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  1. We have logged 135 km/h (83 mph) under one/two PD Storm 120 in a downplane formation with two official ISSA Speedmeters. Never tryed this under my 90 though:-)
  2. We are using our sliders collapsed on our Storms for CF jumps. Openings are quick and nice but never go terminal with it. If you do not have a rig exclusively used for hop n pops, I would not experiment with such things. A spontanious "Hey guy, come on with us for a little FF!?" may badly kick you on the opening...
  3. Hi Stian, Do I read this correct or is it not allowed to fly any canopy smaller than 89 sqft. in Norway and I (85kg exitweight) could not fly something less than 104 sqft.? Or do you just go to the chefinstructor of the DZ and ask him if you can jump your small canopy? Ciao Roman
  4. Hi We are using Storms 120 for CRW at about 1.6 lbs/sqft. As we are passionated swoopers as well we could not resist to hit the lake close to the DZ with the storms. We also do 270° teamswoops. It seriously got some potential, thanks to its strong dive. The Storm is not a Velo but I consider it the best overall canopy ever, and very suitable for getting into swooping and still keep doors open for all other disciplines. Ciao Rome
  5. Looks like these guys just hang in their canopy backwards. With a 220 cloud I would risk landing like this, hanging under my storm @ 1.6 I would not. But the idea is cool for sure. We are planing to play with 3 canopy rig anyway;-) Correct me if I am wrong and there is another thing to do BCRW. Rome
  6. I tested storms from 150 to 120 sqft (wl 1.25- 1.6) under several windconditions through the last season. Finally I got me a 120 with CF kit over the winter and flew it when ever I didn´t go for swooping only. Independent of the size it has an increddible speedrange. the lift on rear risers is verry strong, what comes in handy when docking from below. I tried it heavily in any kind of landings from quite deep brakes for the accuracy zone as well as swooping it down the swoopingcourse in downwind. Loaded 1.3 and higher I was surprised by the dive and especially over 1.5 there is serious power on the rearrisers after a good turn. openings were not alway perfect on heading but never a problem at all. When buying it with CF-kit (600 Dacron lineset) remember that it will pack about one size bigger. All in all it is the perfect allround canopy for me. If you are not dedicated to swooping it will offer more than you will probably use... top openings, wide speedrange, CRW- fun, good for wingsuit...
  7. Same with me, got about 900 jumps on different size Katanas (107 and 97) and had not one hard opening and only once a spinning mal. Never try to correct the canopy during opening by pulling the risers or so, makes it only go bad. Just let it go for a little off heading, you don`t use it for base jumping!? Love to fly it, fits my flying way better than the crossfire. No comments on neos, that I will be testing this season on a festival...
  8. We did our second Mr. Bill on a 120 Bladerunner (like Stiletto) this weekend. It ie equipped with 300 dacron lines. After I pulled right away, the handdeploy did not pull the pin immediately, so we had like 3-4 seconds delay. More than the lines could take obviously: 3 lines snapped on opening, we were hold on and released after a few more seconds. Nice ride for me though, since kept on with the chute for about 10.000 ft to cut away low. didn´t want it to be gone with the wind:-) Still worth it all...
  9. Thank you much, especially for the grommet advice. Rigged it up like that and it works great. We had some nice jumps yesterday. Rome
  10. Hi The bridlesystem is just like that on the lightnings. Come on guys you know how it works;-) Thank you in advance, Rome
  11. Hi guys I just got my new Storm with CF Option. Retractable bridle but no tail pocket. How do I attach the pilotchute? Just put the d-bag on the red line and than knot the pilotchute directly on the red line with no other bridle? Thanx a lot Rome
  12. Hi again, As we are planing to order storm CFs for our intermediate CReW team we wonder how to choose the right size for anyone. We have 3 different weight jumpers: 240,200,185 lbs Planing to jump Storm CF 107,120, 135 or 150. Resulting in following wingloads: 107 120 135 150 sqft xxx 2.00 1.78 1.60 lbs/sqft (240 lbs guy) xxx 1.67 1.49 1.34 lbs/sqft (200 lbs guys) 1.73 1.54 1.37 1.23 lbs/sqft (185 lbs guy) Should the smaller canopies be loaded little less? Bold written combination would be like that (if medium guy takes 8 lbs extra weight he has 1.55). What about the line length difference between different size canopies, it is about 5-6 inch per size. Can this be equalized by different riserlength, at least for a bit? How do you handle that? We noticed that this becomes important for things like starting a downplane, where the canopies are right in front of each other. We would appreciate any help with getting the right choice of canopies for our team as it is quite impossible to get storm CF demos over here in Germany. Thank you in advance Morris, Bruno, Roman, Alex
  13. Hi We are just planing to order a set of new CF canopies. Canopies would be 135 and 150 sqft and should be used for terminals from time to time. We already tested the standard Storm. Has anyone tried both, standard and CF Storm? What are the differences? I am mainly interested in flightcharacteristics, not in technical details (got that info from PD already: linetrim...) Any arguments for or against one of them, standard Storm would be with CF options? Thanx Roman
  14. Hello My CReW Team was trying out some "crazy" things for fun and show, where one is performing a cutaway out of the formation. How can we have a 2nd main with cutaway? I have seen some "through out" systems just hold in front of your belly in videos, but I don`t know how exactly it is made. My rigger never did something like this so we would be happy for any input/photos from an experianced rigger. Thanx a lot... Rome
  15. Try to get to know your canopy in any possible situation and flightmode. I dont say talk to local coach, I have heard a lot of crap from local heros. So find the right guy. Read this book: Brian Germain's Parachute and its Pilot