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  1. Just a reminder, although the days have been hot lately, it's been pretty cold at night so don't forget sweats and blankets and whatnot.
  2. There will be only 2 half hour closures(noonish and 3ish I was told), it really shouldn't effect us and personally I wouldn't mind watching a stunt show anyways.
  3. I like to think of sex as a race....whoever finishes first wins. I am a sexual champion in my own mind.
  4. Latest News: September 16th is "Airport Day" here in Paso. There's going to be lots of old planes and RC planes there and they are going to do 2 stunt shows during the day as well. I talked to the Airport Manager and this won't effect us except during the stunt show but that only lasts a half hour.
  5. Here's Skydive Santa Barbara. It's been a while since I jumped there but this is how I remember it.
  6. This is really cool. Can someone from every DZ in Cali make one, I'd love to have them all. Here's where I jump. It may be small, but I call it home.
  7. That's good to hear. Let me know how it goes, I may have to give them another chance. It'd be much nicer to jump by the ocean rather than the desert with 115 degrees+.
  8. 2 things: #1: Last I heard, up-jumpers are only allowed to jump on the weekends. You may want to call and find out. #2: Based on the daily weather around here lately it will probably be socked in with fog/rain/thunderstorms by about 3ish till dark. Try to get there earlier. Not trying to rain on your parade (no pun intended), these are just my observations.
  9. We'll have room to haul some camping stuff down from NorCal. If anyone wants to ship theirs out, let me know and I'll get you the address. On that note, if anyone wants to ship their stuff to my house send me a PM.
  10. I've been poking and prodding around with interests in starting a DZ here. Roger Oxborow (PR Airport Manager) can't legally force skydivers to not land there but he has made it very difficult, expensive, not worth the hassle to have a DZ there. Skybytch and I are throwing a boogie here but we are landing at Star Farms which is about 2 miles from the airport. How much land would be required for a DZ? ...and yes you are right, I feel a DZ here could grow to be one of the busiest in the country. Anyone that is interested in starting a DZ here please feel free to email me, I have a lot of contacts here and would love to only have to drive 2 miles to the DZ instead of 100+.
  11. Don't kid yourself; many Californians are paying "Interest Only" for a shot at the good life and blue skies. Still better than living in the valley.
  12. uponone


    I agree, if they can pass AFF and then all the requirements for the 'A' license they should be more than competent on their bellies to start doing some FF'ing.
  13. You get what you pay for. Hey Aubrey, I think I met you at Elsinore. Were you there during the FF skills thing with guano when it was cloudy and crappy on saturday, we played kickball? We did end up jumping on sunday though.