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  1. Months later no return phone call...Very poor coustomer service, fault or not he should return phone calls or email
  2. If he is such a good guy he sould return phone calls and have better customer service. I was just answering PilotDave's question.
  3. Yes inspection was done my a Master rigger. I'm not sure to answer your question about the reline. The Post inspection Opinion said that it could be due to the age of the canopy. There was one patch done on the canopy at the time of the orginal inspection that I forgot to mention.
  4. Its been over three or four weeks with no response
  5. I don't beleive packing was an issue. I've been packing for a long time without issues. I personally packed this canopy. I have bought used gear in the past without problems. However fault or not I do expect some since of coustomer service which has been non existant.
  6. Yes I'd like to try to work it out but the seller (likestojump) refuses to return phone calls or emails.
  7. I bought a used rig with a Saphire 2 main with supposedly around 700 jumps made Oct. 03. This was from a person who normally sells gear on here, not just an individual selling their gear. Canopy had a a new line set 80 jumps ago. The canopy was inspected. 4 jumps after the inspection the main ripped out the bottom skin on the 7th cell and stabilizer. The person who I bought gear from said the would "stand behind the gear" He knows of the problem and talked with the rigger who inspected the canopy after the tear. Of course the seller will not return my calls or emails now. What would you do?
  8. I first met Beezy back in the early 90's at WFFC and over the years have jumped with him in KY, TN and most recently The Farm. He had a way of making you feel at home in the skydiving family. I recently took my private pilot checkride and my examiner ask how I satrted flying ...I reluctanly said skydiving and the the first words of his mouth were.."do you know Beezy" We exchanged a few laughs and stories which helped me relax and pass the check ride. I will miss ya Beezy. Blue skies always!