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  1. Usetawuz

    Tony Brogdon RIP

    That is very sad news! Fly free, Tony. RIP
  2. Usetawuz


    Ft. Drum could/should be a good draw for customers/jumpers. The Winter weather may be a bit restrictive. Gets awfully cold and snowy as I recall. Good luck, all DZs are a welcome addition.
  3. Usetawuz

    North Island sport parachute club

    Yes, it was common!
  4. Usetawuz

    Stu Cav

    RIP Stu.
  5. Usetawuz

    Bobby "Spider" Wrenn

    Almost speechless, this is so hard to believe. We've lost a legend, a friend, a leader. Spider was such an influence to so many of us "Old Timers". You'll be missed, old friend. Heart felt condolences to Nancy and the family. Rest easy Spider.
  6. Usetawuz

    Jay Sweeney

    Blue skies, fly free Jay.
  7. Usetawuz

    Pea gravel

    Okay, I'll play: I think Maytown PA had the best 'pea gravel pit' in the country. Just hitting the 'peas' was reason for celebration! By the way, were you equipped with a "gravel ban"?
  8. Usetawuz

    Mile high

    Certainly not the amount of activity you have at Eloy but it should be enjoyable. Be aware of the field elevation!
  9. Usetawuz

    Bill Jolly -- D-26

    Sad news. R.I.P. Bill.
  10. Usetawuz

    Jumping at Casa Grande

    Corky that is you in the background, for sure. Most likely, as you said, taken at Ft. Carson "back in the day". It has been a long time. Hope you're well
  11. Usetawuz

    Jumping at Casa Grande

    Longtall - I belive you're thinking of Doug Iverson.
  12. Usetawuz

    Jumping at Casa Grande

    Hi Jerry Tom Phillips had very very thick glasses to say the least! ----Frank H
  13. Usetawuz

    Jumping at Casa Grande

    I remember Tom Phillips. He was working as a rigger at the Air Force Academy at the time he went in at Casa Grande. I think a bunch of us had gone down for Thanksgiving weekend. I just ran across a couple pictures of him 2 days ago (don't know where I put them though).
  14. Usetawuz

    PC over Antioch

    HW - It has been many, many years but I do think I remember the 'rolling hills' -three of them? - across the road from the DZ or airport.
  15. Usetawuz

    Oldie but Goodie

    Hi- Check out Skydiving History & Trivia. It'll bring back memories, I'm sure! Blue Skies Ooops, I see you've there, done that. Sorry.