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  1. Patrick Dodgin of Jupiter, FL died Saturday, December 26th in a dune buggy accident in San Bernandino County, CA where he was vacationing with his wife, Amy. Amy was not in the vehicle with him. Patrick was a world class jumper, pilot, load organizer, instructor, tandem master, DZO and friend. Blue Skies.
  2. On December 11th the Florida Supreme Court ruled that a parent may not legally bind a minor by executing a pre-injury release for a commercial activity. So even if the parents sign a release on behalf of their child, the child can still sue. The action arose out of a minor's death at an ATV track but the ruling would certainly apply to any commercial activity in which a minor could be injured or killed. The decision raises a lot of questions: does it apply to school related sports and activities will the state legislature respond? The Supreme Court saw it is a balancing of parents' rights against the state's right to protect children. The decision resolves a conflict in decisions by lower courts around the state. If you are interested in reading the whole opinion it is reported at Kirton v. Fields, 33 Fla.L.Weekly S939 (Fla. December 11, 2008). "I have magic buttons ;)." skymama
  3. Sorry Airtwardo, we don't accept give backs. Just a minute.... "HEY SKYMAMA-SAN, LET THAT CABANABOY GO AND GET BACK IN HERE!" Sorry, Airtwardo, where were we again? "I have magic buttons ;)." skymama
  4. Skymama, my agents have been instructed to whisk you away immediately to my island dropzone where you will be my island queen and hereafter you will be known as skymama-san! I'm not giving all my new fortune away, you know. Wikipedia states: "A mama-san, or mamasan, is a woman who works in a supervisory role in certain establishments in East Asia, typically those related to sex work, but sometimes in drinking places as well." "I have magic buttons ;)." skymama
  5. Ok, I've made a decision what to do with my new found money. First to those of you who criticized my keeping it and then PM'd me asking for loans, new rigs and drug money shame on you. You know who you are. So here is my plan. I have decided to hire random skydivers and send them around to dropzones disguised as newbies. If you welcome them with open arms, treat them as friends and make their visit to your dropzone as enjoyable as possible they have been instructed to reward you with a new altimeter, jumpsuit, rig, heck even a new jump plane (depending on how nice to them you and your DZ are). The catch is, you wont know if that new face at your DZ is one of my agents until they are finished jumping for the day. So be nice to all new skydivers, don't shun them - welcome them and treat them like friends. It is in your own best interest. Now, just to let them know you are in on this project, when that new skydiver arrives at your DZ looking nervous and unsure walk up to him or her, give them a big welcoming smile, a big warm hug and whisper into their ear the secret word "monkeypants." Its that easy. "I have magic buttons ;)." skymama
  6. I am a lawyer in a small two person firm. An elderly client recently came to me and deposited her life's fortune in my trust account until we could decide how to split it up between her disabled daughter and her daughter who works in a missionary for Peruvian earthquake victims. Without divulging attorney client privileged information, its a 7 digit sum. Unfortunately, she died unexpectedly before giving me final directions on what to do with the money. My ethical question is: Do I have to share my new fortune with my partner? Decision posted below, thanks for input. "I have magic buttons ;)." skymama
  7. Yin and Yang, its what kittens do. See what you've done, you've gotten me on here again! "I have magic buttons ;)." skymama
  8. I'm going but I'm flying into Reno and trying to catch a ride from there. Stop by BurningSky Camp if you get there. Blues. "I have magic buttons ;)." skymama
  9. Could be Skydive Palatka. "I have magic buttons ;)." skymama
  10. Mr. Reight Bein Vien er Schnitzel!!! Will you be back by then? "I have magic buttons ;)." skymama
  11. Peter, you're not that old and . . . Well, you're not that fat anyway. Oh, you meant the cat! "I have magic buttons ;)." skymama
  12. Its old and now I know its a repost of a repost but I had never seen it before so there may be others of you who haven't seen it either. "I have magic buttons ;)." skymama
  13. mdwhalen

    point breek

    I know he had an A license because his number was one before or one after mine, I don't remember which. Never saw that he received any other licenses though. "I have magic buttons ;)." skymama
  14. That's how I read it! "I have magic buttons ;)." skymama
  15. I just read an interesting article on skydiving that reports that "the National Security Council reports a fatality only once for every 110,000 jumps making skydiving 17 times safer than being in a fatal car accident" Sure makes me feel better. I didn't even know that Condoleezza Rice was keeping track of our sport. "I have magic buttons ;)." skymama