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  1. Tracing is quite specific I thought... Atmo is mellow, tracing is fast, tracking is flat. That is how I see it being referred to.
  2. A lot of people get the shoulder straps moving off thier shoulders in freefall when flying head down and especially a steep angle dive if they have chest rings. You can order without chest rings, unless you are petite then I see no real advantage of having chest rings.
  3. Skydiving is basically banned in New Zealand is it not? You cannot even fart without having to write a thesis about it. I will never work there again. I thought that NZPO did not have any rules pertaining to Argus other than accepting them as an approved device?
  4. My buddy is a 777 Captain, his theory is that it was probably a similar incident to this... http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/twa-flight-800-crash-bomb-missile-officials-article-1.1389008 This model of 777 had middle tanks fitted and though they were supposed to be removed... This route is not long enough to warrant using the middle tanks so it is likely that there was a tank full of vapour just waiting for the right catylist... Still, it is bizzarre that no pieces have been located...
  5. I am not sure they would recommend using anything out of their sizing chart, even if it is all good... This opens a can of worms for them. "XXXX at Sunpath said that I can put an XXX in an XXX" I know this is out of the sizing chart recommendation, I simply asked if anyone had experience... I already have a JVX 74 and I aready have an NJK to use... I would like a RSK and I am sure sunpath would like to sell me one... I got it today and put the d bag with my JVX in (without any reserve etc...) Seems(as others have suggested) it will be more than fine...
  6. Cool Thanks... Never been a Javelin guy but this one is an opportunity not to be missed. Looks like it will work out perfect.
  7. Hi, Just wondering if a NJK is too big for a JVX 74? Expecting a Petra 69 in coming months which will be perfect... I think the JVX will be OK. Any experience out there?
  8. Yep, Using racer is quite out of the ordinary these days...
  9. 245 is only 111kg. at 76 KG I can take up to 126 KG (277lb) and remain within the gear's limitations. I have taken this size a few times. 245 is quite normal. I am an average sized guy so my guess is that if you got a reasonable sized dropzone with an array of staff you will be able to jump no worries. Looking for advice on this website can be counter productive.
  10. Like the one in the attached photo! I Liked the Argus for many reasons. With a cutter that is undoubtedly going to work these would be the most versatile on the market hands down. Do it!!!
  11. Well I have done some soaring on a crossfire 109, I do not define that as speed-flying. You can certainly turn in adequate winds on a parachute. I consider speed flying to ride 'down' the terrain like you would on skis, not back up it... Not sure there is an official definition so I guess it is open to interpretation. You certainly can soar on a speed wing, also on a parachute, a para glider and a hang glider...
  12. I keep hearing this. In all of my experience the only collapses I had were kiting in dodgy conditions and pretty much every time I decided to go home as I did not want to hurt myself. Both speed wings and parachutes have very similar construction and it is advised in both disciplines to not perform the activity in unsafe conditions. If someone is injured speed flying a stiletto due to a collapse... then they would probably have been injured on a speed wing too. In fact I believe a speed wing is more susceptible to collapse due to the flatter trim and the existence of frontal collapses on para gliders and the likes. Try doing a double front approach to land on a para glider or speed wing...? But assuming you are correct and speed wings are optimised to recover from a collapse faster and flying in turbulent conditions is acceptable. How many metres would it take in a best case scenario for such a wing to re inflate? Are we not flying only a couple of feet from the ground here? If there is a few knots of wind then any ram air wing can easily be kited and the mylar ribs are not as needed. In 5+ knots a parachute (more than 100 squ feet) is as easily launched as a speed wing. The terrain will decide which is more suitable. In 15 knots a parachute is more suitable than a speed wing IMHO.