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    kill-line PC without dbag (ie freepacked)?

    Does the dbag really "engage" the kill line or is it the tension that engages the kill line?? One option is to use a non-collapsing PC with a kill cone. Same setup we use on CRW canopies with tail pockets. There may be a chance that the kill cone doesn't slide down far enough to catch air and make it back to the PC i suppose. In that case you'd have a fully inflated PC causing additional drag though. What is it you're doing that you want to freepack the canopy but not retract the bridle?
  2. sedwick


    I highly recommend looking into websites like Eastern Mountain Sports, REI, and the like. Check out the stuff they're making for skiers, winter hikers, and the like. The stuff is ultra-thin, breathable, warm, and doesn't restrict movement. Try to find at least one pull over shirt with thumb holes to keep the fabric from riding up your arm. For gloves i typically wear a pair of tight glove liners under a pair of winter golf gloves that are one size larger than i normally wear. Small pocket warmers on the back of the hands are nice too. Thin sock liners under wool socks works pretty well. I wear a balaclava and an additional neck warmer. Cookie makes a nice helmet with mesh at the ears which provides warmth while allowing you to hear. The warmer you keep your core the more blood will flow to your hands and feet. Better to sweat than to shiver up there. Hope this gives you some ideas.
  3. Get in touch with Abbie Mashaal. He runs Snake River Skydiving and is a CRW dog who certainly yanks it a lot. 208-751-JUMP
  4. sedwick

    Skydive Milwaukee / Sky Knights SPC

    I went for the 2009 CReW boogie. This DZ pulled out all the stops. They even brought in a second PAC to make sure we had the lift capacity needed to set the new WI CRW record! They even had packers that know how to pack a crw rig. fantastic facilities and friendly staff. Also by far the easiest DZ to get to that I've ever been to. Less than 5 minutes off of the interstate. Keep up the great work guys. I'll definitely be back for next year's CReW boogie.
  5. sedwick

    Voltige 2001

    Nothing but great things to say about this DZ. so much fun. Never had to wait long for a load. I saw free flyers, belly flyers, and participated (and went for) crw jumps. Whatever you want to do, there will probably be someone who will join you. For English only speakers ... don't worry about the "language barrier" ... almost everyone speaks enough English that it's not a barrier at all. I didn't find out that phrases like "my first" and "free beer" translate easy enough. Kudos to my new friends at voltige for creating a great dropzone. now if we can just convert more of those meat missles to crw dogs ... hmm.
  6. sedwick

    Skydive Pennridge

    A friend of mine tried to take a first jump course at this DZ. She called the number and made the appointment before I found out this is one of the skyride dz's. They charged the credit card in advance and claimed that it was non-refundable. She went to the "dz" at the appointed time and no one was there. The airport manager said they hadn't been there for weeks. She called and they apologized and made a new appointment for the next weekend. The same thing happened then. When she complained they told her that it since it was winter they couldn't guarantee her that they'd hold a class. A much different story than when she called the first two times. My friend ended up filing fraud charges with her credit card company to get her money back. Maybe during the summer they actually Do have some skydiving going on...but i'd be weary of people who treat customers the way these guys do. Trust me. There are other DZ's around the area. You should take your business where it will be appreciated.
  7. sedwick


    My home DZ is one that is near Jumptown and I went there for a canopy course. Everyone was sincerely friendly and made me feel at home. Months later when my home DZ's plane went south for the winter and we invaded Jumptown the vibe was even better. Everyone was excited to have a lot of new faces around and some old ones that they haven't seen in a long time. I was shocked at the number of Jumptown regulars that were willing to jump with a new license holder and tailored the jumps to my experience. Having heard stories of bad blood between DZ's that are close to one another it made me feel great that this was not the case at Jumptown or the DZ that i normally jump at. I think that says a lot about this place! My only complaint is that it's so far from my house!!! Excellent staff, awesome people, and great experiences!