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  1. OMG, did you see the specs for the door? 87X69. I think the Otter's door is 56x50. So, that means then... wow. You can have a hell of a lot of people hanging out there (if it doesn't stall that is)!
  2. My $0.02? I am a divorced dad of 3 kids. I have been jumping for all of their lives, and for me, it is a MAJOR part of my life. I have ensured that my children will be taken care of by either their mom, or by my family members. Why am I choosing to continue to jump? I have chosen to live, and live life to the fullest. I could choose to try to avoid risk to avoid death, but I have chosen to accept that something may one day happen, but to make sure that I live through the memories others hold. I am going to die one day. My job is to get my children ready for that day. Now, have I chosen that stance carefully. I have thought about it for years. I am at a point in my life where I am rejecting negative energy, and consciously choosing the responses to the stimuli that I am presented. My advice to you: Think carefully of the impact you want to have on others. Concentrate on that, and ensure it is the most positive as possible.
  3. Great compilation, and I am thinking that many of us have seen many, if not all of these before. My wonder about is how did you get the copyright for all of these? I know a few of them, are friends of mine, and I don't believe that they would have given permission, outside of their channels, for it to be copied :)
  4. Skydive South Sask conducts almost all of their student jumps via IAD, and we have been doing it for 20+ years.
  5. If I recall correctly, the concept of the patent, is to ensure that the individual/company that came up with the idea, can recoup their investment from the development of the idea. The reason that patents are not, usually, indefinitely, is so that advances can be put upon the original patents, and to encourage others to learn from, and build upon the original idea. If patents were indefinite, then innovation would be hampered. If you want to read more about patents, check out the wiki:
  6. IMHO a simple solution: have the money talk. Talk to the major sponsors like Subaru and tell them that the jumpers are not going to come next year due to the finger printing. The sponsor will support the jumpers at other locations.
  7. Kelly. Any thought to adding something like this to the Infinitys?
  8. If these are the gloves that I am thinking of, and according to the link, they are... they are supposed to be really good. Football receivers wear them up here for the last few games of the CFL season. Those receivers, I have not seen drop too many balls. With dexterity like that, I am thinking that they should work well for our sport.
  9. I hear the same thing... with my wife. I have made a compromise such that I am only out once a weekend. One day for me, one day for her. In addition, (knowing that I am whipped!) I take on as many chores during the week so that I can have some fun time. As for Summerfest, yep it was a blast. I am getting all my chits in order right now, sucking up as much as I can, so that I can go again next year.
  10. I am thinking of getting one of these, to have IN ADDITION to my other altimeters. I believe that it is a good addition in combination with other altimeters. How am I going to use it? When I am doing my coaching, for most of my dive, I just want to have a general reference of where I am at... hence it's green zone. When I need to start to do something, it is changing from green to red. This is very simple... and I don't have to interpret numbers as I am diving... just a yes/no green/red combination. To simply discount a tool because you don't understand it, and it doesn't fit your current model does not mean that it is a bad product. In the real world I am a Business Analyst. How I see this is that my "thought process model" may change slightly. Keep an open mind people. $119 is not that bad.
  11. I feel stupid. I saw some of the comments, and one stood out. "Hope you win the lawsuit." What is the background on this? Does IFly have a North American patent?
  12. Phil, South Sask is. From what I can see, it is just another communication tool.
  13. Sigh... Vader, that's not a long drive. I will be coming in from Regina... that's a 20 hour drive :)
  14. I have a visio on my wedge. What I did was I made a velcro sandwich, and sewed the visio mount to the sandwich. Then, I well... put the sandwich on around the top of the mount. It holds well, and allows for the relatively easy removal when I have to change the visio battery (which I have to do this weekend). I have also had a Galaxy alti on there, and again it had a plate that was held by screws on the inside of the wedge's triangle. IMHO, it was simple and secure.
  15. I have a wedge as well. Thinking about it, and seeing the other design... if for what ever reason I had an impact upon my chest, I would rather have the wedge collapse, and hopefully not break a rib vs. the metal AltiMount. At least that was my logic between the two.