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  1. airathanas

    Kapowsin Air Sports

    I jumped at Skydive Kapowsin while in on a business trip. The people are super friendly and the vibe is great overall. People were helpful from my arrival and I immediately got on some 10 ways. The views from up top are beautiful and scenic! They are based out of a huge hanger. Lots of packing space and a huge landing area. There is an onsite ATM and a snack bar (cash only). Cheeto was organizing and I was welcomed to jump on some 10 ways. They have a huge, fully stocked beer fridge. I was a little surprised at how lax they were though. No calls for the loads, no 2 min warning. Manifesting was signing up on a piece of paper on a clipboard. No red light; just cut and go without checking the spot. Still, I would jump there again in heart beat and I really recommend it.
  2. airathanas

    Newbie skydiver

    Welcome to skydiving! There is a Skydiver with Disabilities forum here so that may be something you're interested in checking out. Also, there is a Womens Only forum too. All best and blue skies!
  3. airathanas


    Jumpdude? Is that you?
  4. airathanas

    Dropzone recommendation in Dallas

    Skydive Dallas is the biggest dropzone in north Texas. It's got a great vibe and wonderful instructors.
  5. airathanas

    New to Skydiving and the Forum

    Welcome to skydiving! I've been to Hawaii but I haven't jumped there. I heard there are a lot of high winds. Good luck on AFF.
  6. airathanas

    Atire for tandem students?

    Usually the students have the harnesses on over their clothes. This past weekend I had two students who showed up in shorts and there was no wind. I figured we would be sliding in on our butts and I didn't want their legs to get cut up. So I put them in jumpsuits.
  7. airathanas

    New to site and sky diving

    Welcome to skydiving! I love the tunnel too and I can't wait to get back soon. Skydiving is like doing drugs- it's intoxicating, addictive, and expensive!
  8. airathanas

    New guy in town

    Welcome to the forums and skydiving! Save save save your money because you will need it to get started in this sport. Listen to your instructors, and never forget that you jump because it's FUN!!
  9. Welcome to skydiving!
  10. airathanas

    Hello from Idaho!

    Hello from Texas!
  11. airathanas

    How much would you pay for???

    *snicker* *snort* *giggle* Seriously I won't pay anything because it sounds like a POS. Don't be cheap about something that is going to routinely save your life.
  12. airathanas


    Welcome! There is information on dropzones in the "Dropzone" tab on this website. Be sure to call ahead to verify because sometimes the information has not been updated. All the best
  13. airathanas

    Finished up AFF, just got my own gear

    Congrats!! Stay safe and make sure that you learn all lessons the easy way rather than the hard way
  14. airathanas

    Chest strap placement

    I'm not a rigger, so I don't know the specifics on this. All I know is that my last rig had a lower chest strap than the rig I have now, even though the yokes are the same size. My last rig chest strap was below my boobs and on the rig I have now, the chest strap is directly over my boobs.
  15. airathanas

    I like falling~

    Welcome to skydiving! Glad to hear that there is another potential candidate out there- Just to let you know, it will probably take more than a few days to pass AFF. there can be many hiccups along the way- weather, shortage of instructors, $$$, enough time, gear available, injury, fail a level and have to repeat it, etc... This is not an overnight process. Expect it to take a little longer than a few days. The first jump course itself takes a half a day to a full day. Blue skies to you!