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  1. Can anyone share any experiences of dropzones with procedures in place on the use of their ponds? i.e. Do swoopers need to be authorised by the DZSO/S&TA? Can the pond only be used when doing hop and pops? How is traffic regulated/limited on the pond from height loads? There is a new pond being built in Western Australia. The dz is interested in how pond use is regulated elsewhere. Thanks for your help
  2. I received the following this morning from Icarus support so all is good: That is the correct config. for the IC Reserve
  3. I am packing a 2010 Icarus 169 reserve. On inspection I noticed that all internal load and non-load bearing ribs have 2 crossports EXCEPT the centre non-load bearing rib which has 1 crossport near the nose. I cannot find anything in the packing manual about this difference in the crossports. At least it is symetric but can anyone tell me for sure if this is correct? I am also emailing Icarus support to ask but thought I would ask here too hopefully for a quick answer.
  4. Adding 1 more event to the remaining events this year plus 1 for next year: French Open / Castelnau Swoop contest (France) / Sept.28-30 NSW Canopy Piloting State Championships/Sydney Skydivers Australia/October 6-7 2012 PD Tveir(Pro 2-way competition)Z-Hills, FL Oct.4-7 http://swoopleague.com/2012/04/24/pd-tveir-2012/ World Championships 2012 / Dubai UAE / Nov.28-Dec.9 Australian Canopy Piloting Nationals/Sydney Skydivers Australia/20-24 Feb 2013
  5. That's awesome, thanks for the info everyone. Does anyone out there know if the British Parachute Association have any such rules?
  6. I have a presentation to so at a skydivers conference on downsizing. I am interested to hear if any countries out there have rules/regulations in place to control skydivers downsizing progression? I know the Netherlands has something in place, I have seen it before but I don't have details. If anyone has details please let me know. Anyone else? I have read the checklists and guidelines from Bill Von Novak, Brian Germaine etc but I am more interested in rules and regulations in varous countries.
  7. 2012 Nationals are done, Champions have been crowned. Congratulations to the Open Overall Champion Keven Walters And Intermediate Overall Champion Fully Sik Open Overall Gold Erika Dufort (Canada) Silver Billy Sharman (UAE) Bronze Keven Walters (Aussie Gold) Keven is the highest placed Aussie and is the 2012 Australian Chamion Open Speed Gold Billy Sharman (UAE) Silver Erika Dufort (Canada) Bronze Kaz Sheekey (Aussie Gold) Kaz Sheekey is the 2012 Aussie speed champion and also gets GOLD as Billy and Erika are non Aussies. Open Distance Results Gold Billy Sharman (UAE) Silver Erika Diufort (Canada) Bronze Gary Hamilton (Aussie gold) Gary Hamilton is the 2012 Aussie Distance champion Open Zone Accuracy Gold Drew Lipinski Silver Keven Walters Bronze Andy Woolf Intermediate Overall Gold Fully Sik Silver Michael Rogers Bronze James Cooper Intermediate Speed Gold Fully Sik Silver Nathan Smith Bronze James Cooper Intermediate Distance results Gold Fully Sik Silver Michael Rogers Bronze Shannon Straubinger Intermediate Zone Accuracy Gold Michael Rogers Silver Andrew Stewart Bronze Nathan Smith Congratulations also to the top 8 Aussies who have qualified to represent Australia at the 2012 World Championships in Dubai in November: Keven Walters Andy Woolf Kaz Sheekey Ben Lewis Michael Vaughan Robbie McMillan Drew Lipinski Gary Hamilton
  8. Australian Canopy Piloting Nationals/Sydney Skydivers/Feb 8-12
  9. Yeh Clara is one of the new prototypes from NZ Aerosports, see attached photos from Adson Moura
  10. Congratulations to Matt Harris on winning the 2011 Australian Canopy Piloting Championships. Andrew Woolf is the new Intermediate champion and we will be looking forward to competing against him in Open next year. Congratulations also to the top 12 open competitors who now automatically qualify for the Aussie team to compete at the World Cup in Czech Republic in August: Open Overall Gold Matt Harris, Velo 96 Silver Michael Vaughan, Clara 69 Bronze Cameron Rolfe, Velo 90 4.Gary Hamilton 5.Rob McMillian 6.Alex Nelson 7.Kev Walters 8.Ben Lewis 9.Luke Oliver 10.Koppel Solomon 11.John King 12.Tom Gilmartin Intermediate Overall Gold Andrew Woolf, JVX 82 Silver Scott Brown, Velo 96 Bronze Simon Hayter, Velo 103
  11. Photos of the 4 Way Open "Rotor Out", 8 Way Open "BlackOut", 2 Way CF "Ookoonono", 4 Way VFS "Addicted" Gold Medal Winning Teams, no photos of 4 way inter or 8 way inter Gold Medallists http://macarthur-chronicle-wollondilly.whereilive.com.au/photos/gallery/national-skydiving-championship-pics/ In air shots from nationals: http://macarthur-chronicle-wollondilly.whereilive.com.au/photos/gallery/australian-skydiving-championships/ Steph Bensley in the news: http://www.nenews.com.au/stories.aspx?pub=ch&day=Fri&class=Stories&type=SINGLE&path=XML/&rec=05 Steph is in the winning 4 way open and 8 way open teams, Jules McConnel is in the winning 2 way CF team. And of course Kaz Sheekey is in the Aussie CP Team. All are going to Russia for the World Champs. Go the Aussie chicks!
  12. Open Overall (26 competitors) Top 8 placings get to represent Australia at the World Championships in Russia in August Gold Rob McMillian Silver Cameron Rolfe Bronze Kaz Sheekey 4 Michael Vaughan 5 Gary Hamilton 6 Alex Nelson 7 Shane Price 8 Cameron Jarrett Open Zone Accuracy Gold Gary Hamilton Silver Kaz Sheekey Bronze Cameron Rolfe Open Distance Gold Kaz Sheekey Silver Rob McMillian Bronze Gary Hamilton Open Speed Gold Cameron Rolfe Silver Rob McMillian Bronze Michael Vaughan Internediate Overall - 9 competitors Gold Ben Lewis Silver Daniel Smith Bronze Alex Kaiserman 4 Fully Sik 5 Scott Brown 6 Wayne Bishop 7 Brad Jones 8 Ben Tucker 9 Stephen Cowan Inter Zone Accuracy Gold Alex Kaiserman Silver Ben Lewis Bronze Brad Jones Inter Speed Gold Ben Lewis Silver Daniel Smith Bronze Alex Kaiserman Inter Distance Gold Daniel Smith Silver Ben Lewis Bronze Fully Sik
  13. Anyone got the draw and scores from 2009 USPA 2 Way CF Nationals? uspanationals.com is no longer working Thanks
  14. I am doing a presentation on AADs and vertical speeds during high performance landings to a large group of instructors and chief instructors. I would like to include some reliable incident data. I know about the fatality in netherlands in 2005 JT had a fire in France in 2006(?) I found a thread called "Non-Injury Swoop Cypres Fire " by towerrat, October 2007, no location Any others you know about? Can you point me to any threads/info?
  15. 2009 Australian Canopy Piloting Nationals are done, results are posted. Open 1. Matt Harris 2. Michael Vaughan 3. Rob McMillan Intermediate 1. Shane Price 2. Darren Griggs 3. John King More than 30000 skydivers in the US 37 Americans at their 2008 CP Nationals Less than 2000 skydivers in Australia 36 Aussies at our 2009 Nationals Go the Aussies!