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  1. NeverTooLow

    PD Storm swooping

    Hi We are using Storms 120 for CRW at about 1.6 lbs/sqft. As we are passionated swoopers as well we could not resist to hit the lake close to the DZ with the storms. We also do 270° teamswoops. It seriously got some potential, thanks to its strong dive. The Storm is not a Velo but I consider it the best overall canopy ever, and very suitable for getting into swooping and still keep doors open for all other disciplines. Ciao Rome
  2. NeverTooLow

    Getting into BCRW

    Looks like these guys just hang in their canopy backwards. With a 220 cloud I would risk landing like this, hanging under my storm @ 1.6 I would not. But the idea is cool for sure. We are planing to play with 3 canopy rig anyway;-) Correct me if I am wrong and there is another thing to do BCRW. Rome
  3. NeverTooLow


    I tested storms from 150 to 120 sqft (wl 1.25- 1.6) under several windconditions through the last season. Finally I got me a 120 with CF kit over the winter and flew it when ever I didn´t go for swooping only. Independent of the size it has an increddible speedrange. the lift on rear risers is verry strong, what comes in handy when docking from below. I tried it heavily in any kind of landings from quite deep brakes for the accuracy zone as well as swooping it down the swoopingcourse in downwind. Loaded 1.3 and higher I was surprised by the dive and especially over 1.5 there is serious power on the rearrisers after a good turn. openings were not alway perfect on heading but never a problem at all. When buying it with CF-kit (600 Dacron lineset) remember that it will pack about one size bigger. All in all it is the perfect allround canopy for me. If you are not dedicated to swooping it will offer more than you will probably use... top openings, wide speedrange, CRW- fun, good for wingsuit...
  4. NeverTooLow

    Pilot chute attachment on retractable bridle

    Hi The bridlesystem is just like that on the lightnings. Come on guys you know how it works;-) Thank you in advance, Rome
  5. NeverTooLow

    Fun Possibilities Under a Canopy.

    Try to get to know your canopy in any possible situation and flightmode. I dont say talk to local coach, I have heard a lot of crap from local heros. So find the right guy. Read this book: Brian Germain's Parachute and its Pilot
  6. NeverTooLow

    PST Freestlye X Event Video

    Thanx mate great stuff for a bad weather morning like this one.
  7. NeverTooLow

    just me