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  1. Patron is my new favorite. Tres Generacions is good too. And 1800...
  2. Mariann's enless energy and positive attitude will be sorely missed around Skydive Dallas. She was always there with a hug and a sincere "how are you". SDD will miss you. I'll miss you Mariann.
  3. About 6. Woulda been more but that broken back kinda got in the way.
  4. OK, here's one of me getting 'sporty' during the AFF-I Cert Course last year.
  5. Not to start a dispute, lest this congratulatory post be moved to Speakers, but... 'Pit Bull' is not a Breed of dog per se, rather a collection of different breeds linked by their common past of 'bull baiting' and dog fighting. 'Pit Bulls' include American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers, American Bulldogs, Dogo Argentinos, and yes, the Bull Terrier. Straight from one of many web sites devoted to Bull Terriers: "In 1830, when combats between Bulldogs and bulls were at there height, lovers of this "sport" decided to create a dog that would attack even more agilely. By crossing the Bulldog with the Old English Terrier and adding a bit of Spanish Pointer blood, they came up with the Bull Terrier. However, Bull Terriers were not the most successful fighters."
  6. Congrats to Rufus, a 5-year old Bull Terrier for winning Best of Show at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Go Bulls!!
  7. Naaa, I think the TI did a great job. I woulda handled it the same way.
  8. Reasons your post got removed -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am posting this because a few people have gotten annoyed that their posts have been removed from this forum recently. I wanted to explain the things that may get your posts removed from this forum... Finally, this forum is to discuss ACTUAL INCIDENTS. It should not be used to discuss more general equipment issues, or the accuracy of the press, or the philosophy of risk, or training programs. Please take such discussions to the appropriate forums. Posts on such topics will either be moved or deleted without warning.
  9. Here's Jake (the Lab / Heeler) and Grace (the Pit).
  10. Hey Hey, Easy! I meant the cute ones. The Girl cute ones I mean! I mean unless the other ones are Really cute.. Wait, that didnt come out right either...
  11. QuoteIt's not the take your money, cursory training, take'em on a jump, pat em on the butt and show them the door. reply] But we "CAN" still pat em on the butt if we want to right..?
  12. Im a TM and AFF-I at SDD (sounds like im in the CIA...). I think we're quoting tandem's at $209. Might can get you the friend of a friend deal and cut a little off that. JC
  13. I know this is no help, but I wouldnt take a guy that big on a bet.
  14. We didnt 'Do' em, we just jumped with em...