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  1. very nice Bruce!!! when will you jump it? this weekend?? FW
  2. *exasperated* the meaning of my life just lately.. cleaning up after my new fucking dog that isnt quiet toilet trained!! argg!
  3. well i stand corrected.. well done JJ! your first bonfire! mm.. its hot baby..
  4. how many posts makes a lurker? (by definition)
  5. Yet, another lurker comes outta th'closet. and begs ta be shagged rotten. and the spankings.. o the spankings..
  6. i have a bad habit of killing threads.. *watches this one die*
  7. See admit it! We ARE meant to be together!!!! c`mere and spank me!!!! g i ALWAYS catch up with these threads when someone is about to deliver a spankin'. I love this place.
  8. its freezing over here. im tired of being cold, id rather be sweating and have my butt sticking to this chair rather than being frozen anyday! i need to head north for the winter..
  9. he he he awesome vid man! and wow i cant wait ot be jumping in warm weather.. its winter here in Oz and usually -14 degrees C at 14000ft.. brrr.. i love watching tandem vids, and watching their faces when they come down at the DZ and having a beer with them later, hearing the excitement! awesome stuff! if you loved it, definetly do your AFF, im doing AFF at the moment. As someone said, the difference between watching and driving.. the adrenaline is AMAZING! and as everyone said dont worry if people didnt talk to you much, they were probably busy and their minds were on the job at hand. Also, alot of tandems tend to go through DZs, and not many come back.. its just one of those things. When you book in for your AFF spend as much time as you can at the DZ, get yourself known and talk to people and ask questions. Most skydivers are more than happy to sit down and chat to a student, they ar epassionate about their sport and love it when someone shows keen inetrest.. but you gotta take the initiative and ask the questions and introduce yourself! Have fun, keep us posted when you start your AFF! FW
  10. he he he.. your on! coming to Oz anytime soon?
  11. Aussies call docs "quacks".. sorry should have explained that.. its just lingo and not a relfection on the doctors credentials. I call my HIV specialist "quack" and hes a highly respected specialist whom has worked worldwide in the sector for over 30 years... well *shrugs* i was just putting in my 2 cents as i know what its like to wait for critical test results, and the temptation to not wait and to start asking questions of people who are NOT handling your specific case. Ive been there and done it, and all i did was head fucked myself needlessly for a week or so. I personally would wait for the specialist opinion, rather than asking for assistance over the 'net. But its your tests, your health, so you do what you have to do. I hope it all goes well... stay strong.
  12. because, silly, we're stupid Americans! why do we do half the things we do??? well you said it.. considering you complicate CAKE.. one of the SIMPLEST things on the planet hmm.. stupid americans vs silly aussies.. shall we take this SC? o im kidding. anyway, im fucking off home for the day, enjoy your cake and eat it too. FW
  13. hmm.. yummy. but WHY do you guys have such weird ass names for cake? im sure we just call that "swiss roll"..
  14. hmm.. helpful.. thanks..
  15. you guys DONT know what a ho-ho or yankee doodle is? or your ignoring me because im an "uneducated snack cake" aussie?
  16. WHAT is a ho-ho? OR a yankee doodle?
  17. OMFG i havent heard of MOST of those.. what are the aussie equivalents.. ? cupckaes.. obvious.. snowballs yep we got them.. (and yep i agree YUCK) and fruit pies.. what the hell is a yankee/sunny doodle? a ho ho? crikey!
  18. i agree with you.. id never have my last name on the web, or my address, phone number, or even my email address. i use pics on the web.. i also use a webcam in chat, and no i dont want "stalkers"! ive been accused of giving away too much info in internet forums etc. but im not ashamed of who i am, or what ive been through. i ANM somewhat careful with whom and what i mention (some detail will never be posted!). Sharing for me is good therapy and i have met others who feel the same. and i have met some AMAZING and INSPIRING people by being open about things.. ive never had any of this come back to bite me, i cant really think of how it might.. i guess if anyone tried any funny stuff on me, id be the first to tell them to shove off. mm.. so to discuss.. what is too much? how has it come back to bite? just curious.. FW
  19. call him up.. have a chat. youll never know if you dont ask.. good luck! *hugs*
  20. well if the quack says that he isnt worried, and is happy to make you wait a week, id take that as a good sign. if it was serious, no doubt you would have been called in. im not sure what that means (what he told you), but id wait to speak to him. If you are having a really hard time of it, can you call the doctor? Just explain to him that its freaking you out a little.. if he cant see you he might be able to at least put you onto some support services.. someone you can talk to.. If you need to talk.. PM me anytime if your not comfortable doing os in a public forum. I cant decipher your results, but happy to listen. FW
  21. - smoking - beer - skydiving - i talk too much - pilots - i swear too much - jetskiing
  22. make sure that you make that perfectly clear to him then..
  23. mm.. its not right, but sounds about usual. the waiting sucks. i know its hard.. i routinely wait a week for my blood results every 3 months, and its such a huge mind-fuck.. but your better off to wait until you speak to your specialist. You dont want someone to look at the results and give a wrong diagnosis and have you freaking out for the rest of the week. all the best with it *big hugs* stay safe and stay strong...
  24. im not a man, but will offer my 2 cents anyways *shrugs* ive spent platonic and not so platonic nights with people in hotels/at their place etc.. i have no qualms about sharing sleeping space. the only way you will know for sure, and if it worries you as to wether it would be platonic or not, is to ask!
  25. err.. ask your doctor??? i wouldnt have anyone but my expert doctor decipher my tests results! (no offence Jaden)