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    Tunnel Rigs and Skills Translating From Sky to Tunnel

    I bet you fly much better in the sky than in a wind tunnel, yes? Derek V hahaha I would also LOVE to see proof of that statement
  2. BMichaeli

    Tunnel Rigs and Skills Translating From Sky to Tunnel

    Hey Danny, The walls are the biggest reason, period. People who learn in the sky take up a lot of space. The limiting space why you need to be held onto when learning something new in the tunnel It is 100% easier to fly without a rig on. Rigs restrict mobility, many companies do a great job to provide as much mobility as possible but its not the same. and finally the way you can think about the wind or skydiver moving is like how you can think of a running outside vs running on a treadmill. When running outside you're moving, when running on a treadmill you're still running but the treadmill is moving. The movements are still basically the same.
  3. BMichaeli

    iFly Naperville Competition

    Hey everyone it getting closer to competition time. Register now to lock in your spot to compete for Cash, and other big prizes. Register here For more information contact BJ Michaeli at
  4. I couldn't find it either
  5. BMichaeli

    Tunnel Camps

    What part of the southern US? there are a few tunnels down there. I would call any of the ones you are thinking about going to and see. you could always get personal coaching too if you can't find one during the times you're looking for.
  6. BMichaeli

    Suit for tall beginner

    I'm 6'2 205 out the door. The new smaller suits are great. I have a P2 and don't ever plan on getting rid of it. it works great for every aspect of flying. I have flown both the T bird and P2/3 and they are both good suits. I know people who find that the T-Bird doesn't provide a large enough range so they purchased a R-Bird. The performance of the suit relies on how well you fly your body and the suit. I would recommend trying to find one that fits and doing a few jumps on each. Really what it comes down to how you fly your body and which one feels the best in flight. A WS is a tool and you need the right tool for the job.
  8. BMichaeli

    Gorilla-worx wingsuits?
  9. Currently their are only 2 dropzones open now that are close to you. The first is Mile Hi in longmont about an hour south they have good gear great planes and pilots and good friendly jumpers they don't have daily gear rental it is $25 per jump. the other would be boulder which is under new management and i don't really know much about it but they are a smaller cesna DZ about 1.15 hours south. If you are around for until april 28th skydive empire in fort morgan is opening that day.
  10. BMichaeli

    Performance Foam

    I think it is like the foam on the leading edge of tony suits. It is designed to keep the leading edge from deforming so it can maintain optimal shape while flying. I could be wrong though i have not seen it.
  11. BMichaeli

    Vector 3 fit

    thats really not that bad my first rig was about 1 - 1.5 in to small for me. It's more of a comfort thing with it being that slightly off (or as my rigger told me). If you can reach the handles easily and if the rig is FF friendly then you should be fine.
  12. BMichaeli

    Michel Fournier to try again this seems better planed then that guy. but good luck to him.