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  1. What a wonderful out come!!! I'm so glad to read about the "damage" those nut jobs will be dealing with. I am VERY thrilled for your positive outcome. It has been a pleasure reading this thread...the best part being what I read today!! I was a DZO for five years beginning in the 1960s. My problems with DZ "neighbors" wasn't noise it was landing in someone's backyard during a cook out. Everyone was jumping modified military gear with hot canopies like a double L and 7 TU modifications. Putting students out so they could hit the dropzone was always a challenge. After moving five times we finally found a home. [Being a DZO is not easy.] Again...It's really great reading about a positive outcome for you guys...and our sport. I am thrilled for you!!! Guru312 I am not DB Cooper
  2. The only thing which annoys me more than whuffo questions is a group of skydivers highjacking a thread to argue semantics and grammar. Guru312 I am not DB Cooper
  3. As you can see from my time in the sport I've been around. My jump numbers reflect being a multiple-DZO, instructor and jump pilot. I don't have anything meaningful from a safety/training perspective to add to the discussion. But... I do want to comment on the over-all concern, thought and comments presented by everyone posting. You folks and your insightful comments underscore what a fantastic group of people parachute instructors really are. It is because of concerns like y'all voiced that our rather dangerous sport is as safe as it is. Frankly, in away, I kind of hope the person in question does read this thread. He will know--and maybe understand--how professional and dedicated total strangers feel about our sport...and him and his safety. Good job!!! Guru312 I am not DB Cooper
  4. A lot depends on the definition of notorious and famous... I had the pleasure of employing two women who flew at my drop zones who became famous and well-known in their own right. Millions of people saw the work of one, Peggy Davies, who wrote "PEPSI" a few thousand times in the sky all over the USA. See March 9 here: The other, Marsha Ivins, was an astronaut on five NASA space missions. See March 10 at the above URL as well as here: Two of the best pilots who I ever had the pleasure of jumping with. It was an honor to have them flying for me in the very early stages of their careers. Guru312 I am not DB Cooper
  5. +1 That's what I'm talking about... Guru312 I am not DB Cooper
  6. I think you are correct. More than two years ago, I again eliminated myself as a suspect when I wrote the article available at the below link . On topic profundity is a scarce commodity around here; whereas unintended humor and inanity is rampant. Guru312 I am not DB Cooper
  7. Excellent, Matt, you summed up this nonsense in one sentence. And... I am still not DB Cooper. Guru312 I am not DB Cooper
  8. In the words of the guy I got my riggers ticket from: "You want to make a small fortune in skydiving? Start out with a big one." All kidding aside, spend a whole bunch of time studying patents in the field using Google and the US Patent and Trademark Office website. Learn about the process of obtaining a patent and other intellectual property. Learn all the nuances of how to search on Google. Not just putting a few words into the search box. Study it! Google "steve snyder" and "Domina Jalbert". Search for their patents on the US PTO website. Study everything you can about all elements of the sport. Most important advice of all: "Don't allow your desire to "brag" about your latest invention or whizbang idea to destroy your potential intellectual property protection." In other words, study everything you can and keep your mouth shut about any ideas you come up with. Or...get your TI rating and invent when you aren't jumping. Good luck. You will need plenty of it. Guru312 I am not DB Cooper
  9. Holy crap, Bill, you are older than I am!! I thought I was holding up the geriatric tent. Your best bet is the Facebook reference because her name is unusual and the page found mentions skydiver friends. That sounds like a very good possibility. There can't be too many women with that name who know skydivers down under. Good luck in your search. Guru312 I am not DB Cooper
  10. This is very sad to read. I've known John and a few of the instructors for many years. Good people and a wonderful old-time vibe to the place. I would really hate to see Crosskeys show up in Pat Moore's Lost Drop Zones Project any time soon. If anyone can get out the hole he's in, John can. Guru312 I am not DB Cooper
  11. I owned a DZ in New Jersey during the time period 1969-1973 at the Woodbine Muni Airport in Woodbine, NJ. I don't remember the DZ in this question. Can some one tell me where it was...airport and town...and the period it was in operation? I flew for a number of DZs after getting out of the DZO business but this one is really a puzzle to me. Thanks! Bernie/Guru312 Guru312 I am not DB Cooper
  12. I went to the "New Jersey" section and was surprised to see the towns where two DZs that I owned were located. One entry is a typo. You have "Fiarton" which should be Fairton. When you wrote "...tell me anything about the DZ..." what kind of information are you looking for? How many words? Do you want pictures? Give us some guidelines regarding format. Maybe a page such as "Guidelines for Lost DZ Owners/Operators" would be helpful for you and for us. Great effort, Pat. Thanks. Guru312 I am not DB Cooper
  13. Technically not a skydiving patch but my favorite because it was such painful, hard, dusty, dirty work to get. AIRBORNE!! All the way! Guru312 I am not DB Cooper
  14. I want to congratulate Jay on a valiant attempt. I hope there is a next time. I also want to apologize to him and others reading about his attempt for interjecting my strange sense of humor into the thread. I should not have hijacked this thread for the possibility of a few chuckles. [ record is there for anyone who wants to break it.] Jay...I sincerely hope you give it another try. Guru312 I am not DB Cooper