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  1. Is strange, i wrote an email to PD and this is what they answered: A Storm with Dacron lines would probably be our softest opening canopy, ________________________ DAVID DOVAL www.paracaidismogalicia.com
  2. Very good work!! Thanks I am thinking in a storm with Dacron ________________________ DAVID DOVAL www.paracaidismogalicia.com
  3. I have more than 3500 jumps, D license. Aff and Tandem instructor. I am jumping a velocity 103 wingloaded 1.9 6 months ago i was diagnosticated with an herniated disc c5-c6 and Osteophyte in c4 The doctor told me to stop jumping for a while. Now I am planning to begin jumping again in August, but my doctor said to avoid hard openings. I want to hear opinions in what would be the best canopy for me? Of course i will jump at my own risk. I know the risks of jumping with cervical problems I just want to hear your advice. Which one, with which lines would give a softer opening for my neck? Blue skies friends!! ________________________ DAVID DOVAL www.paracaidismogalicia.com
  4. Hi friends, My old sony CX 105 (european model of the CX 100) is dying. Can you please give advice for what new camera buy?? As i see all new sony models has OIS wich sucks por Skydiving. What Sony camera to buy nowadays. Not Contour or Go pro (im filming commercial tandems) ________________________ DAVID DOVAL www.paracaidismogalicia.com
  5. thank you very much!!! i will do the flag narrow, and tall. the flag will only have a logo, no letters. What do you mean stowing the flag??? the harvard flag could you stow it during freefall?? i was plannig to deploy with the flag on the left hand, but no stowed. (like a freefly tube) ________________________ DAVID DOVAL www.paracaidismogalicia.com
  6. Hi there, Im a university student and the university is going to launch a new corporative logo. I told them if they would like to take some pictures of the new logo on a flag wihle freefalling, for free of course, just marketing for our university parachuting club and they are very interested. They asked me if i have some sample pics of a flag in freefall. Any one has any pic of a freefalling flag?? Thanks Another thing... tips for the measurments for the flag?? ________________________ DAVID DOVAL www.paracaidismogalicia.com
  7. same problem on mine!! a cx 105 . i replaced the hypeye and problem still continues, i have send the camera to maintenance to replace av port connector. ________________________ DAVID DOVAL www.paracaidismogalicia.com
  8. I have a 8 gb sony and im happy ________________________ DAVID DOVAL www.paracaidismogalicia.com
  9. auto mode to take pictures?? how do yu do that?? ________________________ DAVID DOVAL www.paracaidismogalicia.com
  10. Dragon2, are you burning videos on DVd or Blueray?? I have a cx100, and im using it as a SD, becuase i burn videos on DVD. It`s useless to film on HD if you do not burn videos on a HD support as Blueray. IMO, its ridiculous to spend money on a new lense if you still continue making DVD,s ________________________ DAVID DOVAL www.paracaidismogalicia.com
  11. YISkyDive what brand of wide angle lense are you using?? i use a 0.3 royal lense... I think tue quality is acceptable. Are you using the bite sitch with the hypeye?? And the last question... how many pics can you take per second?? is faster on internal memory or on memory stick?? ________________________ DAVID DOVAL www.paracaidismogalicia.com
  12. Hi everyone and thanks for the tips. Chuting star i will wait for that pics!! ________________________ DAVID DOVAL www.paracaidismogalicia.com
  13. The problem is my video cam. Sony CX 100 (105)... i dont imagine this cam on the side ________________________ DAVID DOVAL www.paracaidismogalicia.com
  14. Anyone with a rawa using top mount for both video and stills? I have a Rawa with a top mount for the new sony CX 100 (cx 105). Now im planning to buy a Canon Rebel (EOS) and want to mount both on top. Any idea?? Should i top mount the stills and go with the video for the side mount?? Pics would help! ________________________ DAVID DOVAL www.paracaidismogalicia.com