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  1. Hope this helps!
  2. Pete was a good friend of the family. He did a lot for the Hudson Valley and for our nation. He will be missed
  3. Hey everyone- I am getting married in March 2014 to another skydiver. I would like to incorporate pull-up cords into my wedding decor. If you have extra purple, green, grey or black pull-up cords that you are willing to part with (no matter what the condition), please email me at [email protected] Thanks in advance!
  4. I second the recommendations for Skydive Spaceland and Skydive Dallas. There is a bar/pizza joint nearby Skydive Dallas called The Loft- highly recommended as well. Be sure to check out iFly in Austin along the way!
  5. I jumped at Skydive Kapowsin while in on a business trip. The people are super friendly and the vibe is great overall. People were helpful from my arrival and I immediately got on some 10 ways. The views from up top are beautiful and scenic! They are based out of a huge hanger. Lots of packing space and a huge landing area. There is an onsite ATM and a snack bar (cash only). Cheeto was organizing and I was welcomed to jump on some 10 ways. They have a huge, fully stocked beer fridge. I was a little surprised at how lax they were though. No calls for the loads, no 2 min warning. Manifesting was signing up on a piece of paper on a clipboard. No red light; just cut and go without checking the spot. Still, I would jump there again in heart beat and I really recommend it.
  6. I feel bad for the construction workers. After digging the driver and his car out, I'm pretty sure the driver didn't stick around to help fix the concrete that he messed up.
  7. While it will be warm enough to jump, the winds traditionally will be up and gusty. It's usually iffy to jump in the spring in Texas
  8. Welcome!
  9. What about saying something like, "It was nice catching up with you but I have to go. Thanks and have a good one." It is a pet peeve of mine when a person doesn't want to chat anymore but they just cut you off. You wouldn't walk away from a conversation without saying goodbye face to face.
  10. This made me think of the thread that was about beautiful women = trouble. As for this lady who wants the Super Bowl tickets but not the relationship, the fact that she is a Vegas model should have been a red flag to begin with. That's not his fault mind you, but I'm just sayin'
  11. There isn't a Fort Hood Parachute Club anymore. The closest dropzone is Skydive Temple in Salado Texas. That might be a good place to start but it wasn't around in the 1970s. BTW I'm a jumper and I work at Fort Hood (Army contractor, been here for 4 years)
  12. I've noticed a bad trend in my past relationships...they were all jerks! Yeah I need to change that up
  13. Welcome to skydiving! There is a Skydiver with Disabilities forum here so that may be something you're interested in checking out. Also, there is a Womens Only forum too. All best and blue skies!
  14. Book clubs- boring as all fuck. How do whuffos do it???