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  1. I bet you fly much better in the sky than in a wind tunnel, yes? Derek V hahaha I would also LOVE to see proof of that statement
  2. Hey Danny, The walls are the biggest reason, period. People who learn in the sky take up a lot of space. The limiting space why you need to be held onto when learning something new in the tunnel It is 100% easier to fly without a rig on. Rigs restrict mobility, many companies do a great job to provide as much mobility as possible but its not the same. and finally the way you can think about the wind or skydiver moving is like how you can think of a running outside vs running on a treadmill. When running outside you're moving, when running on a treadmill you're still running but the treadmill is moving. The movements are still basically the same.
  3. it's really hard to say why you are plateauing without seeing what you are doing. I am assuming you are trying to go over your feet from belly to back and back to belly. this transition can be broken down it in parts which really helps. if you can learn to go from you belly to your feet on the net then to your back and vise versa that should help. But again its hard to help on a public forum. Is this time you're doing coached or just by yourself? If it's by yourself it may help and save you money get some coaching.
  4. Hi as a iFly tunnel instructor I teach first timers very differently then someone who is a skydiver or going through AFF. For first timers AS LONG AS THEY HAVE THEIR HIPS DOWN having arms and legs out is very stable for JUST flying around in a small tunnel. It is not a good position if you want to learn to turn, go up and down, pull, or other maneuvers. But I don't want first timers to know how to do maneuvers before they know how to be safe in there. As stated above we keep first timers flat to keep the wind speed low. This is for safety of both the student and the instructor. I don't want first time students to go above my head because i can't communicate with them and honestly i don't want to have to catch someone from that high. You don't have to teach them this way but most do because of the safety of it all. Also we are usually teaching a group of people so we have to come up with a way to teach the entire group something easy for them to remember. Students will forget everything you say to them between the class and the time they fly. I try and keep everything as simple as possible. They are here for an experience if they want to learn to fly they can come back for coaching and I can teach them proper body position.
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  6. Hey everyone it getting closer to competition time. Register now to lock in your spot to compete for Cash, and other big prizes. Register here For more information contact BJ Michaeli at [email protected]
  7. Come to iFly’s fist ever competition in the Mid-West June 11th – 13th and see if you’re “Untouchable”. Check out all the information and register here! Also check out our facebook event page at:
  8. Prolly 'bout like your wingsuit! Hey my wingsuit does great in the tunnel thank you very much
  9. If anyone is looking for coaching at the Chicago tunnels I have time for sale $1000 per hour coaching included. Can coach 1st timers, VFS, FS, Dynamic, and everything in between. Contact me at [email protected] for more information or to set up some time. Come on out and lets shred!
  10. Rosemont is fully open, Naperville is trying to open in 3 weeks.
  11. Ok, first off explain to me why you think this is terrible advice rather then just saying it so i can learn. Second it is not dangerous if you are on a solo but once you start putting other people into the equation things become exponentially more dangerous. Find me any big way HD where people go directly to their bellies to track away. The only time i have seen something remotely like this done is during the World Record where they had leaders trace on their bellies until their group broke up. Third to your dynamic point. Dynamic flyers are transitioning through their bellies and are not stoping to fly static belly they continue on to fly in a vertical position. If you believe that going from a static HD position to a static belly position in the tunnel is ok you're wrong (there is one exception to this but i will not get into it right now). there is a reason why you learn to "bail out" when learning HD through your back and to your feet. Instructors are taught to actually prevent you from going to your belly when learning to fly HD, then once you proven you can fly HD they will then slowly and carefully begin to teach you maneuvers through your belly to your Head or feet.
  12. no i'm not recommending anything to him i'm simply answering the question he asked He assumed which is wrong and dangerous and i hope that you do not do that. So i provided him with the answer in the hope that he doesn't go out and do something dangerous because he didn't know any better. I don't think he should be on his back at 30 jumps but i also doubt that he is flying on his head at 30 jumps either. (and if i'm wrong about this sorry but still don't go trying this just yet) And yes speaking to someone at his local dz would give him a better picture of what to do and clear up any follow up questions he has.
  13. to slow down safely the best way is to go to your back and back track for a little then flip back onto your belly. The speed change is so great that if you go straight to your belly the collisions that are possible are very disastrous. By going to your back your can slow down a little bit and see if anything is above you. it is the same reason you cork to your back or eventually your sit when free flying and not your belly. It is even more dramatic in the tunnel. If you go from your head to your belly in the tunnel you're going to hit something hard and it's going to be painful and not very fun.