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  1. Does anyone knows if salted water is damageable for a canopy? What should I do? Thanks
  2. Who goes to PR this year? Here is a video from last year boogie! It was really cool!
  3. Hi, I need advice. We reserve at Hotel villa Real in Arecibo. Is ok to stay there for the boogie, or it is recommanded to move near de DZ? Is somebody in the same situation as me? Thanks Francois
  4. Hi crwdogs! Let me invite you all to CRW RENDEZ-VOUS 2009 @ VOLTIGE near Montreal sept. 5-6-7th See picture for details: Please confirm on this forum or email @: [email protected] École de parachutisme Voltige 2001 4680 rue Principale Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, Québec JOK 1K0 Tel : 450-752-0385 Sans frais : 1-877-VOLTIGE (865-8443) Map:,+Qc,+J0K+1K0,+Canada&sll=46.099274,-73.448642&sspn=0.041423,0.11158&ie=UTF8&ll=46.098531,-73.448668&spn=0.041424,0.11158&z=14&iwloc=A LODGING: Hotel Château Joliette (15 min de la DZ) 450, rue St-Thomas Joliette, Québec J6E 3R1 450.752.2525 1.800.361.0572 Motel Joliette (10 min de la DZ) 2070, rue de la Visitation Saint-Charles-Borromée, Québec 450.756.4518 Motel Lanaudière (5 min de la DZ) 535, route 131 Joliette, Québec 450.759.6780 Auberge Le Louis Philippe II (5 min de la DZ) 5650, rue Principale Lourdes de Joliette Québec, CANADA J0K 1K0 450.753.5019 1.866.753.5019 Camping Nadeau (5 min de la DZ) 300 rue des Campeurs Ste-Mélanie, Qc J0K 3A0 450.889.2336 Camping Bernard (5 min de la DZ) 100 rue Bernard Sainte-Mélanie (Québec) J0K 3A0 450.756.2560
  5. What is a you have a picture? Thanks
  6. Hi Mike, If you read this post, just to let you know that I forgot my pilot chute on your red and blue lightning 176 in Lake Wales...It's the one with the big green handle... I'll be in Jumptown on July! Hope to see you there!!! Thanks Francois