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  1. i have had some problems with mine,. It works great for 15 jumps then every now and then it will keep track going up in the plane but on a few occasions on exit, it goes into the error mode. i also know of one other person who has had this same thing happen to them a couple of times aswell. We both purchased ours brand new, and they have both went to the error screen after exit. but when they are working they perform fine.
  2. i have practiced landing on rears once, it not hard but you either pound the ground hard from not flaring enough or stall your canopy and still probably make a thud. Either way you will need to plf. most swoopers use rears to land but they tranisition to there toggles before the swoop is over. i dont think anyone really uses straight rears for landing, unless you were in this situation.
  3. well you only have two options that i see, cutaway and straight to reserve or land using your rears. while lots of people have cutaway as low as 1000 feet, i probably would not. If i was in that situation, i would keep my canopy and ride the rears on landing with a good plf. This is the reason for your control checks after the canopy has opened and you still have plenty of altitude for a cutaway. Practice flares, turns..inspect your canopy.
  4. hey i was going to sell my aquarium and just wanted a second opinion on what everyone thinks it should go for. It is just the tank with the stand, and some rocks and decoration (no lights or filter). It is a 75 gal capacity? so whats your thoughts?
  5. heyall i was just curious, i know skydiving gear has came a long way since the first sport rigs, and there has been many changes such as the three ring and hand deploy pilot chute. I was just wondering is there and new gear designs? Something different or on the verge of changing our current skydiving gear?? Is all the inventions that have been made up to this point going to be what is used in the next forty years? or is there any new studies to change any aspect of our gear from what it is today? just curious if anyone knows of any new ideas being put to test that are different than our rigs of today!!! or is the setup we have about as good as its going to get? (not that its bad)
  6. hey i have been wanting to do some beach jumps, and it would be nice to be able to do them in the same state i live.. can you update us if you get the permit to do somne beach jumps? i would defintly come down for that!
  7. yeah my whole bottom of my rig got a mudsplash, so it was caked,reserve risers just got a few mudsplotches. I know how to clean my flaps, i was just curious about the reserve risers as this is an important component i dont wanna wear out anyme soon. i even dont like to brush my flaps to hard or much with a brush because it does wear the material out after so long. i am a neat freak and just like to keep my rig looking new.
  8. hey i know there is plenty of threads on how to clean your rig. but i was curious after a muddy landing yesterday, whats the best way to get the mud off your reserve risers? i know people say to use a soft bristle brush, but i dont really wanna run a brush over my reserve risers for the fact of wearing the material out or start the beggining of fraying, anyone have an ideas? or just leave the few mudspots oon them, till a repack or something?
  9. hey well this seems odd, as every sabre2 i have jumped has had nice openings and were most always on heading,. maybe your just not packing it right???, but the canopy seems nice for an all around canopy...the best thing i liked about them was there openings...well before i bought my katana
  10. hey i was just curious outta all you jumpers, how many of you put your gear up in the winter time only to return when things warm up?? i have been pretty current even through the winter time, but i am thinking of laying off a few months because of the cold, and to save jumps for next summer season,. i am sure i will do some hop and pops through the winter, but even when dressed for the cold it just dosent seem as fun as summer, and kinda makes me just wanna wait. oh and when its cold how many of you stick to hop and pops more, as altitude its freezing!??
  11. hey after a few discussions people have made many points and a good one was about being a skydiver and after you accept the risk for the reward to make that jump, you could be considered a skydiver...well after everyone here has decided and made the choice to be a skydiver,...what is your reasoning for doing so??? What makes everyone here want to jump and take that risk,??? what are the rewards for you?? mine personally is because of the dream of human flight, and how i can accomplish that dream through skydiving. im also curious to hear maybe different responses to why you jump??
  12. well i posted this under the swooping and canopy control section, is there any swoopers or canopy pilots who would like to chime in on the post that i made....thanks (i guess you guys are to busy in the air swooping to be on here answering questions)
  13. i was referring to using rears for swooping and on landing. i am aware that you can use them to fly your canopy and pull it out of a dive if need be. But when it comes to landing and using your rears to surf and stay in full flight horizontal until you need to go to toggles. Do people only really need rears when you have a wing fast enough that it actually helps you??? like i have said i have landed my rears but it glides a short distance and then stalls... i could see where it would help if i was screaming in at 60 miles an hour on a 90 but i dont think rears will help me on landing with the canopy i am on (katana 135). is my assumption right in this aspect....just curious and wanting some feedback, .... did you swoopers only start worrying about rear riser landings once you were under a wing that had the speed to use them??
  14. hey all i was just curious about this and wanted to see if my logic was correct...after flying many canopys and downsizing some, i have came to the conclusion that i only need to start landing on rears when i reach a small enough canopy that can surf long enough to use them. I have flew my rears and even expiremented with landing them some. Do you really just need to be flying a velocity before rears will help you? my canopy glides in rears for a short distance then just kinda stalls out. Do i just need to wait for a canopy that can surf 300 feet before rears would be useful to me???
  15. hey thanks all and i guess it makes sense, i was just hoping maybe the hdmi cable you can get could transfer from one cx100 to another, you know the hdmi you can get for your tv that dosent use the five pronge connection.
  16. Does anyone know if it is possible to transfer video from one CX100 camera to another, Via cord or memory stick?
  17. hey just curious if you have ever even taken the time to read that warning label on your parachute there?? no company gurantees a parachute to not blow out, even brand new? how do you know it wasent a packing problem? even the manufacturers say you can pack it perfect and it will still malfunction, snap, break, blow the hell up!! like everyone else said, it does suck that this has happened, but werent you the one who decided to buy it after the inspections? didnt you realize that this shit can happen? i mean hell read the warning label on your 7 year old parachute!!!
  18. the movie dropzone......on the jump where peewee has the malfunction and hard cutaway...if you notice when he was in freefall it showed him with a rig on and there wasent any main risers conected to the harness. makes me wonder when he deployed his main and had a malfunction, how was he connected to his main?? lol. (you can tell they just strapped some old harness on him and it didnt even have the main risers on it lol)
  19. we have a winner, Yes. Did the little mushroom lamp give it away? (kinda a hint there). When i am not jumping, i like studying the wonderful world of fungi......without these little guys we would have never evolved or had life on this planet..........another lil pic for your enjoyment.
  20. hey this is two of my favorite hobbies, i am sure one is obvious, can anyone figure out what the other hobby is?
  21. dosent answer the question, but a mirage would solve his problem!
  22. i got all the answers to your problem........buy a mirage!!! boy do i love my mirage (g4), its threads like this that confirm to me everyday that i made the right choice in a container.
  23. hey nope it was good all around, patches arnt bad though for canopies they usually fly just the same with them. but i was talking to my rigger, i purchased a canopy with some patches, he said it usually only knocks off about a hundred or so bucks off. but he is your friend so maybe whatever you can talk him down too.