. Guru312


    I went through jump school at Bragg in 1960. We didn't sing that "funky, funky leg song." The term 'leg' is a put-down of non-airborne, for sure. The term comes from "straight leg" which describes the unbloused trousers worn by non-airborne troops. Airborne troops created the "pants in boot tops" which than made them non-straight. That's the history of 'straight leg' as I remember it. It doesn't explain why or how the airborne began doing that in the first place. Oddly, only MPs and airborne were permitted to do the 'pants leg' tuck thing into their boots. When I was in airborne troops took great pride in how their cap was worn. As you know, we ripped out the 'stiffening' material in the cap so we could push down the ridge. Gave us that cocky look. Which is kinda weird because we called the modified cap 'a cunt cap'. [No offense meant, politically correct ladies reading this.] As I understand it, all Army wear a beret now. When I was in only Special Forces were permitted a beret. I stoop in a review at Pope AFB when President Kennedy visited and decreed that SF troops could wear the beret 'legally'
  7. Guru312

    Adams Airpark Flemington NJ

    I have no knowledge of the operation other than having heard about it MANY years ago. Maybe 40. Interestingly, I Googled the airport and the only hit was this post of yours. I think that's sort of odd. I know the the operation existed and the airport existed. A mystery.
  8. I made my first five sport jumps static line from a helicopter in 1960 on Sicily DZ at Ft. Bragg, NC while a member of the XVIII Airborne SPC. What a total thrill to have no prop blast, no apparent forward airspeed and to make a small step sideways out into space. I can't take time to look for my logbook but I think the aircraft was a H-21. Banana shaped with two huge blades. Noisy as hell but very fun to jump.