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  1. I had bought a 1st gen venom second hand, it fits pretty well it might be a hair too tall(can still get fabric tight)... 200+ jumps on my r bird (my everyday flier) and a 100 or so split between an s bird and x bird... When I fly the venom it feels very loose (handling wise). It seems like the suit constantly wants to rotate on me. I'm covering a lot more distance compared to the r bird, while maintaining similar fall rates (longer for venom). Think I'm flying it to slow forward ? Suit length affecting me ? Any tips ?
  2. Some friends wanted to see one and the best way I knew to get into one is repeat the mistakes I made while learning barrel rolls, which was to keep the leg wing open as I twisted for the roll .... I'll change the name to "intentionally putting myself into a non controllable orbit and recovering" ... Or maybe "recover from an unwanted position" ... But that sounds dirty
  3. i never had much luck with the collapsed wings deep arch by itself i prefer to kill the wings by balling up, stop the spin, then arch to get back to belly to earth... done it a bunch of times with my rbird but thats not a huge suit, trying to not flat spin the venom video showing my friend a flat spin and recovery www.youtube.com/watch?v=stKOwHBSVwM
  4. Randy and I were thinking about going down there for a halo jump, should see if we can time it when you are there and break another record lol
  5. yea im a screamer lol video from it all http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjhNtzLdwLY&hd=1
  6. don't you remember when they glued them together ? my rbird has not done damage to my mirage or my icon ... if that helps you
  7. wish i could man i just got back from a base trip, my funds are um low .. lol :) thanks for the offer though .. any tips ? suggestions ? should i use my intro instead of my rbird or just quit crying and try the jump lol
  8. when i went to the rbird i did it from an intro and for the first 10 jumps i felt very unstable and it also felt like it wanted to do a diving turn first r-bird jump http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYReyX0aSCw in fact you can see in the video, when i do turn i dive pretty hard after a couple jumps i got used to how it flew and what needed to be done now im getting 3 minute flights (solo) and have no stability problems http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hiCN3l8Xl8
  9. first i tend to over think things ..lol i searched didn't find what i was looking for any hints on a good exit from skyvan ? just dirt dive timing on the ground ? i have an r bird and the arm wings come down pretty far (towards feet) i know i need to keep her off the arm wings but where else can she go ? lay down on top of me/rig resting legs on the leg wing ? seems like i should be most concerned with keeping her off the arm wings im confident in both of our skills just want to get some opinions from people that have been in the same boat any help would be appreciated .. i have about 100 wingsuit jumps 60ish of which are on the r bird
  10. i converted to a srt file with paralog though its relatively easy to write one if you know and programming languages .. i wrote one in vb but paralog is just more convenient lol
  11. up at skys the limit yesterday and did some wingsuit jumps got my longest time to date (2.5 minutes) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jkc5EhuGQw8&hd=1 and some cloud fun http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hiCN3l8Xl8&hd=1 jumping an r-bird flysight was set at 2:1 glide winds were less then 8 all the way up to 13.5 im shooting for a semi constant 3:1 glide think this is doable on the rbird ? (im 5'10" 195lb exit weight)
  12. any idea what the mod is ? couldn't find any info on there site thanks d
  13. i got lucky my friend who is the exact size of me had started with wingsuits earlier then me ... so when he went from his access to his intro .. i started the access lol then he got an r-bird and i got his intro .. now we both rock the r-bird and i only had to buy the r-bird
  14. i bought a benny helmet for my first helmet thinking that i would get some other fancy dancy helmet after more jumps ... nope i still have my benny have two camera mounts on it and a skysystems cutaway gps data still not too useful gonna try it with the wingsuit this weekend
  15. i managed to get my protrack to think i popped at 11k with my tx intro