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  1. hm :) you're not the first one to say that, but I never thought of the air inlet in THAT way before :) thanks for the idea :)
  2. up! :) it's friday today!!!!! :)
  3. AveE

    Another Big Wing

    "use your force google, Luke :)" (c) Yoda http://www.egwingsuits.com/images/f.JPG http://www.egwingsuits.com/images/f2.JPG http://www.egwingsuits.com/images/f3.JPG
  4. AveE

    Katana with Wingsuit

    I did quite the same thing switched from my x-fire2 115 to sabre2 120 after three hair rising cutaway-reserve rides within 50 w/s jumps
  5. AveE

    New video: Norway Terrain flying 2007

    the last exit was just unbelievable.... watching it over and over again...
  6. AveE

    Messages from Cochstedt

    you mean using word like Hauptfallschirmdrittpersonfremdpackenverbot in a common language?:)
  7. AveE

    High Alt. wing suit

    hm. you should try diving equipment. http://www.spareair.com/product/images_prod/regulator2.jpg http://www.spareair.com/product/models.htm
  8. AveE

    Best Glide Ratio

    slower, but stable as a rock while gripping :) nice flocking suit that works good on slower flocking speeds :) we got one at our dz now (thanks to Robi) :)
  9. AveE

    Greetings from Stupino!

    sunny, warm :) medium winds. 3-7 m/s (on the ground, not sure about the winds at the altitude) trackingderby and gps flight logging are not that popular in russia. And the trackingderby was used this time to summarize and store the data of the competition. So you can see all the competitors there
  10. AveE

    GPS - Garmin Forerunner 305

    had a frunner 205. sold it to get the trex...
  11. AveE

    Skyflyer 3 as a first suit.

    oh shit.... hope THAT was intentional
  12. AveE

    Recommendations on GPS Device

    what about forerunner-205? I got one, but still not sure if it will work correctly it records all the data in laps, and I cant find the way to take the info out of it in a plain text forman
  13. hmmm. I had a cutaway last summer, Vampire with a Status container. my main was spinning, so I just unzipped my wings and tried to stop it. everything worked just fine
  14. AveE

    New wingsuit manufacturer

    not quite sure about the pictures, but... sounds nice :)