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  1. I love my Ninja, very stable natural flight. =) The suit is agile and speedy if you want. Great for aerobatics and flocking or burn through the sky. The product quality of the suit is great. You can see and feel it. Finally the Ninja is a great wingsuit and worth his price.
  2. I don´t know which fat lines you mean ? I see HMA lines and the stearing lines are fat for longer life time.
  3. By 9 minutes you can see Tony´s 111sqft JFX.
  4. you also fly the world's largest crossbraced canopy! Maybe, maybe not But the JFX is such a nice canopy. He has the nice consistent opening characteristics of a 7 Cell. Even a line twist is no worry. He can bring you home from a long spot and can fly hassle free, also you have snapy elliptical fun and can fly him very fast if you want. The flare is very powerful for a nice gentlest touchdown or a nice blazing swoopy landing.
  5. Hi, I use a Wings with wingsuit mod and still love it.
  6. For what the Vampire is made speed and distance
  7. Hello at all, I ask me about the difference in performance between the Vampire 3 and the V4. Optical there is more surface but is the performance increase so much higher that it´s worth it to buy a new V4 or it is marginally and better to stay by the V3 ? Thanks for help
  8. I haven't flown a Xaos but I love the way my JFX flys and the soft openings always on heading.
  9. Venom1986


    At first the packing is very easy no problem with that ZP Material, unlike other new ZP canopies. The openings are perfect soft and one heading no problem, like my seven cell wingsuit canopy he will displace him :) I love the flight feel of the JFX. He can bring you home from a long spot and can fly flat and slow great for tight landing areas and has still enough power for a gentles touchdown. Also he can dive fast from the sky like a concrete block and is very body sensitive makes fast turns. Fuck Yeah !!! Thanks NZ Aerosports great work :)
  10. My Exitweight is 184 lbs (84 Kg). Wingload is 1,25 and i´ve a storm 150.
  11. Hello, i´ve a little question about the thick of the lines ? How i can calculate the required thick for my body ?
  12. first time a little bit tricky But than easy