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  1. GravityGirl

    How to Buy New Skydiving Gear

    I appreciate your perspective, but as a consumer of 21 years and a gear dealer for almost 20 years, I'm finding a lot of inaccuracies in this article. #1 Besides your instructors who watched you learn to skydive, most reputable dealers are a great source of unbiased knowledge. They are the ones who deal with various different pieces of equipment and match them to skydivers on a daily bases. They will be able to explain all the available options to you and help you navigate what is appropriate for you. (If we were in it for the money, we would not be in this industry, believe me) #2 is a bit shallow all the way around. Many new brands are developed by engineers that have been designing and manufacturing rigs since you were in diapers and have put in solid R & D. At the same time, many renowned manufacturers may have production or QC issues at any given time. Talk to someone who has been in the industry for a fair amount of time and deals regularly with multiple brands. They are the ones who can give you the inside info. #3 Try before you buy is not always an option for people who don't travel or jump at a mecca drop zone. But many of us offer extensive gear consultations and money back guarantees. #4 "Shop the large gear shops to compare their (often attractive) package offerings. Since they’re all assembling their deals from the same major-manufacturer components, you can feel perfectly confident purchasing the one with the lowest price." This is the some of the worst advise right here. SHOP LOCAL. Again, dealer margins are so low that competing with price is a pipe dream. Most reputable dealers will compete with service. Personal service. A full gear sale shouldn't be a click, point, purchase event. It should start with a full gear consultation with a qualified consultant. You should get the right gear at a fair price. If you find something online cheaper, bring that up to your local dealer. 9 out of 10 they will price match and you still get the hands on personal service. #5 "credit card charge that most dealers fold into to their baseline pricing" I don't know any dealers that do this. Some of us offer another 3% off our already low margins because that is what the credit card company charges us to run a credit card. Of course we would rather give our skydiving peers that 3% off rather than shell it out to the banks. #6 "Seasonal discounts" are not the norm in our industry either. They happen from time to time, but most of the major brands you advocate in #2 have consistent prices throughout the year. Just my 2 cents... worth what you paid for it ;)
  2. GravityGirl

    AHHH! So many options!

    Buy used. Good modern gear with a good resale value. That way when your needs change, you can sell it for very close to what you bought it for, then take them money and buy a "skinny" rig. LOL.
  3. GravityGirl


    Harness for 250 lbs. Container for 119 Main
  4. GravityGirl

    PD distributors

    What do you consider small?
  5. GravityGirl

    John Kelly, Jr - JP from Byron

    RIP John Kelly. I'm praying for your twins. I can't beleive this. But then again, I can..... I don't know what to say. Other than I'm so sorry. So very, very sorry. May you rest in peace my brother. Byron will truely have a void without.
  6. GravityGirl

    Argus missfiring

    Are you kidding? You smell like a troll.
  7. GravityGirl

    When does it make sense to buy your gear?

    Any time after your graduate to solo status is appropriate. It does vary from person to person and situation to situation. Keep a couple of things in mind. A custom built container can handle at lease one downsize on the main parachute. Some even two depending on the manufacturer and canopy choices. Secondly, when your time comes to downsize your container, it's not like you throw the container away and start from scratch. You can sell your container and use that money towards a new container. Your main objective should be to get good, modern sport gear with the appropriate sized parachutes for your current skill level. The harness should fit you well for both safety and comfort reasons. Depending on your budget, this could be all used gear, a combination of new and used components, or all new gear. Feel free to PM me if you have any more specific questions, or just post them here.
  8. GravityGirl

    Rig Financing - Revisited

    If I had the capital, I would love to be the bank. But most banks don't trust/understand the skydiving industry. It's high risk for the banks. The interest rates would not be attractive. Unlike a car or bike, it's pretty hard to track down a rig (for a bank), should one take a hike and bail on the payments.
  9. GravityGirl

    How to custom design on liquidsky?

    That would be with pen and ink. You design it on paper and fax it to them.
  10. GravityGirl

    skydive sandiego

    I jump there. Come on into the gear store when you get there and ask for Bonnie. I can show you around.
  11. GravityGirl

    Eclipse Manual

    Contact Pete Swan at the Parachute Center in Lodi, California. If that doesn't work contact Ray Farrell at Skydance Skydiving in California.
  12. GravityGirl


    Well. They don't pack the same. I've only compared the Smart 120 to the PD113 in actual flight. They were comperable. What is your background? How many jumps do you have? What elevation do you jump at? Have you ever flown a 7-cell F111 parachute?
  13. GravityGirl

    Gravity Girl Rocks!!! (again)

    You know. This has been a particularly tough week. You just put a huge smile on my face for the weekend. Thank you!
  14. GravityGirl

    Making a velcro rig free flyable??

    Just some food for thought. I PERSONALLY would rather jump a modern container with no AAD, than try to freefly in a container that was not designed for direct air flow... and has aged. I choose to jump an AAD because I think it prudent and I can afford it. But if I had to choose between freeflying in an unfit rig and jumping with an AAD, my choice is clear. In my mind, it is more likely to have a premature container opening; horseshoe malfunction; or premature reserve deployment at a high rate of speed, on an old container than it is likely to be knocked out in freefall. I have noticed that people will spend thousands of dollars on electronic devices that should be used as BACKUP, but they will look to save money on the container that is the actual life saving device. Besides my unsolicited opinion, RW does not support the tuck tab mod on the Vector IIs. You can get all new velcro, a bridle protector mod and stiffners in the flaps. But that will only take you so far. Acceptable if you are doing the occasional barral rolls, flips, etc. But if you want to Freefly or jump in a manner that has direct air flow on the container for the duration of the skydive, you should get a modern container. Just my opinion. Worth what you paid for it.!
  15. GravityGirl

    It's down to two, now I need to make a decision

    The second one is priced appropriately. It's a fair deal. The first one looks like a scam to me, honestly. The cost of the container alone is over his asking price for a rig, reserve and main. If you go there, definately ask for a mediator. The seller has no profile filled out. It doesn't look right.