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  1. 2 things: #1: Last I heard, up-jumpers are only allowed to jump on the weekends. You may want to call and find out. #2: Based on the daily weather around here lately it will probably be socked in with fog/rain/thunderstorms by about 3ish till dark. Try to get there earlier. Not trying to rain on your parade (no pun intended), these are just my observations.
  2. uponone

    Just Getting Started

    Wait until you get around 30 or more jumps, who knows you might quit by then. In the meantime check out this article.
  3. Just stay there, it's free if you bring a tent otherwise it's only $5 for a bunk in the bunkhouse and you can stay right on the DZ. There's bathrooms and showers right there. Just make sure you are strong enough to say no to the massive amounts of drinking that will happen, otherwise you may only get 1 jump in over the weekend edited to erase drunkin babble that I didn't mean.
  4. uponone

    Wonderful Coincidence

    Congrats and Happy B-Day!
  5. uponone


    You need to have a beer and get laid.
  6. uponone

    Probably old question, learning to freefly

    Don't freefly student gear, that shits wore out and you don't want a preemy at 200mph, the old mains would probably blow up. I learned how to sit fly at 30 jumps and started practicing flipping between sit and head down since jump 50.
  7. uponone

    Newbie with LOTS of Questions

    1. http://www.dropzone.com/fatalities/2005/ 2. New: $3500-$5000ish Used: $1000-$3500ish 3. Worry about AFF 1st, you don't want to overload your head when jumping out of a plane. Baby steps.
  8. uponone

    Skydive Taft

    At this DZ you can almost have as much fun hanging out with everyone as you can jumping out of the plane. It's a very relaxed, friendly atmosphere and you can ask anyone a question and get an answer without feeling like an idiot. I did my whole AFF in one weekend with 2 gorgeous gals as my jumpmasters and still had time to make my 1st "alone" jump at the end of the day. They have a new Pac-750 with killer music playing on the quick ride up. It runs every weekend and even on weekdays if they can get enough people to jump, otherwise they have 2 182's which rarely go below 11k. The instructors are very friendly and will make time to help students with what they need, which is not the attitude I have had at "other" DZ's. There's a nice rigging hanger with all the latest stuff you need (thanks Corky for fixing my Galaxy). The shaded hangout area has misters and plenty of couches and benches to chill on. Camping is allowed and definitely recommended if you like having a good time after a long day of jumping (especially if your a student because your going to be buying a lot of beer for all your "firsts"). Bring a tent or crash in the bunkhouse and they have showers you can use in the morning. Once you go Taft, you never drive past.