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  1. Lashawnda Slut Spouse: Dirty Sheets Slut (Edited to add my husband's)
  2. I need to print out a sign that says, "No Smoking in Hallway". It needs to be in Thai. If you've got a translation that I can cut and paste, please pm me. :)
  3. Basic H from Shaklee.
  4. At least she'll get a chance to de-tox.
  5. I make it a POINT to walk fast at all times. To work, upstairs, any time I can get my heart rate a little faster during the day...then this?
  6. There's a skeeter on my peeter, whack it off! There's a skeeter on my peeter, whack it off! There's a dozen on my cousin, you can hear those buggers buzzin'. There's a skeeter on my peeter, whack it off!"
  7. To me, the first is almost spookey, like a ghost of a jumper who has passed and now has just wings. Very talented woman.
  8. Acid friendly....I've been drinking this H2O Evamor for a while. Tastes good and reduces the acidity of your body.
  9. That was a TOTAL Freudian Slip. (aka coverup for a typo Steal vs. Steel.) Hmmm...could be a covert procurement. 4 years of being the female version of Cpl. Walter O'Reilly.
  10. Gawd, I remember trying not to laugh while having a grown woman screaming and spitting like a banshee 1 inch from my face. "Bend and Thrusts" for DAYS. Good luck!! Sandy USMC '88-'92 Deployed Units 1st and 3rd FSSG's "Steal don't fly without supply."
  11. wouldnt that your arsehole? I am laughing so hard I think I broke a rib...