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  1. Where are you located? The CRW community is great about educating newbies and even loaning gear. Depending on where you live, you might not be far from people who can train you in proper techniques and safety. Not everyone's listed but here's a good place to look for people who are willing to teach.
  2. And even funnier ... hasn't posted since.
  3. I tend to agree. Use the pull up chords to figure out the length, measure, have a rigger make you a proper permanent pair.
  4. Does the dbag really "engage" the kill line or is it the tension that engages the kill line?? One option is to use a non-collapsing PC with a kill cone. Same setup we use on CRW canopies with tail pockets. There may be a chance that the kill cone doesn't slide down far enough to catch air and make it back to the PC i suppose. In that case you'd have a fully inflated PC causing additional drag though. What is it you're doing that you want to freepack the canopy but not retract the bridle?
  5. I highly recommend looking into websites like Eastern Mountain Sports, REI, and the like. Check out the stuff they're making for skiers, winter hikers, and the like. The stuff is ultra-thin, breathable, warm, and doesn't restrict movement. Try to find at least one pull over shirt with thumb holes to keep the fabric from riding up your arm. For gloves i typically wear a pair of tight glove liners under a pair of winter golf gloves that are one size larger than i normally wear. Small pocket warmers on the back of the hands are nice too. Thin sock liners under wool socks works pretty well. I wear a balaclava and an additional neck warmer. Cookie makes a nice helmet with mesh at the ears which provides warmth while allowing you to hear. The warmer you keep your core the more blood will flow to your hands and feet. Better to sweat than to shiver up there. Hope this gives you some ideas.
  6. I wasn't speaking to any specific DZ or DZO. I have no relationship or knowledge of the places or people in the above mentioned post. My only point was if you encounter a DZO that is against CRW, talk to them and find out why. If you need help and advice on how to counter some of the arguments you might encounter, speak to the people who have similar experiences. I forgot that there's no room for civil discussion about differences of opinions when dealing with the all mighty all knowing DZOs or posters. my apologies to all. feel free to continue the bashing and most importantly the advice to people who have to deal with such situations in the future. i suppose suck it up and accept it without question is advice. enjoy the thread and see you in the air.
  7. i agree that it's silly. it's also worth having a discussion about why they feel that way. sure i'll come to your dz and do some crw. how about the weekend of sept 9-11? think i'll find any crw dogs hanging around? ;)
  8. CRW (skydiving) is too dangerous and therefore not a legitimate skydiving (aviation) activity. CRW (skydiving) is dangerous. you know this because they had a fatality over at another dropzone (airport) when they allowed CRW (skydiving). we can't maintain a safe dropzone (airport) if we allow CRW (skydiving) here. who are you to tell a DZO (airport manager or town) what to allow to take place over their dropzone (airport) that they run? you see what i'm doing there? yes. it is in fact exactly the same mentality. yes my first approach would be to talk to the DZO about their concerns. perhaps the only exposure they've had to CRW lately is a couple of yahoos who try to do CRW with no training or inappropriate gear. Perhaps their exposure is people sucking downplanes through traffic and breaking off at 150 feet. these issues can and should be addressed for the safety of all involved but that doesn't mean they can't be addressed. i would hope that the DZO would be capable of having a reasonable and civil discussion involving any activity at their dropzone. i might very well be told to fuck off but i would certainly hope that someone running a customer service oriented business would find more tactful ways to express their disagreement with my thoughts. i am not advocating the use of AAD Fund money in this discussion. those who have had to deal with ignorant (note i'm not using the word stupid) town and airport managers would know which approaches work well to educate those people. they know how to counter false arguments commonly used to claim that a legitimate activity can't be done safely. there's nothing wrong with putting limitations like "no crw under 2000 feet", "no downplanes through traffic", or other such conditions. completely banning CRW because you don't feel it can be done safely is a step too far in my opinion. so don't get your panties in a bunch there nancy. i know what the AAD Fund is for. the USPA is an advocate group for the members. it is not there to protect the DZOs. that is a side benefit because it ultimately helps the membership. it's a skydiver association not a DZO association. as an advocacy group, if they need to talk to a DZO in order to advocate for their membership that's exactly what they should do just like they step in and talk to town managers, airport managers, members of congress, and FAA regulators. if you read the quote that you put in bold "USPA members rely on USPA to preserve public airports and airways for skydiving." so yes. i'm saying that we, as USPA members should rely on the USPA to help us preserve public airways for skydiving. thanks for helping make my point. if you don't have any problem with a DZO banning CRW because it's a private business how would you feel about a DZO being denied fuel at the airport because the town sold the fuel station to a private company? who are you to tell a private company who they can and can't do business with? if you can't see that banning CRW is denying use to airways for skydiving i'm not sure how to explain it to you really.
  9. I would point out that this is the same mentality that keeps us from opening dropzones at several locations throughout the US. I don't see how a DZO can make an argument against CRW. If skydivers have a right to the airspace then it should be afforded to all skydivers, including CRW. If it were me i'd have a discussion with the DZO to try to get it resolved. If that didn't work i'd start writting letters to USPA regional directors and national directors especially those involved in the Airport Access Defense Fund. This may make you persona non grata at that dropzone but it sounds like you weren't going to be able to do CRW at that DZ anyway. It will be beneficial for all skydivers everywhere however. If reason doesn't work, raise a stink.
  10. Jumptown (orange, ma) is bringing in a retro fitted turbo prop caribou for their 4'th of july boogie this year ... any chance this is your venture come to life?
  11. Get in touch with Abbie Mashaal. He runs Snake River Skydiving and is a CRW dog who certainly yanks it a lot. 208-751-JUMP
  12. What time will the DZ be open on Friday?
  13. Since this is in the effort to keep CF from being eliminated due to lack of competitors will Redline and Clean Air participate in 8-way (which I believe MUST go or else it's gone from nationals) and ProAM? These events encourage pups and young dogs (like myself) to come to nationals. 8-way is easier to get a slot since a second team is always needed. If we have a lot of Pros committed to ProAm it might encourage more pups to show up hoping to make a team.
  14. Fantastic time! Voltige is a great DZ. Here's hoping this becomes a regular yearly event!!!
  15. I went for the 2009 CReW boogie. This DZ pulled out all the stops. They even brought in a second PAC to make sure we had the lift capacity needed to set the new WI CRW record! They even had packers that know how to pack a crw rig. fantastic facilities and friendly staff. Also by far the easiest DZ to get to that I've ever been to. Less than 5 minutes off of the interstate. Keep up the great work guys. I'll definitely be back for next year's CReW boogie.