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  1. Was thinking the fact the video went from camera to a laptop to a memory card to my mac was responsible? Was hoping there would be a solution ...
  2. Probably a totally stupid question but I am struggling to import video onto my Mac (I have a Go Pro which is fine). The problems I face are when I have been jumping and getting filmed by someone else (typically Sony cameras) and they then give me a copy to take home on a memory stick. WHen i try and load it into iMovie it doesnt recognise it at all. My solution was to buy an app from the appstore for converting the file type into something the Mac might recognise. This takes time and the output is rubbish, really juttery and poor quality. Is there a better way of doing this?? Cheers folks
  3. Interesting theory about the stick / leaf floating down the stream although I would have thought that if there was "GRAVITY" pulling from the river bank it would pull the item along a similar course ....
  4. OK, so i have this new R - Bird that i have yet to get to grips with. Im rusty as hell as not done a wingsuit jump since November and when I do I will get a bit of currency up first on my exisitng Birdman Firebird before moving on to my Tonysuit R Bird I jumped it twice last year and really struggled (I did post on here for some advice - thanks) Before I put it on again I have been given conflicting info regarding whether to inflate or not... Tony said inflate as more stable and easier to pull (albeit harder to collapse the wings etc) others have said keep them deflated ... Im nervous as hell about jumping it again to be honest and tempted to sell it and stick with my Birdman Firebird R which is easy to fly !! I found is hard to find the pilot chute too although expect there is a better technique for this too? Advice please Cheers James
  5. Ordered it end of May / beginning of June when delivery times were meant to be 8 weeks max and got it October. To be fair, Tony had been away and the day he got back to USA he got it sorted and out to me within days - top geezer. Website now showing a longer lead time for orders - circa 16 weeks I think form memory. The suit feel quality .... just wish i had the skills to enjoy it !
  6. Not yet, each time ive been to DZ the weather has been awful. I have a trip to Empuria for a few days coming up and will give it a whirl again then ... maybe that wasn not the best description ;-) Great hearing of everybody's experiences I may even stick with my old birdman suit until the Spring when currency will improve again .... All very frustrating - I had to wait so long for my suit and when it arrived it was season over !!
  7. Thanks for all the info / advice etc. Im starting to think I have bought the wrong suit and am now kinda stuck with it i guess. On the Tonysuit website it says the R-BIrd is appropriate for people with 25+ wingsuit jumps but im getting the feel from you guys out there that this is way too little. I was hoping that with a bit of focus and lots of solo's (and maybe some coached jumps initially) I would get the hang of this beast. James
  8. OK, so this is my first post on here and i am looking for some advice... not critism ! I have done approx 50 wingsuit jumps on my Birdman Firebird suit which were all fun and never had any issues - stable flight, easy to fly, easy to pull pilot chute etc etc I have now got myself a Tony Suit R Bird. Tony measured me up and said it was a good suit to progress onto as i am quite heavy and tended to sink out when flying my Birdman suit So here's the thing, I did my first jump at the weekend with the pressurisation zips all undone and after exiting the plane went to turn left and entered my first ever flat spin. I recovered OK but found it really hard to hold on a level and seemed to be fighting with it not to spin again. Come pull time I struggled to find pilot chute despite sliding my hand along bottom of container. Not to be deterred, I tried again, this time i zipped up the pressurisation zips and it did seem to make the suit a bit more stable in flight and I didnt spin up this time but again it did feel like it wanted to, especially when changing heading. I didntnt feel at all in control. Come pull time i found it even harder to find the pilot chute. I acknowledge I am still relatively inexperienced and all new things take time to learn but did anybody else have any issues like this and what can I do to fly better, turn easier and pull quicker !! Any help from you guys out there would be welcome Im pretty nervous to even jump it again and tempted to go back to my Birdman :( Thanks James
  9. Looking to upgrade my Birdman Firebird R and was wondering if the Phantom2z would be significantly different? I dont get much glide from the Firebird and was tempted by the promises of the Phantom2z. Is it much different? Other alternative is the Tony suit R Bird (the differences I note have already been debated at length on here).