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  1. I see no mention of organizers, for any discipline, on the Facebook event page.
  2. ebusto

    New 2 Way VFS

    My team has been training 2-way VFS for around 18 months, with varying levels of intensity, in both the tunnel and the sky. With Nationals on the horizon, we've been taking it more seriously. We're all weekend warriors, so realistically I don't expect us to end up on the podium, but we have a hell of a lot of fun. I hate the grip-flip-grip points, and I wish there was a point with carving involved.
  3. ebusto

    Google Distractions

    A full face helmet is certainly an investment, but it is pretty handy when you are heading towards the wall, net, or your teammates foot at a high rate of speed.
  4. ebusto

    International BodyFlight Association

    More check boxes please.
  5. ebusto

    Cookie Composites G2

    I've got one on order with Paragear. It should arrive in the next week or so.
  6. ebusto

    How much time?

    As much as you can afford. Or, start with 15 minutes. Try to fly those 15 minutes in an hour block so you have plenty of rest time. Make sure you inform your instructor that you are an AFF student, and they will structure your training appropriately.
  7. ebusto

    Byron Pond Swooping - Video

    Thanks Marcel, good stuff!
  8. ebusto

    wind tunnel and jumps in one day

    I've hit the tunnel after a day of jumping on a few occasions. It wasn't any worse than flying after a normal eight hour work day.
  9. ebusto

    When to say enough is enough

    Get thee to a wind tunnel! I say that not having read any of your previous posts, but it seems most people stuck on AFF level 3 or 4 are spinning or otherwise having body position issues.
  10. ebusto

    tunnel opening in SF Bay Area...iFlySFBay

    Great news. For the $500/hour pricing, on http://store.iflysfbay.com/onehotuti.html, it indicates it can only be used by "experienced flyers." How does iFly SF Bay define "experienced flyer?" In other words, what category do AFF students fall into?