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  1. I've seen this done, but can't comment on the effectiveness.
  2. I like shake, down, go. I think shaking is highly unambiguous, and the down allows everyone to get more poised, at least for a freefly exit.
  3. Those uppity bastards with their jumpsuits! I bet they had shoes too. Perhaps I'm way off course here, but I feel we should establish the OP's credibility before beginning the process of crucifying any wayward LO.
  4. Which LO has less than 100 jumps? If you don't want to name names, describe them.
  5. I have a crazy idea, but hear me out. You could, you know, talk to these tunnel "cracks". Maybe, I don't know, ask them their experience. Have a conversation, instead of starting some vague thread on DZ.com. I am pretty sure I know which event you're referring to, and thus which "cracks", and you might be surprised to know that aside from one or two exceptions, they are pretty experienced skydivers. Just a thought.
  6. I see no mention of organizers, for any discipline, on the Facebook event page.
  7. ebusto

    2way VFS comps

    A few people are trying to get MFS accepted at the world level.
  8. Perris: Travis Fienhage. Elsinore: Andy Malchiodi.
  9. Check out round 5 in 2-way MFS open. That is our default exit for HU/HD, we'll cheat out the door with a single hand grip, and then move on to whatever the first point is.
  10. I know the teams that placed 1st in the 2-way VFS test event this year, both open and advanced. They are all weekend warriors. The most experienced person had around 2500 jumps, but everyone else had well under 2000 jumps. That said, they all had a fair bit of tunnel time, but you can do well without training full time. That might not be the case next year, as more people become interested in the discipline. The 2nd place team in 4-way VFS advanced was also composed of part timers, and they gave the 1st place team a run for their money. In some ways 4-way is easier for the casual skydiver, as the dive pool is head-down dominant. Open class 4-way VFS is a completely different game. There be dragons.
  11. ebusto

    New 2 Way VFS

    My team has been training 2-way VFS for around 18 months, with varying levels of intensity, in both the tunnel and the sky. With Nationals on the horizon, we've been taking it more seriously. We're all weekend warriors, so realistically I don't expect us to end up on the podium, but we have a hell of a lot of fun. I hate the grip-flip-grip points, and I wish there was a point with carving involved.
  12. I taught Ari everything he knows. OK, that isn't remotely true, but he did let me high five him once. I have yet to wash that hand.
  13. Do you know any experienced 4-way belly fliers? Many of the basic concepts are shared: piece and cross partners, build order, etc.
  14. A full face helmet is certainly an investment, but it is pretty handy when you are heading towards the wall, net, or your teammates foot at a high rate of speed.
  15. I'm curious, why the assumption that the OP is wearing a full-face only to look "cool and groovy"?
  16. There are a lot of tunnel regulars at SF Bay, but most of us can't fly on the weekends.
  17. Agreed, that would be a lot more fun.
  18. I like the cut of your jib. What sort of revisions are in store for the flyer chart? How will existing ratings carry over? New checkbox suggestions: * Has got head or limb stuck in net on at least one occasion. * Jumpsuit has glass burn on at least two limbs. * Has performed a maneuver that caused the instructor to point and laugh. * Has successfully burbled out another flyer. * Has flown into the wall at a high rate of speed, very fast, precise and without thought.