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  1. Sometimes an artist greatest work is a new canvas!
  2. Thanks form all the prayers and possitive vibes. Fortunately, this is the 1st time to check this since returning from the PET scan. No results yet. I DO appreciate the all the feedback. Glad I missed the SC addition. Peace, Conway
  3. Well the"quack" is a well respected "gp" and when he saw the chest x-ray, he had a C-T scan scheduled for me before I even got back to my office that day for the next day. He also told me that he would't second guess what the specialist would recommend.
  4. He told me of fluid around the lung and some possible sists but not worried. Hence the week wait. Pulmonary mass. Rt chest pain.
  5. I only got the written results and an appointment to a pulmonary specialist next Monday. The results are Greek to me.
  6. You are missed. Even though we only met briefly in person, you left a mark on my heart. To a truly nice person, you are missed! Smile on sister, smile on! Conway
  7. I just got some CaT scan results back and would like them decifered.
  8. Very nice Paul, Did they ever come up with a reason for her death? Barb will be missed! Fly free my friend!
  9. I've sat down 3 times and before I could write anything down I just had to walk away. I only had the chance to meet Shannon at the '05 Dublin boogie but it was memorable. You couldn't help but smile. She will be truly missed by many and the sorrow will be painful for all. Shannon is now in a better place wishing all would smile for that and celebrate her life and not grieve here passing. It's very hard and we all deal with death in our own way. Look to the heavens and smile back at her to let her know that we will be ok. Know that she will still be with you in freefall watching out for each of you. Peace and blue skies Angel, see ya on the flip side. Conway
  10. Hi Michele, Long time! No I meant a MEAN pit bull that likes to EAT pussy!
  11. 6 weeks for rush service 8 std. Ordered April 14 and last I heard it would be ready June 1.
  12. I'm surprised that Chuck Norris is not one of the choices So Chris, What doe's Chuck Norris taste like? Walt do a Chuck Norris search-not a pussy! I think that's his way of saying that Chuck Norris is a pussy. Walt